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  • Insulation Promotion December 2016

    Bone Dry Roofing, Inc. Insulation Promotion December 2016 Terms and Conditions: Must be 18 years or older to enter contest Must post picture of current attic insulation levels by December 31st 2016 to be considered for the drawing Must post picture of current attic insulation levels by December 31st, 2016 to receive 20% off insulation If participant has insulation job completed between 12/15/2016 ...

  • Ensuring a Moisture-Tight - Roof Replacement in Fishers, Indiana

    Nail heads pose a unique threat to a roof because if left exposed for a long period of time, something literally the size of a nail head can cause the entire well being of the roof to go down hill. Once damage starts, it is hard to "reverse" any issues and it then becomes a waiting game. 

  • Pipe In Indianapolis, Indiana Gets a New Boot!

    This pipe in Indianapolis Indiana was starting to feel the consequences of not protecting it's base where it meets the roof from moisture. The moisture was making it's way into the decking and giving the homeowners reason for concern. 

  • Single Skylight Replacement in Indianapolis, Indiana

    This inefficient skylight in Indianapolis, Indiana was aged and in need of being replaced before the cold weather got into full swing here in the midwest. Inefficient skylights can cause energy bills to rise in the cold months if they do not properly keep the air and moisture on the outside. 

  • Repairing Tree Damaged Section of Roof in Indianapolis, IN

    This roof had suffered blatant damage from a tree causing a hole in the roof and damaging the surrounding shingles and decking beneath it. This needed to be fixed immediately in order to diffuse the urgent situation at hand.

  • Unique Roof Replacement Project in Carmel, IN

    This homeowner decided to get a reroof in before the winter season set in, to assure that no damage from snow or ice could effect his home. The roof was very large, and had a lot of unique aspects to the roof, that it took a very skilled roofer to get the job done correctly, and in the proper amount of time. 

  • Benefits of Ice and Water and Synthetic Felt in Indianapolis IN

    There are many places on your roof that are more exposed to water damage than others. Along the eaves and valley's of the roof, ice and water shield is there to protect where water runs to naturally. Especially with the cold and wet winter coming soon, there is no better time to get ice and water shields installed than right now!

  • Damaged Gutter Line Gets the Full Treatment in Indianapolis Indiana

    This is a great example of the extensive damage that can happen when moisture gets into thd underlying layers of the roof. It is a good thing that this homeowner noticed and gave Bone Dry a call, because the problems that can result from a damaged gutter line like this are frightening. 

  • Flashing A Gutter Return in Zionsville Indiana

    This gutter return was wedged up so tightly against the side of the roof that it was nearly certain with every rain that water was just wearing down on the shingle that it was just all too close to. Giving questions on how long it would be before it led to further problems. 

  • Section of Bad Decking Replaced - Roof Repair in Fishers

    The inner layers of your roof are really just as important as the shingles on top. This customer had overall good decking, except in a few spots there were was rot and moisture damage. Instead of taking all of the decking off and replacing it, Bone Dry only replaced the parts of the roof that really needed it.

  • Fishers, IN Roof Replacement Project

    This customer had their roof redone which upped their curb appeal and made their roof stronger! Their roof was in need of a replacement and with the cold wet months of winter coming soon, this customer was smart to get their roof done by Bone Dry. When your roof isn't as strong as it should be, your home is more likely to have problems, such as water leakage, which can lead to even more frustratio...

  • Water Damage Protection in Fishers, IN

    There are places on your roof that are more likely to suffer water damage and water build up, such as the valleys and the ridges of the home where the side of the house meets the roof. To have a sturdy home, you need more than just strong shingles, you need the underlayers to be just as strong. This customer knew the wet and cold season was coming soon, so they called on Bone Dry to help keep thei...

  • Bad Decking Replaced in All The Usual Places in Indianapolis Indiana

    There are areas on any roof that are more likely to be affected by over exposure to moisture and require more layers of moisture prevention than other areas. These areas are the line where the chimney meets the roof line, the area around skylights, the edges of the roof (eaves and rakes) and any type of valley. This is why our crews and experts will urge homeowners to use ice and water shield alon...

  • Modified Roofing Installed in Dead Valley in Shelbyville, IN

    There are places on your roof that are much more susceptible to water damage and water and ice build up. On this customer's home, there is a dead valley near the chimney, which is a perfect place for water to build up. Especially with the cold weather and snow coming our way, this would be a perfect place for snow and ice to build up and cause damage to the home.

  • Small Shed Roof Replacement in Indianapolis Indiana

    Oftentimes sheds get overlooked because they aren't the literal roof over someone's head, but if ignored for too long they can start to get mold in the decking. Moldy decking can escalate quickly and needs to be inspected by a professional in order to ensure the wood will not rot completely through.

  • Replacing Existing Ridge Vent and Damaged Decking in Avon, Indiana

    This home had a damaged portion of decking by the ridge vent on their roof. The decking beneath had been subjected to moisture damage, which had become extensive enough to call for complete replacement of the ridge vent itself and the damaged decking.

Bone Dry Roofing

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  • New Garage Roof in Indianapolis Indiana

    This customer didn't just want their roof on their house redone, but also the roof on their garage, and Bone Dry was happy to help! As long as there's a roof, Bone Dry will be there to help. This garage needed a new roof to make it more protected and to make it look better.

