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  • What does it take to be a great teacher ?

    What are the benefits of educating? Roslyn Arnold explores this subject in NewPhilosopher and gives us something to feel proud about when we have taught with our hearts. Roslyn, ” Effective teaching requires an extensive and ever expanding repertoire of attitudes, skills, abilities, and personal philosophies.” Teaching is for those who enjoy re shaping their […]

  • “I’ve f**ked up, I’m starting again…and I’m really sorry for swearing.”

    Said Adele at the 59th Grammy’s last night. And here it is – a small but authentic lesson in being human. Whatever your trade – whether an international multi–award winning superstar or an average career professional doing your thing – it’s so important to remember the power of being human. We make mistakes – all […]

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  • The post-truth world of the older worker

    Margie had just received some news that would rock her world. After 25 years in one organisation, rising up through the ranks from a fledgling graduate to a senior executive, she was unexpectedly dismissed. Like a house built on poor foundations, she felt her career crumbling in front of her eyes. She was in her […]

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  • How stories can change lives: my own personal journey

    2016 was a year of writing stories. In December I completed an in-house publication: Unfinished Business – 11 Voices of Success at VicRoads and through this process met a group of delightful, talented and inspirational women at the top of their game. Which led me to reflect on the power of stories, some of which are […]

  • Walking Your Talk: Advice, Knowledge & Action

    It seems everyone wants to give us advice, for our own good, for our own benefit. The aim is to help guide us back on course, the perception being that we have somehow wandered off it. Inversely, we are also drawn to give our advice to others for similar reasons. Is this advice the be […]

  • We Don’t Need No Education: Memory & Learning

      Times have changed in the way we employ our brains to learn and retain information. Antonio Case writes in NewPhilosopher, “As information compounds at an alarming rate, some argue that learning how to properly search for information , across library catalogues and university databases, is more useful than rattling off facts and figures.” From […]

  • Millennials vs. the World

    Simon Sinek’s viral interview on millennials in the workplace has imposed the topic into the minds of a global audience. Well informed and balanced, Sinek discusses the challenges and pitfalls facing the generation. This morning, at a client meeting I was asked for my opinion on the subject; this is a tough one for me […]

  • Progress & Growth: The Call to Your Own True Adventure

    An article by Flora S Michaels in NewPhilosopher gives us the opportunity to consider how our life will unfold as we move through it and at the same time allow us to think about the best way we can live, work and develop a positive mindset so that our lives will change for the better. […]

  • Branding: how one person can make a brand

    An article by Peter Roper in Marketing Mag discusses how one person can make a brand. In this case Peter talks about Luke Mangan the renown restaurateur and opens many doors whilst showing us how to make a brand when firmly linked to a founder or key person in a company. Natasha Menon, marketing and […]

  • Cultural Reform Breakfast Featuring Dr. Corinne Manning

    Ampersand International are hosting a breakfast at Vue De Monde on Tuesday 21st February 2017.  This breakfast will be for selected corporate executives to gain insights from Dr. Corinne Manning, who is a globally recognised consultant, responsible for the successful implementation of the Australian Army’s cultural reform strategy.    This culture change resulted in the […]

  • Change Management: The times they are A-Changin

    “The times they are A-Changin” to quote the 2016 Nobel prize winner in Literacy – Bob Dylan. The pace of change in 2016 seems to have sped up or is it just me getting older?  I guess my good ol’ Mum was right – after you turn 40 the years seem like mere months. But […]

  • HR Development: Why Not Change Your Mind?

