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  • Best Effective Web Design Fundamentals

    User-centric design has become a paradigm for successful web design oriented companies, since it’s the users who decide everything. You should be clear in every aspect of site design, in order to catch their attention. A good web design requires many aspects of design that come together. In this article we will concentrate on approaches, principle and techniques for an effective web design. Firstl...

  • How To Build Your Breakthrough Mobile Application

    The demand for mobile application development will grow at least five times faster by the end of 2017. To cope with the increasing demands businesses should deliver high-quality unified mobile experience that enhance the way they engage with their customers. Apps are now a mainstream, trusted way to deliver content and services in crowded market. Mobile apps becoming more useful, relevant and valu...

  • 9 Ways to Get Visitors to Stay on Your Website

    Design Your Website With Full Optimization Make your site easy to navigate Create an appealing design Create mobile friendly website Create content your visitors actually want to consume Make sure all your load fast Tell your visitors what’s offered at the very beginning Give life to your blog with regular updates Avoid excessive pop ups Make your site text easy to read Get a free consultation for...

  • Ultimate Graphic Design Trends of 2016

    Some Graphic design trends emerge and stay for years, while others are flashy and fade out soon. Usually aesthetic designs flourish and become popular in a short period and gradually fizz out without much attention. It’s a great idea to imbue your work with fresh innovative ideas. The Graphic designs are influenced by technology, fashion, culture and media and also other industries. While forecast...

  • How Digital Marketing Can Help To Grow Your Business

    Digital marketing strategies help companies to build a strong online presence. Digital marketing will definitely help you in growing your business. Generally there are two ways to promote your business. One is Traditional marketing that includes newsletters, billboards, flyers and newspaper print ads which is usually quite expensive. The second is Digital marketing which includes: SEO (Search Engi...

  • Useful Social Media Tactics To Grow Your Business

    Marketing through social media is widening its landscaping over the past decade. Social media marketing can bring success to your business. So we have to come up with a different plan, strategy, and a framework that can work within all channels and it can help your business to accelerate to a different level. This success can happen through the following ways; • Promoting brand awareness • Contrib...

  • Top 5 Reason Why You Should Use A Bootstrap Framework

    Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Bootstrap is a front-end development framework that’s becoming increasingly popular over the years. Bootstrap consists of three main files: • bootstrap.css – a CSS framework • bootstrap.js – a JavaScript/jQuery framework • glyph icons – a font (an icon font set) Bootstrap is a fea...

  • Application Maintenance Services

    Application maintainence and management is an important element towards enhancing the life of the applications. Blazedream’s high and low level services focus on maintaining and transforming your applications to meet changing business needs. Services are categorized into high level services and low level services High Level Services Application Integration & Migration Trouble Shooting & Bug Fixes ...

  • BlazeDream Support Services

    A thoughtfully designed website needs attention from time to time. BlazeDream provides high-end support services to our clients with fast turnaround and quality results. We give wings to your company and broaden its reach. Supports are classified into 3 levels Support level 1 Support for application Deployment Solution for all production issues update mail system and escalate issues if required Su...

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