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  • Breaking news! ACE Oct 29 deadline for post-release functions moved to January 2017

    As announced on today’s ACE Technical Call with the trade: US Customs continues to assess stakeholder readiness for the mandatory transition of post-release capabilities in ACE.  In order to allow additional time for all stakeholders to prepare for this transition, and to provide the opportunity to solicit and receive public comment on the associated regulatory [...]

  • Continued fallout from the Hanjin bankruptcy

      Update from the Journal of Commerce:* A US federal maritime commissioner said that shipping alliances may have to prove that they have emergency procedures in case a member files for bankruptcy, as Hanjin Shipping has done, adversely affecting its own customers and those of its shipping partners in its CYKHE alliance. Since the collapse [...]

  • LA/OC area trade professionals: Attend the CSCMP networking event!

        Join CSCMP for an evening of networking in partnership with Irvine Chamber of Commerce Emerging Professionals at Il Fornaio Restaurant, one of Orange County’s premier dining establishments.  The event takes place on Tuesday, October 11 from 5:30PM-7:30PM. This is a free* event for members of CSCMP and Irvine Chamber, but the event is open to non-members as [...]

  • Take the American Shipper 2016 supply chain analytics benchmark survey

      From American Shipper: Most supply chain practitioners have turned to using analytics, business intelligence or reporting tools to better understand how their transportation networks are functioning, and how they might be improved. American Shipper, for the first time, is benchmarking this all-important discipline, and we need your valuable feedback to make this initiative a [...]

Customs Now, Inc.

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  • Invest in technology to improve visibility to your inbound supply chain

        GTNexus has just published a free white paper, “Visibility in the Inbound Supply Chain: Finding a Clear Competitive Advantage as Complexity Grows.” The key takeaway of the report: The companies that are gaining a competitive edge are the ones investing in technology that can greatly improve inbound visibility and best address the current [...]

  • Port of LA/LB: Clarification on refund of duties & fees for FDA refused merchandise

        US Customs’ Los Angeles Field Office, along with the Agricultural and Prepared Products Center of Excellence and Expertise, has released a Public Bulletin announcing clarification and guidance on revenue refund requests for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated merchandise which has been refused admission into the US.   The bulletin is directed towards “the local [...]

  • High demand for supply chain professionals in the manufacturing and retail industries

    SupplyChain 24/7 has published some significant new trends in the search for new talent in the supply chain industry Demand for supply chain professionals in manufacturing and retail have “gone through the roof.” Women are finally breaking into the top echelons of what had been a male-dominated industry. With big data driving insights, many companies are seeking analysts [...]

  • ACE: What’s changing for duty deferral processing?

      Effective October 29, 2016, US Customs will cease processing duty deferral entries in ACS and will do so via ACE.  According to CBP, fortunately for filers, most of duty deferral processing will largely stay the same.   1) What will change with duty deferral in ACE? There are only minor changes to duty deferral [...]

  • Webinar: Top 10 things to do if you receive an Informed Compliance letter from CBP

    Critical information from our friends at DeLeon Trade, Braumiller Law Group, and the Law Office of George R. Tuttle.  who are hosting a free webinar on September 29 from 11:00am – 12:30pm CST to discuss how to respond to a US Customs Informed Compliance letter.  Register here. CBP has begun to issue informed compliance notification letters to importers. [...]

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  • ACE: More CBP guidance on filing drawback claims

    In follow up to yesterday’s post on changes to drawback filings that are effective October 29, please note that US Customs has revised the ACE Entry Summary Business Process document (now version 7.5a – Trade) in which Section 18, the drawback section, has been clarified and addresses feedback from the trade community.   Together, these two [...]

  • ACE: What’s changing for drawback filings?

        As we’ve recently blogged, US Customs has moved the long-standing ACE deadline of October 1 to October 29 for numerous post-release capabilities, including duty drawback. CBP has posted a summary of the changes for filing in ACE vs ACS, effective October 29: Filers (both ABI and non-ABI) will submit only Entry type 47 for drawback; entry [...]

  • Update: Guidance for cargo moving in-bond from an FTZ to bonded warehouse

        In follow up to our recent blog post on this topic, US Customs has announced that it expects to deploy a fix on September 15 to address a glitch in ACE requires filers of certain in-bond entries to contact their CBP client representatives to intervene, for the time being, to generate an arrival message. See CSMS [...]

  • CBP’s formal announcement on ACE deadline move to Oct 29

      In follow up to yesterday’s blog post, here is US Customs’ official announcement of the move of the October 1 ACE deadline to October 29: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been assessing stakeholder readiness for the mandatory transition of post-release capabilities in ACE and has heard from key industry partners on the need [...]

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