      Every day we form opinions about a wide range of issues including personal and business situations. When we form an opinion are we open minded about changing our point of view on these issues or do we stubbornly stick to our conclusions through thick and thin? Is changing our mind a sign of weakness? […]

  • Marketing & Digital: The Five Most Important Attributes of Digital Experience

    We all seek to form, establish, create and develop successful businesses. Paramount to building any business today is to find ways to unlock valuable customer data and relate this back to our digital platforms. Veronika Birnkammer, marketing director of SAP Hybris, Australia and New Zealand outlines the five most important attributes of digital experience and […]

  • Coaching Vs Mediation

    When coaching just isn’t enough, consider mediation Meet Michelle Michelle is a young, high potential sales representative working for a large pharmaceutical company. Patrick is a sales manager valued in the company for meeting or exceeding his revenue goals month after month and selling more products than any other sales manager in the business. Michelle is motivated […]

  • The Pursuit of Perfection & Motherhood

    “We are not meant to be perfect. We’re meant to be whole.” Jane Fonda. We have all come across the perfect stereotypical mum or career woman. Perhaps she is the perfect stay-at-home mum you meet at the school gate, as you drop your child off, hurried and late as usual for the start of your […]

  • Marketing Analysis: Touch Points & Attribution

    Professor Mark Ritson says in his article in Marketing Mag that brands and people are going to find themselves in the middle of a marketing frenzy in 2017. These events will follow on from the “Current swirling chaos that exists in the current marketing communications universe and 2017 is going to be the mother of […]

  • Marketing Trends: Media Intelligence Tools & Content

      It’s well and good to have media tools at hand, but not much use if we don’t know how to use them properly and in particular harness and deliver the content that we need to send. This article that forms the basis of this report was written up in Marketing Magazine with the assistance […]

  • Professional Development: How To Train Yourself To Thrive Through Change

    Everyone seems intent on taking a positive view on becoming involved in change within our businesses and in our own lives. Wherever you look somebody or something is advocating for change. Today the catch cry seems to be change or perish. Michelle Gibbings shows us how to make the conversion easier in her article […]

  • Why Marketing Can’t Fix a Sales Problem

    When monthly sales targets are not being achieved and the spark between our offerings to our clients starts to misfire and our business starts to lose traction many small to medium sized businesses will turn to marketing first for their preferred solution to correcting poor performance. Sue Barrett an article posted on shows us that […]

  • Chance Rules Our Lives: Self Development

    There are many ways to get motivated. We are encouraged to improve ourselves through training, educational activities, help and guidance on the job and experience. We need time to become experienced. A series of articles in New Philosopher examines the question of, does luck and chance have bearing on how successfully we travel through life. Is […]

  • Technology: Here Comes The Real Digital Revolution

    Do you ever stop to think just how far we have come in the so called Digital Revolution?   We take for granted the time saving and efficiencies of the electronic media that is part and parcel of our life today. Have you thought that there is much more to come? That this is only […]

  • Trends: Publishing Is The New Marketing

    Jac Phillips, Head of Brand and Marketing, Bank of Melbourne reveals her approach to attract and retain the consumer in an article via Marketing Mag. She starts from the point, Banking is seen as “not very entertaining.” Jac provides, in her story, some fresh ideas on marketing, content marketing in particular. Jac, “As marketers, our […]

  • Leadership: Bring People With You

    An article “Will Any Ship Do?” written by Anthony Sharpe in New Philosopher discusses the form leadership takes in the workplace and the motives of those who seek to manage as leaders in the workplace. Anthony, “It’s something I hear more and more these days – a disconcerting trend at dinner parties. What do you […]

  • Goal Setting vs Serendipity

    We are told that to achieve what we wish for we need to set goals. By and large I think this is correct. However are we limiting our good fortune by being too specific in selecting the opportunities we think would suit us best and make us happy? An article written by Oliver Burkeman in […]

  • Caught In the Web: Attention or Interruption?

    In an article in New Philosopher, Jessa Gamble explores the impact of the digital world on our ability to think and maintain concentration over periods of time. The idea here is that the web is distracting us, as Gamble says, “We now live in a wired world of interruption.” Jessa Gamble is an award winning […]

  • HR And Technology – Are We Getting Smarter?

