Cullens Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

Cullens Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

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  • How to avoid being poisoned by your own patent application

    As most patent applicants know, the patentability of an invention is determined by comparing the invention to the pool of public knowledge that existed before the date the application was filed. If the comparison shows that the invention was already known to the public then the application will die. There are so many patents, journals, newspapers, internet websites, and social media Continue Readi...

  • Did you know how to use your patent to gain tax incentives for your investors?

    Did you know that an Early Stage Investor is entitled to tax incentives if the company is an Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC)?  Further, that so long as the ESIC qualifies as an ESIC immediately after shares are issued to the investor, the investor’s entitlements to early stage investor tax incentives are maintained?  Accordingly, there is incentive for companies to Continue Reading The post ...

Cullens Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

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  • Plant Breeder’s Rights in Australia

    People who know me well, know that I endeavour to tread lightly on this earth, minimizing my footprint as best I can. This encompasses actions my parents instilled in me, such as turning off lights when leaving a room and not just throwing recyclables in the waste bin. As a result of my endeavours, I have an interest in growing Continue Reading The post Plant Breeder’s Rights in Australia appeared...

Cullens Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

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  • Secretly using your own invention can jeopardise your patent

    Most inventors are aware that they jeopardise their ability to obtain or retain patent rights if they publicly disclose their invention prior to filing a patent application. However, many inventors do not realise that secret use of the invention, without any public disclosure, may also jeopardise their patent rights. Essentially, ‘secret use’ is considered to be any use of the invention, Continue ...

  • Will the European Unitary Patent and Court start in 2017?

    Easter lies in April this year. Although we are only near the end of January, most of us are already feasting on hot cross buns promptly placed on sale in our supermarkets when New Year’s celebrations ended. How time flies. If only things in the patenting world arrive so quickly. For instance, many patent professionals are wondering if the European Continue Reading The post Will the European Unita...

  • Capturing that elusive IP – key considerations when buying or selling a business

    Part 1 – Trade Marks and brands Business owners are often encouraged to ‘capture’ their IP.  But what does this actually mean? The short answer is “securing enforceable rights over valuable, non-tangible assets of the business.” The issue often arises when the business is sold. Ideally, every business owner would like to be able to hand over a portfolio of Continue Reading The post Capturing that ...

  • New Year Resolutions

    Well here we are, it’s 2017 and no doubt many of you have set personal resolutions for the New Year. The most popular tend to be selected from the following list (some of which are inter-related): • Lose weight • Get fit/healthy • Quit smoking • Drink less alcohol and/or caffeine • Improve your work/life balance (spend more time with your Continue Reading The post New Year Resolutions appeared fir...

  • Can I file one application covering all of my products?

    A question attorneys are often asked by inventors: Can we file one patent application covering several related products or must we file one application per product? Inventors are busy people and are often developing more than one product at a time. Often they are also budget conscious and want to cut costs. When it comes to seeking patent protection for Continue Reading The post Can I file one app...

  • Cullens’ Principal Publishes Handbook for Early Career Professionals

    Brad Postma has been a Principal of Cullens since 2009. A very specific set of skills and expertise are needed to pursue a career in intellectual property and as to be expected in the attorney profession, the journey to the top wasn’t easy. Originally an engineer, Brad found the transition to professional services quite challenging, but overcame these challenges and achieved his goal Continue Read...

  • Why should I pay for a trade mark when I can get copyright for free?

    I am often asked by clients seeking trade mark protection whether they can avoid the cost by simply relying on copyright to protect their valuable brand names and logos. Copyright is a very useful form of IP and certainly has its uses. For instance, copyright covers a broad range of subject matter (e.g. from literary, artistic and musical works, to Continue Reading The post Why should I pay for a ...

  • WEBINAR: How do I decide if my IP is “worth it”?

      There is still time to register for this week's complimentary webinar “How do I decide if my IP is “worth it”? You can register and find more details here. Regan Gourley (Principal) from Cullens Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys  will take you through some of the factors that influence the success or failure of a new product, process or service and ways to evaluate Continue Reading The post WEBIN...

  • Can I add a new version of my product to my existing patent application?

    One everyday task in the life of a patent attorney is the writing of a patent application for a client’s new product or process. The application includes inter alia a description and drawings which disclose the details of the invention. When the writing up is finished the application is filed with the Patent Office for examination and hopefully grant. Sometimes Continue Reading The post Can I add ...

  • Your Trade Mark – Use It or Lose It

    In Australia, unlike the United States, there is no requirement to file evidence of use of a registered trade mark at regular intervals. As an Australian trade mark remains in force for 10 years from the filing date of the application and can be renewed indefinitely (as long as renewal fees are paid), there is a risk that trade mark Continue Reading The post Your Trade Mark – Use It or Lose It app...

Cullens Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

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  • Open Source Software and Intellectual Property Rights – The Impossible Coexistence?

    In recent times, open source software has increased in popularity, and it has become increasingly common that businesses utilise open source software in one form or another. Examples of commonly used open source software packages include Linux (operating system), MySQL (database), Apache (webserver) and WordPress (CMS/blog). However, open source software is much more than so, and includes many use...

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