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  • Role of Artificial Intelligence in Martech

    Years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was just a notion meant to nurture and grow in future. But if we look at it now, artificial intelligence is leading the technological world. It is considered as the backbone of innovation and digital transformation. Truly, artificial intelligence is here to make our lives easier and productive.Coming to marketing technology, artificial intelligence has also ...

  • Roadblocks in SharePoint 2016 migration

    With launch of SharePoint 2016, every single business is rushing towards SharePoint 2016 migration. In the past, there were many instances, where business failed to successfully migrate to SharePoint 2013 because they botched on considering lot of aspects. To avoid same mistakes from repeating, businesses must go through below mentioned roadblocks majorly responsible for poor SharePoint migration....

  • Making Salesforce Lightning work for you

    Absolutely, Salesforce is the CRM leader with millions of users. Owing to its popularity, expectation levels of customers are usually high. Salesforce, being a CRM torchbearer, has always focused on user demands and feedbacks. To comply with user demands, Salesforce introduced Salesforce Lightning platform to accelerate the adoption among users.

  • What is conversational commerce and how to make best use of it?

    Lately, conversational commerce is been a highly trending topic among the business world. There are various prophecies, how conversational commerce is going to transform ecommerce industry. So what is conversational commerce and how can you use it to elevate your business success? Though, this is one of the most commonly asked questions, let us go through the fundamentals of conversation commerce ...

  • Importance of roll up tables in data aggregation

    While working on small or moderate data sets, aggregation feature is measured as the best viable option. This is because, aggregation can be performed with help of a small standard query which is efficient and simple to use. But, can aggregate feature work well with large data sets? The answer is ‘NO’. Aggregate features won’t work with large data sets, as the query execution will devour extra tim...

  • 6 ways to best online customer survey platform

    Online surveys are a significant way in the process of research and data collection. Not only they provide you the valuable customer feedback but they also help your organisation in continuous growth by taking better business decisions. This gives a platform where you can learn more about the latest updates that can be brought in to your products and/or services. In 2016, online customer surveys ...

  • Why move to Serverless Architecture?

    My previous blog focused on the fundamentals of Serverless architecture, one of most imperative topics of discussion in the era cloud computing. Ideally, serverless is the future of hosting software in cloud. Everything right from virtualization to containers are going serverless. So the important question here is, why to leverage Serverless architecture?

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  • Imagining SharePoint systems with wearable devices

    From past few years, wearable technology is gaining momentum, especially at workplace. The ability of wearables is just not limited for seeing visuals or telling time, instead wearables play a great role in tracking health and wellness and more other aspects of life. Apparently, enterprises can too utilize the ability of wearables to record meetings, scan proposals and brochures, click pictures o...

  • Utilizing agile development methodology for product engineering effectively

    Agile methodology is a flexible and simple approach to manage product engineering in a collaborative environment. Agile development methodology is somehow like other approaches like Waterfall but much evolved for modern software development approach. It ensures cost-effective and rapid product engineering by initially developing and delivering the important features of the product. 

  • Rise of FaaS aka serverless cloud computing

    IT ecosystem is majorly influenced by diverse cloud computing services. In addition, cloud computing has remained one of the major topics of research in the IT industry. Cloud computing is classified into three main categories. – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.  

  • Role of P2P payments in digital commerce

    Technology inflation has propagated digital revolution. Emails, social media, digital devices, online shopping are enough proof, demonstrating how people are going digital-savvy. The era of digitization have also forced banks and other payment companies to innovate and restructure their payment services. 

  • Ensuring smooth transition to SharePoint Online

    Every year, newer technologies or versions of technologies are released that are better from the previous ones. Newer technologies are built to simplify the lives of people and the way things are done. They also play a major role in increasing the productivity and help in better decision making. With these new horizons, everyone around is looking to migrate or upgrade to newer technology, which is...

  • Machine learning and its impact on Digital Commerce

    Machine learning is being widely used by enterprises, owing to its popularity. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence, being originated from pattern recognition methodology. It performs certain tasks by providing informational output, where there is no need of individual programming. Putting it differently, machine learning is all about automating complicated tasks where a lot o...

  • The need for lean enterprise

    Breakthrough innovations need a mindset change.

  • Quick summary of Windows Developer Day – Creators Update

    The October teaser of Windows 10 Creators Update has raised the curiosity and new possibilities that would greet world on Windows Developers Day. And February 8’s event didn’t disappoint the developer community.

  • Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 6 2017

    Utilizing the full potential of cloud

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  • What’s so great about SharePoint 2016 Framework?

