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  • The Case Of The 500 Mile Email

    Here's a problem that *sounded* impossible... I almost regret posting the story to a wide audience, because it makes a great tale over drinks.

  • CEO Presents: Nasstar PLC's 2016 First Half Results

    As part of our ongoing 'CEO Presents' series, we are proud to present our CEO, Nigel Redwood, speaking with StockTube's Sarah Lowther on the subject of our impressive first half results and how we went about achieving them. In short: 1) We saw a 22% Increase In Revenue Growth. 2)

  • The Vizard : Bi-Modal IT Sells IT Leaders Short

    The whole notion that there is some magic “bimodal” formula to managing IT is one of those gross oversimplifications that trivializes the amount of effort that goes into managing a modern enterprise IT environment. Ever since the first application for a PC was developed IT environments have been multimodal, before

  • IoT Series: Risks In The Connected Workplace

    In the near future, the connected workplace will help companies and their employees thrive by tracking workplace activity, space and equipment utilization, and individuals’ work habits. Data from connected sensors and other devices will help make work spaces better suited to employees’ needs while improving interactions between employees, managers, and

  • Emerging Tech: Personal Calendar Assistant AI

    Guess how much of your precious time is wasted getting a meeting on your calendar. On average, scheduling a meeting involves eight emails, which you have to track over 2.5 days. All in all, it takes about about 15 to 17 minutes to put on the books that coffee


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  • Team Nasstar Races at the EMC Silicon Cup !

    We are proud to have taken part in the 16th EMC Silicon Cup, the UK technology industries biggest annual charity sailing event.

  • The Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham

    Nasstar's recruitment team over at Kamanchi will be exhibiting at the Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham on the 28th to the 29th of September.

  • IoT & The Data-Driven Workplace

    Companies are beginning to use connected sensors to gather an enormous amount of data about their employees’ activities in the workplace. Read more...

  • Entrepreneur Country TV with Nigel Redwood

    Our CEO Nigel Redwood recently appeared on Entrepreneur Country TV hosted by ECTV's founder, Julie Meyer MBE. For those of you who do not know, Entrepreneur Country is a subsidiary of our customer, Adriadne Capital. Ariadne Capital is a, London based, investment firm, founded by Julie Meyer MBE, which builds

  • Data Protection or How to save €20 million

    Are you worried about the new Data Protection Regulations? Perhaps you should be. The new EU regulations were approved in April, and will come into force in May 2018. This may seem like a long time, but by then recruitment agencies will need to have specific consent from every candidate

  • The Cloud Vision and Next Generation Technologies

    Every year Nasstar holds its Stakeholders Forum meeting, which is an opportunity to gather our top 30 clients from across the group in a room together for a two day session of presentations and roundtables around all aspects of Nasstar’s service delivery and strategic direction. Stakeholders Forum members meet

  • Service Management – A glimpse of tomorrow..

    Service Desks are thought by many to be on the downturn, in danger of being snuffed out altogether.

  • Welcoming Modrus to Team Nasstar

    We are delighted to announce the latest addition to Team Nasstar, the cloud hosted and managed services provider Modrus Ltd.

  • On-Site Client Support Engineer

    Job Title: On-Site Client Support Engineer Reporting to: 2nd Line Team Leader – Datapoint House, Telford. Purpose of Job: To support a state of the art infrastructure for the delivery of managed solutions to our client base. To apply for this position please click here Territory: Key central London (Zone 1)

  • Doing our bit for charity

    Here at Nasstar we’re a pretty giving bunch and it isn’t often that a month goes by and we don’t hear news of at least one employee doing something admirable for charity. Already in August we’ve had three examples of individuals willing to do their bit

  • Recruitment Big Data : Does My data look big in this ?

    In this video members of Nasstar's recruitment division discuss how big data is being used in the recruitment industry to drive innovation.

  • Software Developer

    Job Title: Software Developer Reporting to: Professional Services Manager Purpose of Job: The Software Developer will work in the Professional Services Team to develop, support and maintain Nasstar Group and its clients’ applications. Providing detailed technical documentation for work done he / she will also provide consultancy and support to 3rd

  • Nasstar recruits Hosted Managed Services specialist in new acquisition

    Telford-based Nasstar PLC has announced the acquisition of Hosted Managed Services specialist Modrus Ltd for a reported £13.0m. Following e-know.net’s reverse takeover of Nasstar in January 2014, followed by the subsequent acquisitions of Kamanchi and VESK during the preceding 24 months, the Nasstar PLC Board has continued

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