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  • Kili in the Dark

    Hello from Africa! I am in Nairobi, Kenya and will soon drive to Tanzania to guide my friend Dan Berlin up Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain on the African continent. We’re not simply going to climb the mountain – we’re going to climb it at night.Naming our trek “Kili in the Dark,” we’re raising money to support children who are vision impaired (see causes below). If you would like to make a d...

  • Ilysa Winick – a mom just like us -- whose life changed on her birthday with no warning

    Ilysa Winick is just like us. NYC mom of two kids – Benjamin (7 years old) and Ryan (4 years old).Ilysa left her job on Wall Street and founded Reade Street Prep – a well-loved Tribeca preschool/enrichment center. She is an incredible artist…and loved to work out. 5 months ago Ilysa’s life changed forever. The weekend of June 8th she celebrated her birthday with her sister and friends. By Monday s...

  • Andy: A Bout of Bravery by Ari Schlanger (11 years old)

    Today is the time of year when I write a blog post about my cousin Andy. Let me just say it is almost impossible to explain her in words. I’ll do my best. Ever since I met her, (which was a very long time ago) she was one of the bravest people I’ve ever known. She’s funny, smart, nice, and a million other qualities that everyone wishes they had. And they all fit Andy perfectly. Right before Andy t...

  • Hope at the Base of Kilimanjaro

    by Alison Qualter Berna Twelve-year-old Priella called out to me as I walked out of the overcrowded classroom in Moshi, Tanzania and simply said, “Wait, Alison, before you go…” I turned to approach her with a smile and in that moment I knew she was a kid who believed she could do more than her circumstances allowed. She wanted to fly.A few days earlier, I had fulfilled a lifelong dream to climb Mo...

  • A great Saturday afternoon activity for your whole family. Join us!

    apple seeds is a PROUD and devoted supporter of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.We will shout from the rooftops anything Cookies is involved in or attached to…because every nanosecond of every single day they are working to save the lives of children battling cancer.How do they do that? They raise money all year long and use it to help to fund research to develop new and improved treatments for childhood...

  • Helping the Childen of Kenya and Tanzia

    by Alison Qualter BernaI've just returned from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro "in the dark" with my friend Dan Berlin, who is blind, and our fellow co-founders of Team See Possibilities, Charles Scott and Brad Graff. It's hard to put into words the tremendous impact of this experience. We are raising money to support several local charitable causes (see below). Many thanks to those of you who have alrea...

apple seeds

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