  • Spaced Decking in Lebanon Indiana

    On especially older homes - once the shingles are removed, we find that the original decking was spaced decking. 

  • Decking Accommodations in Lebanon Indiana

    Oftentimes, with older homes, once all of the shingles on the roof have been removed and the decking has been exposed - our crews will find that the decking is either in bad shape with damage throughout the entire roof, find specific spots where the decking is in good shape whereas others look terrible, or even find that some spots have been fixed over the years but new issues have come to light. ...

  • Bad Decking in Indianapolis Indiana

    This customer was dealing with bad decking, which is when the wood underneath the shingles that adds extra protection rots and becomes useless, and can cause damage to your house, especially with water leakage. Decking is a vey important foundation to your roof, and this customer was smart to call Bone Dry to come and replace it.

  • Bad Decking in Indianapolis IN

    After tearing off the outer layer of this customer's roof, a layer of bad and rotted decking was revealed. If you have bad decking on your roof, it not only shows and lesons curb appeal even on the outermost layer with the shingles, but it also leaves your house susceptible to damage. 

  • Re-tarp and Re-deck in Indianapolis

    This customer didn't just get their roof on their house worked on, but their garage as well. When the Bone Dry crew tore off the roof on the garage, rotted decking was revealed. When the underlayer of the house is bad and rotted, it shows through all the way to the top layer making not only poor curb appeal for your home, but also leaving your house susceptible to the dangers of leakage and the ou...

  • Severe Damage From Fallen Tree In Indianapolis Indiana

    When severe weather hits, roofs are the most susceptible to damage from all of the elements whether it's leaks, hail, or in this case a large tree that fell and took out an entire corner of this back porch slope. 

  • Up Close To Cracked Shingles in Indianapolis Indiana

    All things when left exposed to the elements for long periods of time will start to crumble from normal wear and tear. This includes shingles, no matter how many times they are repaired, once a 30 year shingle has reached that point, they are no longer reliable and are subject to lots of repair charges. Shingles can start to crack and even break off after too much granular deterioration and here i...

  • Removal of Rotten Decking to Expose Insulation Levels in Indianapolis Indiana

    There are times when certain attic spaces are completely disconnected from the rest of the home and the only way to know what the level of insulation is is by removing a piece of the framing that surrounds it and taking a peek inside

  • Replacing Skylights and Rotten Decking in Indianapolis Indiana

    This roof had a unique slope to it that had 4 skylights letting in beautiful natural light. The downside to those beautiful skylights is that unless they are done correctly, they will always cause damage to the underlying layers of the roof causing leaks, wood rot, mold growth, and one lousy looking roof.

  • Replacing a Mounted Skylight in Greenfield Indiana

    This skylight replacement came with a bit of a twist. The existing skylight was called a "mounted skylight" which meant that the skylight itself was mounted up above the roof line on an extended frame. 

  • Aged Pipe Boot in Indianapolis Indiana

    Pipe boots are essential in order to effectively prevent moisture leaking into the spaces where the pipe isn't perfectly fit to the surrounding desking. The boot serves as an essential buffer that is somewhat flexible and effective in preventing water from trickling down on the pipe directly. This is very ineffective and so is the quick fix of using caulking to seal the area off from the elements....

  • Conical Roof Repair in Indianapolis Indiana

    This conical roof had been damaged severely when strong weather hit, giving area more exposure to moisture than it could handle. The inadequate flashing surrounding the conical roof section did an overall inadequate job of preventing moisture from getting into the area which is what really caused the issues to intensify

  • Repairing Nail Pops in Indianapolis

    This roof had had multiple issues over the years but one of the simplest fixes for our professionals was to dramatically  increase the efficiency and life span of their entire roof with one simple fix that they are wonderful at doing.

Bone Dry Roofing

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  • Bad Insulation Levels - Attic Insulation in Indianapolis, Indiana

    This customer had low insulation levels. This can cause a problem with maintaining temperature throughout the home. If you don't have enough insulation, the higher your cooling and heating bills will be because your house will be subject to the elements outside, and your HVAC equipment will have run longer or potentially continually!

  • Bad Decking Replaced in Indianapolis, Indiana

    This customer decided to get their bad decking removed and replaced. This was a smart idea, because bad decking can't just be covered up. You have to remove it and replace it. It is very important too because the decking sits underneath the shingles and stops water from seeping into the house, and creating worse damage. Often times the decking isn't noticed by most homeowners, but it is extremely ...

Bone Dry Roofing

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  • Repair for Chimney Flashing in Indianapolis IN

    This home had flashing on their Chimney, but the customer decided that it was time to rework it, and upgrade it. Not only was the flashing on the chimney old and worn out looking, but it is also a risk to the homeowner if the flashing is not up to date and working properly. Since the flashing helps with water flow, it is important to make sure that the flashing is working its best to prevent water...

  • Backed Up Gutters - Gutter Cleaning in Carmel Indiana

    This customer's gutters were in pretty bad shape due to build up of leaves, dirt, sticks and bugs. It is very important that gutters be kept clean, but this is often overlooked due to the fact that the problem is hard to get up and see and the consequences take time to form. The potential damages can be accumulated over long periods of time and can go unnoticed until it is too late. 

Bone Dry Roofing

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Bone Dry Roofing

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