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  • Baldrige Cyber – A new era in the Baldrige program begins!

    Our goal is to empower [organizations] of every size and every sector with the right tools to secure themselves in a [cyber] threat landscape that is ever-evolving. Static, checklist-style compliance just won't do. In business and in government, we all must move towards dynamic, accountable approaches to cyber risk management.

  • Companies with highly engaged workforce are 21% more profitable

    The Relationship Between Engagement at Work and Organisational Studies, a report published by Gallup in April 2016 is a sophisticated analysis of 339 research studies across 230 organisations in 49 industries with employees in 73 countries. It covers 82,248 business units and 1,882,131 employees.

  • South African Quality Institutes latest news

    South African Quality Institute (SAQI) http://www.saqi.co.za is the national body that co-ordinates the Quality effort in South Africa. Their monthly newsletter is an excellent source of information to keep up with the latest quality issues in South Africa.

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  • Bringing a systems approach to U.S. population health

    Every year a new cohort of Baldrige Executive Fellows gains intensive knowledge about leading organizations to excellence through cross-sector, peer-to-peer learning hosted at the sites of Baldrige Award recipients. Every Baldrige Fellow completes a capstone project as part of the executive leadership program.

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  • 7 mistakes good Managers NEVER make

    Finding good workforce is never easy. On the other hand, you can often hear managers complaining about their best employees leaving. Needless to say, having good people quit is very disruptive and incredibly costly. But once the employee has left, managers usually blame some external factors, while the real reason is left unsaid: People leave jobs because of bad management.

  • Benchmark Memo: September 2016

    Read our Standard Benchmark Memo (for all members) or our SPRING Singapore Benchmark Memo (for members from Singapore)

  • BPIR Newsletter: September 2016

    Welcome to September's edition of the BPIR Newsletter. sharing with you best practices, improvement tools, and events.

  • Eight powerful ways to generate great ideas

    For most of my professional life, I've studied the creative habits of highly successful innovators and the organizations they lead. Turns out there's wide variance in how these individuals achieve greatness. A common trait emerges in how they approach idea generation. Virtually every one of them at some point devised a conscious process to stimulate the input, throughput and output of ideas on a c...

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