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  • Britain rises in competitiveness index

    Britain has been named as the world’s seventh most competitive economy, rising three places since last year. The global index, compiled by the World Economic Forum, is based on 100 different indicators, ranging from the flexibility of labour markets to the quality of a country’s infrastructure. Meanwhile, the World Trade Organisation has predicted the UK […]

  • UK SMEs wasting time taking cash to bank

    SMEs spend 26 hours a year travelling to make cash deposits, according to Barclays Business research, which claims the wasted time has led to the loss of 93m hours across all UK small businesses. Some 27% of SME owners regularly put off taking their earnings to banks and 7% admit keeping their cash in a […]

  • Financial services optimism falls while volumes rise

    Forty-eight per cent of UK financial services companies questioned in a quarterly survey by the CBI and PwC said that business volumes were up since Britain voted to leave the EU and 13% said that they were down during the three months to September, generating a positive balance of 34%, up from 22% in Q2 […]

Antony Batty & Co LLP

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  • SMEs see business plans shift following Brexit vote

    The research shows that two thirds of UK SMEs have had to change, or are in the process of changing their plans, which range from hiring to investing in growth opportunities. While the majority of SMEs surveyed have felt no impact to business levels yet as a result of Brexit, many are looking ahead and […]

  • Small Talk: Start-ups that steer clear of the five fatal traps have got a fighting chance

    There is no single secret of success that will guarantee your business makes it. But if you study those ventures that come up short, you’ll find the same mistakes recurring Will 2016 be the year you finally take the plunge? More businesses than ever before were launched in both 2014 and 2015, but still a […]

  • SMEs doing their bit for job growth

    The FSB has heralded the work of SMEs in creating jobs. The latest labour statistics, released today, reveal that employment is up by 174,000 jobs and unemployment has fallen to 1.63 million, down by 39,000 from the previous period. The FSB says that the figures show that, despite the challenge of meeting the demands of […]

  • UK interest rates left unchanged at 0.25%

    The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee has unanimously voted to keep its main interest rate at 0.25%, but indicated it may cut rates further in the coming months. The MPC also acknowledged that in recent weeks, economic data coming out of the UK has been stronger than expected since August’s rate cut. Under a […]

  • No ‘Brexit effect’ in latest jobs data

    Economists have said the slight fall in UK unemployment to 1.63m, between May and July, shows there is yet to be a “Brexit effect” on the jobs market. The unemployment rate was 4.9%, down from 5.5% a year ago and little changed from last month’s rate, ONS data shows, with nearly three quarters of people […]

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  • SME payments not dampened by Brexit

    Research from Moneycorp suggests that Brexit has done little to dampen the appetite of the UK’s exporters. The report reveals that total business overseas payments for existing clients who had traded before and after Brexit increased by 102%, while foreign exchange deals were up 106% in the eight weeks following the vote from the same […]

  • 96% of small business owners say they’ve been kept waiting by HMRC

    In a poll of SME’s carried out by Simply Business, 96% of respondents say they have been kept waiting on the phone by HMRC. This follows a NAO calculation in June which estimates that HMRC’s waiting times are costing small businesses around £97m a year. source:

  • Confidence climbs in British business

    BDO’s latest Business Trends Report suggests British businesses are starting to regain their confidence, with a post-Brexit slump not as severe as expected. Business optimism, which predicts growth six months ahead, is up to 98.7 from 97.9, having fallen to a three-year low last month. Business output, which reflects companies’ current experience of orders, has […]

  • SMEs reluctant to access bank debt

    Despite widespread confidence in their ability to secure bank debt, small businesses increasingly prefer to operate under their own steam, according to the latest SME Finance Monitor. The quarterly research found that 36% of companies used external finance in the period covering April to June, down from 44% four years ago and almost half of […]

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