    The SharePoint 2016 is mobile-first and cloud-first framework allowing developers to build solutions using JavaScript languages on different platforms and devices. For developers working with SharePoint, it was like a roller coaster ride owing to the flux in features and offerings. But, considering the new SharePoint framework with its incremental features and capabilities the SharePoint developer...

  • Utilizing API thinking on Salesforce platform

    API, known as application programming interface, enables software to interact with other softwares using a set of programmable instructions. In other words, API is used because programs can use each other’s functionality for communication purposes. For instance, one of a web application using your Google credentials to allow you login in to its application. Here application authentication is happe...

  • Salesforce as an enterprise application platform

    Successful enterprises, while choosing an application for internal management, look for features such as agility, flexibility and innovation. Yes, they seek these features in a single application, but eventually, end up getting few of them instead of a complete package from that chosen one. With no options left, enterprises when move ahead with implementation, the application does not easily integ...

  • Redefining supply chain with accelerated growth of e-commerce

    E-commerce industry is flourishing on account of its ability to offer exciting opportunities to sell products online. Internet is another reason to drive the e-commerce industry. With this great combination of internet and e-commerce, consumers are able to shop for products anytime and at any place. With all this momentum, every day new platforms are being launched to offer online services, thus e...

  • Preserving organizational knowledge with SharePoint and OneDrive

    Cloud storage is all about storing massive amounts of data in cloud. It allows organizations to store and share documents and files anytime, anywhere with any device. However, OneDrive and SharePoint are two of the identical cloud storage services having few variations, which can be used to store organizational data. 

  • Importance of building a digital marketplace on cloud

    Considering current economic status, technology is vital to run a successful business. With propagation of technology, nearly everyone in tech industry have recognized blessings of it. Cloud is leading the technology growth, acting as a foundation for others technology to build on. Enterprises are jumping on cloud bandwagon because of its agility, flexibility and innumerous benefits it offers for ...

  • CSS3 sprite image animation

    With emerging technologies and trends, CSS animations are gaining lot of popularity. Creating animated image using CSS3 is one of newest fad among the designers. The timing function available in CSS3, can be used to create sprite animations. More precisely, each sprite image is used as frame to create a continuous animation without any special easing effects. 

  • Technology news from around the globe - Week 5 2017

    A look into real benefits offered by cloud

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  • SharePoint to simplify your marketing efforts

    Microsoft SharePoint is preferably known for its collaboration tool and content management system. But are you aware that SharePoint can also help you in abridging your marketing efforts by provisioning of excellent tools and techniques. This might consist of demographic behavior analysis, web analytics and tracking of progress.

  • Technology news from around the globe - Week 4, 2017

    Cloud to be considered as topmost priority

  • Insightful tips CIOs must not ignore in 2017

    CIOs of enterprises are under tremendous pressure to innovate and evolve according to the ever changing business dynamics. CIOs have to constantly look for better solutions in order to enhance the business productivity and agility while contemplating the technical aspects.

  • Smart Classrooms : Futuristic education in the present day with IoT

    Classrooms were one of the places that stayed relatively untouched by technological revolution. Sure, there were computers and projectors that came along. Teachers aided their teaching regimen with presentations. Universities saw digitized examinations, online submission of assignments, library management systems and sometimes, the implementation of ERPs. But majority of the actual teaching still ...

  • Google starts testing Instant Apps

    Google at last made its much awaited announcement to take its first steps on what it had promised at last year’s Google I/O developer conference - the announcement of Instant Apps for Android. Yes, Google has made its first official move on getting the Instant Apps live to its users.

  • e-Zest’s TechCon 2017 Session on Architecting Azure Solutions and understanding New Azure PaaS

    It is known to all that Microsoft is a technology leader that has made personal computing a reality and created a solid technology foundations for enterprises around the world. Their cloud solutions are also gear to bring in tremendous shift in mind-set and course of digital initiatives across enterprises.

  • MongoDB Installation on Amazon Linux

    MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database that uses a document-oriented data model. MongoDB is built on architecture of collection and document, whereas MySQL uses tables and rows. MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemas.

  • Android Things


  • Utilizing SharePoint to increase business revenue

    Microsoft SharePoint, a collaboration platform, is widely used as a digital tool, especially when it comes to enterprises. In addition, it is used by these enterprises to increase productivity and enhance ability of employees within a workplace.Most of the enterprises mainly rely for survival and growth on sales and marketing activities and seek to generate good revenue from the activities. Howeve...

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  • Setup Apache Basic Authentication for your website

    Apache is most popular web server used nowadays. It is open-source software developed by Apache Software Foundation.

