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  • Why Businesses Love Social Media (And You Should, Too!)

    Remember, Brawn Media is always here if you’re in need of assistance or guidance with a social media campaign. We can help determine which social media sites are best for you while delivering quality content that will ultimately help your business grow. If your brand is not on social media, your absence might just be a glowing testimonial for your competitors! Want to embed this infographic on...

  • Branding 101: An Introduction to the Elements of an Effective Brand

    What's important to understand about a brand is that it has nothing to do with the actual product. It exists in the minds of customers only. A brand is a perceived image that provokes an emotional response. It's hard to define because it's intangible. The brand is the image attached to a name, design, symbol, or some other feature of a company's product. Seth Godin puts it nicely and succi...


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  • Millennials Prefer Texting: Use this Avenue to Increase Conversions

    If you’re trying to market your business in 2016, you can’t deny the spending power of Millennials. Saddle up, and get comfortable with texting. Millennials (ages 18-35 by 2015) love texting so much that the majority would give up talking on their mobile phones and would prefer texting if presented with that scenario. If you’ve ever gotten an email from or voicemail with a callback number,...

  • The Future of Search: Voice Search & ChatBots

    We have clients ask all the time, “What’s new in search? What should i be looking for?” And we always have an answer. Today’s answer though, is for a slightly more distant future, but one we should be preparing for. Enter: voice search and chatbots. Voice Search Many of us are aware of, and many of us use, Apple’s Siri. Sure, Siri has caught a lot of flack over the years as ineffective and fr...

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