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  • The eEuroparts Car Bushing Guide – Pt2

    After taking a look at Part 1, you should have a good understanding as to why your car may feel like a floppy bag of wet lettuce past the 150k mile mark.  It’s important to decide which bushings to replace and which brands to buy when you decide to get involved in one of these jobs.  Part 2 of the bushing guide is made to help decide what bushings might be best for your application, after you know...

  • The eEuroparts Car Bushing Guide – Pt1

    When it comes to car maintenance, there are a few different categories that most people fixate on.  Engine.  Ok, that one’s easy, it makes a car go, and therefore there is value in keeping it well maintained.  Brakes.  Another easy one, very safety related and very easy to change.  But chassis, the part that holds your car together, is often overlooked by even the most seasoned DIY’ers.  Your chas...

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  • Volvo S60 Cabin Air Filter DIY 2001-2009

    Volvo S60 Cabin Air Filter DIY 2001-2009 Josh walks us through changing the cabin air filter on a 2002 Volvo S60. The procedure is valid for all P2 body S60s with slight variation. The filter used are OEM MANN CUK2855, with a charcoal activated filter element.

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  • Downey Dirty Racing Catches Air At Black River Stages

    After our world class adventure of NEFR, we reset. Everything was back together and fresh. Actual Motul gear oil (300 75w90) was flushed into the trans instead of mystery goop and ATF. The underbody protection was fixed up. The front end, back together and straight with new BIG Hella 4000’s. Shift Linkage and bushings are put together with real bolts and clips instead of safety wire.  New radiator...

  • E90 Electric Water Pump Problems

    The BMW E90 family of 3-series cars (among others) came with an all new line of engines, beginning with N rather than the previous M and S model designations.  The 6 cylinder power plants have a few design features to make them more efficient in terms of power, fuel consumption, and emissions.  However, like most modern engines, there is a pretty glaring trouble point, the water pump.  These BMW’s...

  • MBCA Mercedes StarFest 2016 Floods New England

    This August I had the wonderful chance to return to the area where I grew up and be reminded of a strange, yet wonderful, childhood memory. was sponsoring the track events of the biennial Mercedes-Benz Club of America event known as StarFest, and I was elated. Not only were the multiple events being held in the last green valley, meaning I had a chance to visit the area I was raised...

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  • BMW X5 Hard Shifting Problem – Causes and Solutions

    The BMW X5 was one of the more prolific vehicles to come out of BMW in the last few decades, proving to the world that the small/truck SUV thing was going mainstream in the European luxury sector.  Previously dominated by Range Rover, and with waters tested by the Mercedes ML a few years previously, the E53 BMW X5 offered a comfortable interior, all wheel drive, and a high ground clearance.  A lot...

  • Announces Fall Finale Open House + Gathering – Oct. 2

    As the season comes to a close, we want to invite everyone to in Windsor, CT for the Fall Finale Open House and Gathering on Sunday Oct. 2. The New England colors will be changing, and there are some great spots nearby to organize photo shoots. Cruises are highly recommended, and we made the start time at 10am to allow people to meet up before driving out.  We will have a food truck...

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