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Anglia Examinations

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  • Recognition News

    Cyprus Anglia Examinations top three levels on the list of approved English language qualifications regulated by the Civil Service Commission in Cyprus.  We are delighted to announce that the Civil Service Commission in Cyprus has included Anglia Examinations Masters (C2), Proficiency (C1) an...

  • Erasmus programme recognition

    Erasmus programme recognition  Anglia Examinations qualifications are now accepted as valid proof of the level of English of those candidates wishing to join the Erasmus Programme (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students). As an example, you can find below three institutions which accept Anglia certific...

  • Further Recognition for Anglia Exams in Argentina & Mexico

    Further Recognition for Anglia Exams in Argentina & Mexico Two more Colleges of Tertiary Education in Argentina have been added to the List of Recognising Institutions as they have now become Official Anglia Exams Centres and will make use of Anglia Exams with their own students as of this academic year. Welcome to the Anglia family! ...

  • Government of Galicia recognition

    Government of Galicia recognition  Anglia Examinations are now also officially accredited by the Government of Galicia so that teachers can work in state schools teaching non-linguistic areas, core subjects or modules in a foreign language.

  • News from Latin America

    News from Latin America It is still summer time in several Latin American countries, so technically students and teachers should all still be on holiday. However, teachers are already returning to school as they have to carry out a series of administrative tasks as well as plan their first lessons before the actual academic year kicks off. Thin...

Anglia Examinations

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  • No Brexit in the Anglia office!

    Following the result of the referendum in the UK on 23rd June and its subsequent shock-waves, we would just like to assure all our candidates, parents, schools, teachers, head-teachers and school owners that there is no Brexit in the Anglia Office. Our Head of IT and Operations is from Poland, our Head of Marketing and Business Development is from the Netherlands and a very large number of our sc...

  • Anglia Cyprus fundraising event

    Anglia Cyprus fundraising event Anglia Examinations Cyprus organized its first Christmas fundraising Fiesta on Saturday 10 December 2016 with the participation of many students from various language institutes in Paphos. Our youngsters presented their group projects and gave the audience some wonderful performances by singing Christmas songs an...

  • New Meetings in Belgium

    New Meetings in Belgium Anglia Ambassador Belgium Eliza Maree Power has been working hard to expand the network in Belgium.  As a result there will be a number of new meetings with networks of teachers interested in Anglia. This week we will be talking to teachers in Antwerp, where English is increasingly popular. Early next year there will be ...

  • Successful Members Meeting in Slovenia

    Successful Members Meeting in Slovenia On Thursday 1 December  Anglia Network Slovenia had its Members Meeting with Chief Examiner Alice Osman as their special guest. The group of teachers was very impressed by her workshop that gave a lot of information about how to conduct the Anglia Speaking Test. The Anglia Network Slovenia is very active a...

  • News from The Netherlands

    News from The Netherlands 20 % Growth in Registrations  in The Netherlands This week a record number of registrations have come in for the exam sessions on 26 January 2017. With over 2,400 candidates, we can see a 20% growth in registrations compared to January 2016. Remarkably, there are more Speaking Tests, four times as many. Also...

  • Happy New Year

    Dear all We wish you a happy and prosperous 2017 - The Anglia HQ Team, Chichester, UK.    

  • Merry Christmas


  • News update from Anglia Network Europe

    Anglia Czech Republic: A number of staff from Anglia Netherlands met with teachers, principals and students in Brno, Prague and Hradec Karlove to discuss possible co-operation between the two Anglia countries. The atmosphere was very positive, and planned projects are already taking off. Anglia Netherlands: ...

  • News update from Anglia Network Asia

    Anglia China: Travelling from China, a very old friend both of Anglia and Chichester College, Zhong hua, will be visiting the senior team at the Anglia Headquarters in Chichester with David Clarkson towards the end of November, to discuss some exciting new initiatives in the country.   Also, we would like to share a short paragraph f...

  • A new Anglia Network Europe

    Anglia Network Europe will be a strategic alliance between Anglia countries in Europe dedicated to enabling cross-cultural interaction to improve the experience of the user. The Aims and Objectives are: - To share ideas and experience with a view to improving and developing Anglia in all European countries - To increase recognition from European Universities and employers - To strength...

  • News update from Anglia Network Latin America

    Anglia Argentina, Anglia Uruguay, Anglia Paraguay, Anglia Bolivia, Anglia Colombia, Anglia Mexico Exam sessions are being held in all these countries, making November and December very busy months for the region. New Anglia participating countries are warmly welcomed and thanks go to all already existing countries for their trust an...

  • Summer Anglia 2016

    It’s the first year of our Summer Anglia junior summer school based here on the Chichester College campus, and we’re having a great time. Students from Argentina and Bulgaria and the UK have been mixing and making friends, learning English the Step-by-Step way and visiting Brighton, Thorpe Park, Portsmouth and London to say nothing of sports,...

  • The power of the Step-by-Step way of learning and testing.

    Two teachers from Cyprus share an inspiring story about inclusivity and achievement.  ''Nikolas is a 12-year old boy with cerebral palsy due to premature birth and which has caused him spastic quadriplegia and deafness. Moreover, his oral speech is limited to 'Yes' and 'No' and to the understanding of sign language. ...

Anglia Examinations

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