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  • How to Prevent Winter Fires

    With several feet of snow and freezing winds, the middle of winter may not seem like a time which can be prone to fires. However, there are just as many situations which may lead to a fire than during the warm summer months. What kinds of fires should you be keeping an eye out for this season? Keep reading to learn more about preventing winter fires in your home: Safely Dispose of Your Christmas ...

  • Safety Programs Work

    It’s surprising how often a Near Miss Report can get results.  Here’s a great example: As every tech who handled a new extinguisher knows, those boxes had been constantly ripping apart. By December, 1 out of 3 of the 20lb extinguishers boxes were tearing, and 1 out of 10 of the 10lb boxes were too.  One of our technicians and our safety manager filled in a Near Miss Report, and sent it over to th...

  • Foam Fire Protection Systems

    ANSUL Foam Fire Protection Systems: What Are They and What Are the Benefits? Traditional, water-based fire suppression systems are common in many business, but if your business involves handling and processing flammable liquids then it is wise to invest in a more robust fire suppression system to keep your employees and your space safe from fires. In these situations we recommend installing an AN...

  • Surviving A Winter Storm And Being Fire Safe

    Winter storms can pose a serious threat to even the most prepared homeowners. Storms, which can bring blinding driving snow, extreme dips in temperature, icy and dangerous road conditions, downed power lines, and more can be stressful to manage and can even lead to dangerous issues such as winter fires. How can you be prepared to handle a winter storm and protect your family, home, and possession...

  • Top Fire Safety Tips for 2017

    The new year is always an exciting time. It’s a time for reflection, a time for change, and a great opportunity to review the important steps that homeowners should take in order to keep their homes, loved ones, and possessions safe from fires. At Bison Fire Protection one of our goals is to keep you informed about the most important news relating to fire protection and safety, and we’ve put toge...

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