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Andrew D. Washor P.A.

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  • Are you a victim of domestic violence?

    Domestic violence is a tragic reality for many men, women, and children in the United States, and around the world. It has been the catalyst to the dissolution of many families and can have lasting effects on the victims. Domestic...

  • Getting a loved one healthy again may take commitment

    Imagine someone you are close to is drowning. Of course, you'd throw that person a rope to try and save him or her. The trouble is, you have no way to make this person take the rope and accept your...

  • Time sharing in Florida isn't always a holiday

    You may have spent years devoting yourself to your children and your family, only to have it fall apart. No matter the reason, when a marriage ends it can be an anxious and emotional time, and you might be wondering...

Andrew D. Washor P.A.

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  • Crucial Information about Child Custody in Broward, Florida

    The rising number of divorce cases has made the issue of child custody more prevalent in the law courts than ever before. Under the Florida statutes, the court can order a parent who owes the duty of supporting a child...

  • Protecting yourself in the gray areas before divorce

    Too many people make the mistake of thinking that getting divorced is a black-and-white situation. They feel like once they or their spouse makes the decision, the paperwork is drawn up and the marriage is dissolved. However, people often fail...

Andrew D. Washor P.A.

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  • Relocating when staying put is a battle

    Often after a divorce, a parent feels the need to make a fresh start. While many parents may simply move out of the family home or just across town, 25 percent make a more drastic change by moving more than...

  • Sometimes you have to march against your loved ones to save them

    You watch your loved one spiral out-of-control, and it wreaks havoc on everyone involved. You fear losing him or her and wonder what to do next. When a loved one reaches the point where the substance abuse completely takes over...

  • Marc Anthony getting a divorce

    Dade and Broward County residents are no strangers to the saga of Latin singer Marc Anthony (and, of course, his ex Jennifer Lopez). We saw that previous marriage from up close and watched it unravel. Now, Anthony is getting a...

  • Should I consider divorce mediation?

    The process of getting divorced can understandably be a stressful experience both emotionally and financially. However, it is possible to minimize the conflict that two divorcing individuals in Florida experience during this type of family law proceeding. Divorce mediation is...

  • Should I get a divorce?

    Deciding when to end a marriage is one of the hardest things you'll ever do in life. In fact, most people spend years trying to either decide whether it's the right thing to do or just get up the courage...

  • Florida's domestic violence statistics are disturbing

    It's an understatement to say that domestic violence is a devastating reality in this country. In fact, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence says that 10 million people a year are abused by a partner, which equates to 20 people...

  • Drafting a sustainable co-parenting plan

    Divorce or separation is often hardest on the youngest members of the family. In order to provide continuity of lifestyle and stability, many parents choose to co-parent. This decision is not best for every Florida family, but it may provide...

  • How is paternity established?

    Establishing paternity is an important legal step. For the mother, it can mean getting the financial support she needs to raise the child. For the father, it can mean the right to be a part of the child's life. Maternity...

  • The difference between divorce and legal separation

    It happens even in marriages that are seemingly perfect; at one point or another, everyone has considered the prospect of getting a divorce. It may be a momentary thought during a particularly difficult fight or it could be a nagging...

  • When is it time to end your marriage?

    Rushing into a marriage is rarely a good idea. Marriage is a serious undertaking that requires thought, planning and a willingness to make major life changes....

  • Suspect: child custody battle led to police slaying

    If you've been following the news lately, you've no doubt seen the tragic case of the police officer who was gunned down in San Antonio, Texas. Now, the suspect in the case is saying that he did it because he...

  • Marchman Act order issued too late in recent FL case

    When a loved one or family member is going through a rough time with drugs, alcohol or mental issues, it can put you in an incredibly tough position. You've probably tried to talk to them to no avail. You may...

  • Common questions about alimony

    One of the main concerns couples have as they begin the process of divorce is how they will manage financially once the divorce is final. Alimony is one factor that weights heavily into how they will budget their future. But...

  • A family law practice is about more than just divorce cases

    Our South Florida law firm focuses on family law. Some readers may view that term as synonymous for divorce. In practice, however, our attorneys have helped families struggling with many different kinds of issues. Our efforts have even included helping...

  • A new take on the visitation plan: keeping the family home

    A common concern among divorcing parents is whether children will adjust to post-divorce lifestyle changes. Notably, stability of a child’s environment is one of the factors considered by family law courts in considering custody and visitation plan arrangements. For example,...

Andrew D. Washor P.A.

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