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  • Top 4 Inbound Marketing Metrics that Matter Most to your CMO

    Data gives your chief marketing officer critical information to measure performance, but too many stats can confuse matters and leave your CMO and your marketing team wading through a colossal data dump. Instead of pouring over inconsequential or irrelevant data, focus on a core set of inbound marketing metrics that matter most to your CMO.

  • How Inbound Marketing to Women Dramatically Improves ROI

    The formula for ROI is simple: bring in (significantly!) more than you spend. But that formula can be tough to accomplish if you're relying on traditional outbound practices for marketing to women that simply don’t work in our digital world. Apply inbound marketing to women, using a trio of best practices, and your marketing costs will be dramatically reduced and your ROI will soar....

  • How Marketing Automation Enhances Marketing to Women

    Marketing automation not only frees you from the burden of routine marketing tasks, but it can enhance your strategy for marketing to women. Your workflow becomes more efficient, your target audience more deftly reached, and your female prospects are more likely to become buyers. That’s because marketing automation helps you:

  • Encouraging Channel Partners to Use Social Media to Improve Revenue

    Even if you’re already engaging in social media for marketing to women, your channel partners may still be hesitant and simply need some practical tools and some incentive to join the conversation. Here are five helpful ways to coax them into the social media pool and encourage them to use social media as a cost efficient way to drive revenue.

  • Inbound Marketing helps Manufacturers Attract Quality Channel Partners

    There's no doubt that Inbound Marketing is a powerful approach for attracting consumers to your brand by delighting them with valuable content. But, as a manufacturer and marketer, did you realize that it's also one of the best ways to attract high-quality channel partners? So, what it is about Inbound that channel partners find so appealing? inbound marketing attracts first-rate pa...

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