BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.

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  • Speroni & Fanuc Automated Shrink Fit Process at IMTS 2016

    At IMTS 2016, with great cooperation from Fanuc, we demonstrated a revolutionary way to change out dull tools in a completely automated process with no stoppage of workflow. Our Speroni Futura CNC AutoShrink is presetting and shrinking new cutting tools while the Fanuc robot loads and unloads worn out tools and holders, as well as new tools and holders. BIG KAISER and Fanuc would love the opportun...

  • Unilock & Fanuc Automated Loading Cell at IMTS 2016

    To create this unmanned loading/unloading station at IMTS 2016, BIG KAISER worked with Fanuc to incorporate Unilock ASSF 250 automation chucks on the Fanuc Robodrill table and on the exterior pallet loading station. Air passages in the chucks are used to clean the mating surfaces, and are restricted once the pallet is clamped. This restriction is used to verify pallet presence to the cell control...

  • Speroni STP Futura — Future Proof

    The Speroni FUTURA is the result of over 50 years of experience in design and production of tool measuring and presetting systems. The FUTURA STP product line represents the most advanced and complete line of vertical tool presetting & measuring machines in its class.

  • Speroni Overview

    Speroni designs and manufactures exceptionally reliable and unparalleled quality products. Speroni is a family owned business that has supplied products and services for over fifty years. Learn more about Speroni and the products that can lower your costs and increase your productivity.

  • Speroni STP MAGIS — Elegantly Simple

    Speroni MAGIS Tool Presetting & measuring system is a new line of tool presetting and measuring systems & controls which revolutionizes the way one uses software in the tool measuring world. In today's world, software companies add screens, windows and menus in order to give the user more features. Speroni's MAGIS control for tool presetting and measuring combines all of the needed features and fu...

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.

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  • “Touch & Feel” Instead of “Look and Read” in 2017

    There are several chances to experience BIG KAISER technology firsthand in 2017. Our engineers and sales reps will be spreading out across North America, giving end users the chance to understand how and why we can make the bold promise: “Higher Performance. Guaranteed.” If you didn’t catch us at the latest IMTS, these regional events, […]

  • Affordable Ways to Prevent Vibration

    Jack Burley, VP of Sales and Engineering at BIG KAISER shared his knowledge to Fabricating & Metalworking magazine for options targeted to make positive impacts on vibration without breaking the bank. As all machinists know, vibration is the sworn enemy of high quality and efficient metal working operations. The effects of vibration impede speeds & […]

  • Vibration-Free Turning Isn’t as Difficult as It Used to Be

    Vibration in a turning operation can be maddening. It leads to results that can be oh so close, yet so far away. It’s difficult to diagnose the cause. And it can be even more difficult to fix—reducing speeds, feeds, introducing sharper cutting edges or reducing depth of cut are all options, but each is a drag on […]

  • 2017 Quintessential TOP 13 Reasons to Contact Your BIG KAISER Experts

    You may already be aware of our BIG KAISER Manufacturing Representative’s expert knowledge and experience with BIG KAISER products but, did you know BIG KAISER has a deep reservoir with decades of professional experience in high precision tooling, workholding and tool management within our own house? These experts are BIG KAISER Applications Engineers, Sales Engineers, […]

  • Unilock options make addressing common workholding challenges simple

    While most can’t invest in transformative capital equipment without months of planning and of course extensive cost, workholding is a different story. Zero-point workholding systems like Unilock don’t impose nearly the burden, yet can dramatically simplify and expedite jobs in ways that directly impact the bottom line. Unilock easily adapts to existing pallets, fixtures and […]

  • 6 Gifts from Us to You

    Happy Holidays from all of us here at BIG KAISER. We hope your year was filled with joy and success and that the next brings even more. Hopefully you’re enjoying a well-deserved break like many of us are—we all work hard in this business! Since it’s the season of giving, we wanted to revisit five […]

  • A Recommendation for Overcoming Modern Milling Challenges

    Our engineers have been working hard to offer our class-leading Hi-Power Milling Chuck (HMC) in a super-slim design with direct clamping of smaller tools. With the latest addition to the HMC series, the HMCJ, we’ve succeeded.

  • BIG KAISER Executive Honored for Service to Industry

    Some exciting news recently swept through the halls here at BIG KAISER; we’re proud to share that our fearless leader, President and CEO, Chris Kaiser, received the 2016 Distinguished Service Award from the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA).

  • New Workholding Catalog Highlighted by 13 New 5-Axis Systems

    The rise of multi-axis machining has opened the door to so many more possibilities and efficiencies for machine shops. It’s also introduced a whole new set of variables, chief among them, how parts are held.

  • New Supplemental Catalog Details IMTS Product Debuts

    For us, the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) marks the introduction of dozens of new products representing years of customer feedback, practical tests and engineering. The debuts span the product lines, all with the goal of improving your metalworking performance, from setup to finish.

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.

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  • BIG KAISER’s Burley Pens Article on Micromachining for Trade Publication

    While more and more shops begin performing micromachining, cut specifications get smaller and smaller. This presents a challenge for companies trying to compete in the world of uber-small chip making with older machinery that’s not built specifically to meet the demands of modern customers. For many shops, investing in this expensive, specialized machinery to stay […]

  • Free Webinar: Addressing Workholding Challenges on Multi-Axis Machines

    The ongoing advancement of multi-axis machining has spurred progress in critical aspects of manufacturing like part complexity, production quality and speed, and prototyping. It’s also introduced a different set of variables to consider for achieving optimum output. In a recent webinar for the members of the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA), John Zaya, our […]

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