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  • ShopFly Adapts Online Shopping to Mobile World

    Josh Thelemann, Benjamin Shoff, Sam Marshall and Zack Leonard faced continued frustrations while shopping for clothing and other products on their mobile browsers. With no current application able to bridge these shortcomings, the four came together to found ShopFly. ShopFly is a mobile app that streamlines the online shopping process for users who are constantly […]

  • Awear Technologies is Set to Close the Education Achievement Gap

    Across the nation, 30 percent of students score below their grade level in reading comprehension testing, with approximately 3 million children struggling with learning disabilities. Rod Greder founded Awear Technologies after discovering that most learning deficits stem from executive function and cognitive control. Awear Technologies aims to help students strengthen neural pathways associated wi...

  • TeamGenius is the MVP of Player-Tryout Technologies

    Evaluating players has long been one of the most important tasks faced by leagues and coaches. However, curating and organizing player data has consistently proved to not only be time-consuming, but also very difficult. The need for a better system was obvious to Todd Larson, who was asked to help create a tool to organize […]

  • Put a “Make a Difference” Button In Your Hand with Goodpin

    Jay Baydala has always wanted to improve the world. Fifteen years ago, he attempted to do so, founding an online charity that allowed people to donate small amounts of money towards specific projects. Jay watched project after project reach completion on his computer screen, attributing the success to what he coined “New Generation” charity – […]

  • Raincard has a New Spin on Branded Gift Cards

    Brands are constantly looking for ways to drive customer loyalty. One of the best methods of doing so is through gift cards. However, the hurdles currently in place make it very difficult for even the largest brands to produce gift cards at mass scale. Recognizing the benefits of brands having access to self-branded gift cards, […]

  • Hitfsu Gives App Developers Actionable Data

    Every day app developers struggle to gain insights into what their customers want, and often compete with larger companies with access to more and better information. Iman Khabazian has set out to level the playing field. Iman teamed up with Ellie Vilendrer to found Hitsfu, with the goal of bringing high-level analytics to the masses. […]

  • HabitAware Helps Break Through Subconscious Behaviors

    Many habits are a subconscious act, and therefore, it can be difficult for some individuals to become aware of (and potentially fix) the behavior. This was the case for HabitAware founder Aneela Idnani. For years, Aneela has struggled with obsessive hair pulling. Eventually, she shared this secret with her husband, Sameer, voicing her desire for […]

  • Murol’s Photosharing Helps Users “See the Big Picture”

    Henry Amoloja was tired of social apps limiting the creativity and dimensions of photo sharing. Spending last summer in Vietnam, Henry watched as a friend captured a stunning wide-panoramic photo, only to have the quality reduced and the dimensions cut down when he took to social media. Phone screens are small enough as it is, why shrink […]

  • Local Crate Takes the Hassle out of Home Cooking

    Local Crate was founded based on a personal need. Founders Frank Jackman and Mike Stalbaum enjoyed cooking meals at home, especially with fresh, local ingredients, but as it is for many of us, cooking was difficult due to the time commitment required, not to mention the added guilt of throwing away extra, unused ingredients. With […]

  • Sezzle’s Slashing Merchant Fees and Taking Names

    Modern-day apps for making payments to businesses and individuals continue to make the transaction process easier and easier, but the antiquated fee structure – reaching as high as three percent for each transaction – continues to impede on mass adoption of these services. Charlie Youakim spent five years at the helm of Passport, a mobile […]


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  • Realvision Enables a New Angle to Real Estate Photos

    Bryn Erickson, Bofei Cao and Jermaine Poon came together after various experiences searching, buying and working in Real Estate. Together they recognized common shortcomings across the industry, and found a potential to bring the real-estate industry into the 21st century with Realvision. By combining three-dimensional tours with professional-level photography, Realvision is revolutionizing the on...

  • Who’s Driving Creates Efficiencies for Carpoolers

    Carpooling is widely recognized as the most efficient method of transportation to and from events. However, designating drivers has continually proved to be easier said than done. Anne Cramer, Paul Cramer and Mark Wilke recognized this as a universal problem among parents, and were determined to create a solution to simplify the process. This past […]

  • Pops! Diabetes Care Adapts Glucose Monitoring for a Mobile World

    Around the world, 387 million people are living with diabetes, leading to 27 million blood glucose tests performed every day. Testing glucose levels is often a tedious and inconvenient task, and $600 billion is spent to combat diabetes annually, 75-percent of which stems from complications from poor glucose management. Lonny, Dan Davis, Erik Davis, Chandler […]

  • Get Bizzy at the Beta.MN/Showcase

    Before it was the best-selling cold brew concentrate on Amazon, Bizzy coffee began in a search for an energy supplement to power co-founders Alex French and Andrew Healy through a 24-hour obstacle race. In the summer of 2013, the two were in need of a simple source of energy that supported a healthy lifestyle. That search […]

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