  • The quest of applying Agile in offshore software development world

    Hackathon Pune 2016 was a rather exciting week for us at e-Zest. This was a rather exciting week for us at e-Zest. There has been such a huge response and so many cross pollination of ideas during our recent Hackathon, and this followed by a wonderful episode on e-Zest journey in AgileNEXT which is a weekly talk show produced by hosts Daniel Gullo and Stephen Forte wherein industry thought leaders...

  • Automation using Selenium WebDriver Frameworks

    Frameworks help to structure our code and make the maintenance process easy. Without frameworks we will place all our code and data in same place which is neither re-usable nor readable. Using frameworks provides beneficial outcomes like increase code re-usage, higher portability, reduced script maintenance cost, etc.

  • SharePoint UX - Why it is vital?

    Today, ample of organizations are skeptical to adopt the SharePoint platform considering user experience (UX) as one of the main reasons. They are well-aware of the situation that users nowadays judge online resources according to its appearance and user interface. It is highly essential that organizations analyze how users feel when they visit the site, access the information, structure and how...

  • Migrate to seamless AngularJS 2.0

    Based on the new creativities and innovations, lot of parameters have reformed the frontend world. Programming languages, newer versions and frameworks have enabled the applications to move from backend to frontend with data being delegated from backend using a simple API. Mobile is also considered as an important entity driving the frontend. Hence, with these evolving frontend technologies, enter...

  • Technology news from around the globe - Week 39, 2016
  • M-learning to become primary way of learning

    The transformation in the paradigm of learning methodologies has been intriguing. It started with blackboard learning moving to e-learning and then to m-learning. Absolutely, this revolution being quite interesting resulted into the transformation of the enterprises in terms of communication and learning approaches. M-learning has been positively adapted by the business world. It’s not only limi...

  • Partners - Channels and Alliances Roles and Responsibilities

    We have been discussing about partners – channels and alliances in my previous blogs posts. However, the question is who does what or rather how the roles of partners are differentiated. Though companies in late 2000 realized that to reach the business goals, direct sales strategy might not yield benefits to a greater extent, thus the need to establish the partners will come into picture. The co...

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  • Why Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan is important in IT?

    Business continuity and disaster recovery are essential measures of the risk management for an organization. Irrespective of the industry, any unheralded event interrupts day-to-day operations and this may lead to delay in providing services to clients. An organization needs to restore normal operations as quickly as possible. IT risks include hardware and software failure, decentralized data, pow...

  • Issues with patient matching

    Ask a practitioner the importance of medical history of a patient. And a seasoned practitioner will tell you If as a practitioner you have access to complete history of patient record then your chances of better treatment goes high. But here's a problem. Though HIPAA has guidelines for sharing information among players in healthcare system, federal appropriations legislation of 1999 holds these pl...

  • Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 38, 2016
  • Cloud Security Concerns for CIOs

    Owing to the rapid developments in technology, cloud computing has become an integral part of the enterprises. Cloud offers enormous benefits like agility and scalability for the smooth functioning of enterprise operations. Cloud will continue to evolve by allowing business to store, access, process and share information.

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  • Implementing or Transforming Your Enterprise Architecture: Prioritization

    I have been reading up on ways to go about enterprise architecture. A few links later, I stumbled upon a well-explained article from Microsoft on the same (link below). While there are several takeaways from that excellent write-up, I decided to put my own spin on one of the most important things the author spoke of: prioritization. Why is that most important thou asketh…

  • Wearable health data and HIPAA

    How many of us believe that data collected through wearable devices like Fitbit or Apple Watch is covered by HIPAA? How many of us think that it should be covered under HIPAA for patient protection? It all might be sounding very confusing. Let's try and assess it.

  • How to track and monitor enterprise project progress?

    Enterprise software projects are difficult to manage under certain circumstances. Project managers should spend a significant amount of time in anticipating problems, planning, tracking, monitoring, controlling and resolving all the project issues and risks to ensure the success of enterprise IT projects.

  • Why digitization value rest heavily on the cloud!

    Gone are the days when cloud was a thing of future. Forbes estimates that by 2020, close to 62 percent of companies will have technology solutions that is exclusively cloud-based.

  • Technology news handpicked for you - Week 37, 2016
  • Interoperability is the cornerstone of modern healthcare systems

    Healthcare customers constantly look for a breakthrough in capabilities which can bring competitive edge and higher efficiency of operations to their organization. On the other hand, healthcare industry is so peculiar that it is impossible for any single Independent Software Vendor (ISV) to provide all features and functionalities demanded by the industry. So what's the way out? Interoperability i...

  • Big Data is profoundly changing business functions

    Big Data is the latest buzzword in the business world and its benefits are being publicized by every business professional. It is being used extensively by organizations for key business functions like marketing and it is enormously useful when it comes to social media marketing.

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