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  • Moments That Make Us Flashback (short) | Extra Space Storage


  • Moments That Make Us (short) | Extra Space Storage


  • Moments That Make Us | Extra Space Storage

    http://www.extraspace.com/?cid=brand::youtube-full-dad A single moment is here and gone, but as the moments accumulate they become rich lives of possibility and accomplishment. In a similar way, a single practice can’t make a child a great athlete—but consistent, day-in-and-out effort can. At Extra Space Storage we are centered on our customers and their unique needs. Throughout your life, as yo...

  • Den of Genius 60 | Extra Space Storage


  • Den of Genius | Extra Space Storage

    http://www.extraspace.com/?cid=brand::youtube-full-inventor An aspiring genius needs space to store his inventions and turns to Extra Space Storage. His long-suffering parents couldn’t be happier. Self-storage can be used to store your past, but Extra Space Storage wants to help you store your bright future. Inventing may not be your thing, but perhaps entrepreneurship is. Do you need to make ...

  • Den of Genius 30 | Extra Space Storage


  • Storage Facility Managers Who Care

    We realize choosing a storage unit and moving your items into storage can be stressful, especially when going through some sort of life transition. Our goal is to help you get to the next stage of life as quickly and easily as possible. This is why we focus on hiring and training storage facility managers who care about you and your belongings. We want you to have a pleasant experience when storin...

  • Customers Review Their Experience Storing with Extra Space

    We asked our customers to tell us about the contents of their storage units and why they trust us to give them a little Extra Space Storage in their neighborhood for life’s irreplaceable stuff. Friendly staff, easy bill pay and security are all attributes people used to describe their experience storing with an Extra Space facility. Take a minute and watch actual customer testimonials, you will ...

  • Putting The Customer First – Extra Space Storage Brand Improvements

    We realize our customers are going through life transitions and storage is a part of those transitions. Our goal is to help our customers get to that bright tomorrow. To ensure we’re fulfilling that goal, we’ve begun making changes to our brand to maximize employee satisfaction and become a more customer-centric company. We know that when our employees are happy and satisfied, that translates into...

  • Moving Your Belongings Into Storage - What to expect

    http://www.extraspace.com/?cid=scl::youtube We all know that the process of moving is a daunting task. Which is why at Extra Space Storage we work hard to make moving into storage as easy as possible so you can get on with your life. Once you've reserved a storage unit, this is the process you can expect when moving in: First, you will receive a call from the manager of your storage facility t...

  • New to Storage - What to expect when renting a storage unit

    http://www.extraspace.com/?cid=scl::youtube Using self storage for the first time can be an intimidating task if you don't know what to expect. At Extra Space Storage, we believe storage is for the things that will be part of your bright future. Which is why we created this video - to walk you through the process of renting a storage unit for the first time. 1. First thing's first, you need to ...

  • Batar's Story - Surviving a Civil War and Starting a Better Life

    http://www.extraspace.com/?cid=scl::youtube Have you gone through a difficult life situation? What got you through it? Share your tips and advice in the comments below. #GettingToTomorrow No matter what you’re going through, you can make it through by not losing hope, keeping a good attitude and relying on others to help you through. Aden Batar knows this firsthand. Aden remembers the first gun...

  • Jenda's Story - I Lost My Career but Am Better Because of It

    http://www.extraspace.com/?cid=scl::youtube Have you ever lost your job or gone through a long period of unemployment? How did you overcome feelings of discouragement and hopelessness? What kept you going? Help someone else by sharing your tips and advice in the comments below. #GettingToTomorrow Losing a job is something that all too many people have experienced. It’s easy to get down on yourse...

  • Randall's Story - Surviving an Earthquake while Climbing Mount Everest

    http://www.extraspace.com/?cid=scl::youtube What is the most difficult trial you’ve experienced? How did you overcome it? Be an inspiration to others and share your advice in the comments below. #GettingToTomorrow Randall Ercanbrack is a high-altitude climber. He’s been all over the world climbing the highest mountains our earth has to offer. In 2015, Randall and his daughter were climbing Mount...

  • Overcoming Your Life Crisis - 6 Tips to Survive

    http://www.extraspace.com/?cid=scl::youtube Be sure to make it to tip #1. It's by far the most helpful and inspiring tip. Have you survived your own life apocalypse? What tips and advice would you give? Share them in the comments section below! #gettingtotomorrow It seems we hear of a coming apocalypse all too often. Whether it's doomsday preppers predicting the end of the world or entertaining...

Extra Space Storage

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Extra Space Storage

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