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  • Brazos Trailer 2015

    Brazos is the most widely used UI framework on IBM BPM - more production uses, more development projects underway, and more registered developers and partners than any other UI. See http://www.bp-3.com/brazos-ui for more information and to register!

  • BP3Camp MSTR HD 2

    Get a sense of BPMCAMP! A conference in Austin, TX for customers and employees of BP3.

  • BP Labs - so you can sleep at night!

    Focus on what's important, and let BP Labs worry about the rest!

  • Global Search in BPM

    A short video of global search in BPM, courtesy of Brazos and BP3 on top of IBM BPM and Case Management

  • Neches Analysis - Revealed

    From Andrew's blog post on "Why Neches?" : Over the years, I have been asked many times to go through a set of BPM code created by a development team and articulate any concerns about what was delivered. I know of several other BPM consultants who have done similar work, as well. While I’m happy to help teams improve their code, I’ve always been concerned about what I may have missed. With a typi...

  • BPMCAMP 2015 Preview

    Highlights from BPMCAMP 2014... looking forward to BPMCAMP 2015 this year!

  • Brazos UI Table Control Deep Dive

    The Brazos Table Control is the best IBM BPM table control available. Connect to data sources of any size without loosing performance. Features include pagination, sorting, filtering, row selection, row addition, row deletion, inline editing and more! This video walks you through how to use the Table control and gives a detailed overview of the features available on both desktop and mobile user in...

  • Brazos UI Attach File Deep Dive

    The Brazos Attach File Control provides IBM BPM with the most stylish, flexible and powerful file attachment widget ever! This fully featured control works with both the internal BPM document repository as well as external ECM repositories. Features include drag and drop to upload files, integrating with a mobile device camera, ability to define document properties and more! Watch this video for a...

  • Getting Started with Brazos UI Toolkit

    Getting started with Brazos UI Toolkit? Here's a quick primer.

  • Whats New on Brazos Portal 1.2.0

    Brazos Portal Release 1.2.0 has has the following new features. - A guided tour pop-up - Drag and drop to prioritize groups - Browser task notification - Federation of multiple BPM environments

  • BP3 Portal Federation

    Brazos Portal can federate tasks from multiple BPM servers into the same portal (i.e. tasks from an IBM BPM 8.0.1 and an IBM BPM 8.5.5 server can now be displayed, launched, etc. all from the same Brazos Portal URL) - Premium Brazos Portal Editions only.

  • BP3's Brazos Portal Trailer

    The Brazos Portal embodies a completely new approach to BPM end user task management. The TaskDrive provides a visual interface into your BPM activities, with minimal typing required on mobile devices. Brazos Portal is available for IBM BPM and Activiti. Find out more at www.BP-3.com/brazos/brazos-portal.

  • Getting Started with Brazos Portal

    A quick introduction to getting started with BP3's Brazos Portal. Brazos Portal is a new approach to IBM BPM task management. For more information check out BP3's Portal page at http://bp-3.com/brazos/brazos-portal/ or visit BP3's support site's Portal Overview article at https://bp3.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202914698-Brazos-Portal-Overview

  • What's New with Brazos 3 - Card List

    The latest addition to the long list of coach views included with Brazos UI Toolkit, the Card List coach view is a new way of visualizing lists in coaches.

  • What's New with Brazos 3 - Brazos Charts

    Brazos UI Toolkit now includes 5 responsive chart types! Use these charts to bring your data to life inside IBM BPM coaches.

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