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  • Good governance is not just for big organisations

    There is an interesting article by Estelle Clark (Executive Director of Policy at the Chartered Quality Institute) in this month’s IoD magazine ‘Director’. The article is about the benefits of quality governance but she makes the point that “Governance is about making sure you comply with the rules that mean you can be in business […]

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  • Business Card

    Will the business card(initially a french invention)survive in an age of social media?  

  • The costs of cyber crime

    There seems to be an ever-increasing problem with our exposure to cyber crime. As directors, we need to ensure that the boards we sit on take this problem seriously because the costs are potentially catastrophic. In just one area alone, that of identity fraud in the UK, it is estimated that £10 billion of fraud […]

  • Diamonds and profits are for ever

    De Beers appointed ad agency N W Ayers in 1938 to convince Americans that a diamond ring was the best symbol of love and a pre requisite to a happy marriage. The rest as they say is history.  

  • Call for diversity on all FTSE boards

    The weekend press reported that a government-backed report will within the next week propose that FTSE companies should have at least one non-white director on the board by 2021. We will provide an update when the details are announced.

  • A quick strategy review

      Could you answer the following? We are happy as to how strategy happens here We know how we compete and how we do not We know where we compete and where we do not compete We fully understand the links between our strategic choices and value creation Our strategy is clear and is understood […]

  • Do we value our values??

    Some research just published suggests that when considering a job offer, today’s professionals consider the organisation’s values to be a significant factor; some 52% of those surveyed would turn down a job offer if the company’s values were either not published or not aligned with their own personal values. Despite this, 36% of organisations do not […]

  • Are open-plan offices good for business?

    There’s an interesting article in this month’s edition of Director, the IoD’s magazine, setting out the pros and cons of open-plan offices. I suspect that the ideal solution is a combination of both; i.e. open-plan working but with readily available breakout areas or offices for when some privacy or just peace and quiet is required. […]

  • One last question…

    An interesting last question to ask at a job interview..”What would make someone not like you?” Not designed to cause embarrassment but rather to see how people react to an unexpected question. As a recruiter once told me..We advertise for CEO’s and human beings turn up….At the end of the day we hire people and […]

  • Workers on boards

    There has been a lot of discussion recently about employee representation on boards and, it seems, this is an initiative supported by the new Prime Minister. We have heard the pros and cons, mostly from existing and entrenched positions, but it would be interesting to hear from anyone who has practical experience this subject.

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