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  • Leadership Effectiveness: Behavior Matters

    Leadership is the relationship between leaders and their followers, and trust is foundational for establishing “productive relationships.” It’s why we shake hands upon meeting (no weapons) and why we give “the benefit of the doubt” […]

  • Executive Vitality™: Letting Go of All or Nothing

    A condition of executive life, and probably life in general in the 21st century, is acute and chronic lack of time. Executives tend to be type A, perfectionistic, and can tend toward an all-or-nothing approach […]

  • Leadership Effectiveness: Admit Mistakes

    Let’s face it – we all make mistakes and admitting them is a surefire way to move ahead.  Take for example the mistakes I have made doing something as simple as sending an email: This […]

  • Executive Vitality™: Turn the Page

    Here is our recommendation for this month. For you to achieve your executive vitality, you need to know when to move on … and know when to laugh. Now is the time to take a […]

  • Leadership Effectiveness: Lessons Learned from the Election

    We can learn a lot from the U.S. presidential campaign that concluded recently. Here are a few of the leadership issues and ideas we see emanating from the campaign that we feel are worth reflecting […]

  • Executive-Vitality™: Heal the Divide and Heal Yourself

    It has been said many times recently that we are a country divided right now. As November ends and we move into December, about half of us are perhaps content and the other half of […]

  • Leadership Effectiveness: Values and Financial Value

    It is great that many companies have values posted on their websites or on their walls, but are leaders talking about them? We all know what just happened at Wells Fargo. If everyone was talking […]

  • Executive Vitality™: Understand How to Avoid Burnout

    “Burnout is about resentment,” says the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, formerly of Google. “[Burnout] is about knowing what matters to you so much that if you don’t get it, you’re resentful.” EXCN asks you […]

  • Leadership Effectiveness: A Future Leader in Your Company

    First – what is a leader in your company? Are leaders only in the C-suite? Is the middle manager who saved $1,000,000 by creating an innovative idea and getting others to buy into it considered […]

  • Executive Vitality™: What Gets Measured Gets Done

    I believe in wearable technology for vitality’s sake. I have always believed in the idea that what gets measured gets done. For example, when I count (i.e., measure) calories or sodium, I tend to take […]

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