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  • Trees Make Good Neighbors

    Happy National Good Neighbor Day! Some homeowners are lucky to go through life without the struggle of horrible neighbors. Most of my bad neighbor stories are from my early apartment days when I took what I could get and also what I could afford. Having recently left the best neighbors in the world behind, I was keenly aware of what I was looking for when I moved to Lincoln. But it is hard to know...

  • Kandil Sinap: Apple of the Sea

    Malus domestica It’s apple season, the time of year you start noticing more varieties of apples appearing in your grocery stores and farmer markets. The selections range from the good ole’ granny smith and Red Delicious, to the Stayman Winesap and Red Jonathan. With more than 2,500 varieties of apples grown here in the U.S.—100 of which are grown commercially— it makes one wonder, where are all th...

  • Why Trees are Good for Business

    There is no other time like fall that quite incites the desire to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. The splash of color that dances across the landscape as leaves begin to turn finds us relishing in the splendor of trees. The crisp fresh air and smell of pine has us bursting outdoors on hikes and bike trails before the settling of winter’s slumber. These are welcomed and anticipated reminders o...

  • What I Learned as a Tree Board Member

    In the fall of 2014, feeling fairly intimidated, slightly inadequate, but even more excited, I decided to take a leap.  Or more appropriate for this audience – I decided to “branch out.” The Communication-and-Spanish-Major-Turned-Certified-Arborist submitted an application to join the Lincoln, Nebraska Community Forestry Advisory Board! I waited for what felt like an eternity to hear back—in reali...

Arbor Day Foundation

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  • Red Delicious Apple: The Fruit of Knowledge

    Malus domestica ‘Red Delicious’ Legend has it that the red delicious was named when its discoverer sent samples of the apple to a commercial nursery in Iowa (back in 1892).  One bite into the apple and the nursery owner exclaimed, “Delicious”! The nursery owner must know a thing or two about tastes, because the red delicious is the country’s most widely planted apple tree. Of more than 2,500 varie...

  • Favorite Tree Friday: The Bur Oak

    Each month an Arbor Day Foundation staff member shares their favorite tree. We have taken our Favorite Tree Friday series and invited guest bloggers to share their favorite tree with us. This month Mark Hirsch of That Tree tells us why he loves the bur oak. My favorite tree resides all alone precariously in the middle of a Wisconsin cornfield. I did not pick my favorite tree, but through life chal...

Arbor Day Foundation

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  • Red Maple: The Versatile Vermillion

    Acer rubrum Looking to add a little color to your landscape? The fiery hue of the Red Maple is a beautiful variety that can successfully grow in numerous climates. While the Red Maple’s orgin stems from the eastern half of the U.S., it’s now considered one of the most widespread deciduous trees in the United States. The Red Maple’s adaptable root system allows it to thrive in various types of soil...

  • Now in Full Swing: Harvest at Arbor Day Farm

    Harvest at Arbor Day Farm is once again upon us, with the bounty of the vineyard and orchards now at the peak of freshness. First up: Grapes. And lots of them. Arbor Day Farm’s team of harvesters took to the vineyards in mid-August to bring in more than 7,000 pounds of grapes — LaCrosse, Chambourcin, Edelweiss, and Vignoles — each bunch hand-cut from the vine. As you can imagine, this is slow, ted...

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