    How do we prepare ourselves for the challenges ahead?  There is no point being complacent. We are in charge of our destiny and we need to work at it, or do we? Most of us take our lead from a mentor or someone we respect who has succeeded in the way we aspire to succeed. […]

  • Workplace Gender Equality Agency data show gender gap closing for managers

    An influx of women in new management roles is set to boost gender equality in corporate Australia, but women are still facing salary differences of up to more than $90,000 in senior ranks. New data tracked for the first time by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency show a healthy 42.6 per cent of managerial appointments […]

  • Customer Experience & Content – we know it, let’s ensure it

    An article in Marketing Mag by Ryan Skinner shows us how important the content marketing role is in supporting customer experience. Ryan is a senior analyst at B2C marketing at Forrester Research. Ryan, ” Valuable customer experiences will be the primary factor differentiating brands that win in the age of the customer, and content marketing […]

  • Regional Marketing Manager

    A rare opportunity for an experienced Regional Marketing Manager to join one of the most admirable brands drive their rapidly expanding business. Leading technology brand with global presence Manage integrated marketing programs Lead the priority projects in key markets This exciting position plays a vital role to manage and execute integrated marketing programs to stimulate […]

  • Head of Marketing

    A strong international B2B brand presents a significant growth opportunity for a top tier head of Marketing to lead their strategic agenda. Reporting to the Marketing Director you would be responsible for driving continued growth and brand engagement through a large volume of events and conferences, sponsorships and targeted campaigns across multiple platforms. Operating within […]

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  • Be Relevant

    Like Marketing, Recruitment is now all about segmentation and talking to a targeted audience. The world of talent sourcing has changed. No longer does a mass market broadcast, detailing an opportunity give recruitment firms the right or legitimacy to do business. At the executive level, the historical approach of recruitment has been flipped on its […]

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  • Letter to Lisa – about big job titles, nuts & disappointing toasties

      Morning Lisa, Happy Wednesday to you. I’m currently sitting on my delayed Jetstar flight (bless them) looking forward only to the ham & cheese toastie to discover they’ve changed the product – by adding added relish and rye bread. Devastated. Customers don’t like change, unless it’s for the better. This is a terrible start […]

  • Portrait of a Digital Leader

    Layla Foord on Lean, Work-Life Integration and Living the Dream By Inci Kaylan Drerup Principal Lead, Digital and Thought-Leadership & Social Engagement Manager Ampersand International   As part of a new series, Ampersand International is interviewing digital leaders from around the world about their digital vision and the challenges and opportunities businesses face in times […]

  • Customer Transformation – why Australia & Europe?

    By Scott Kay, Principal: Project Services, Change & Transformation As a professional who is new to life down under, I am often reminded (on a daily basis) that I am fresh off the boat. This is often said in gest, but what I have realised, is that it gives me a unique perspective on the […]

  • Rescoping Higher Education Marketing

    By Natalie Hensby, Principal: Education & Professional Services Reflecting on the first half of 2016, some significant trends and changes to the higher education marketing landscape emerge. Increased competition and funding pressure has highlighted the very immediate and compelling need to strengthen acquisition, lead generation and market segmentation capabilities across higher education institut...

  • “Professional services experience required” … Just how important is it within the BD & Marketing function?

    By Will Dunn, Practice Director: Professional Services   There has long been a debate surrounding the importance of having previous professional services experience in order to work within the sector. The most common reason for such, is that candidates need to truly understand the nuances and unique dynamics of working in a partnership environment – […]

  • Insights 2.0!

    By Alice Galvin, Principal: Marketing Communications, Product & Insights For the past few years, regardless of industry or sector, “integration” has been the buzz word surrounding marketing and communications teams. As businesses explore different ways to interact with their customers across both pure play and omni environments, marketing departments are increasingly looking to develop multi-chann...

  • Senior PR & Content Manager

    Sydney Based Opportunity Rapidly growing fin-tech provider Drive multi-channel strategy A listed Australian company proudly embarking on an innovative growth phase and embracing new customer engagement avenues, presents a terrific opportunity for a senior PR and Content professional to be part of this exciting journey. Reporting to the Director of Marketing, the PR and Content […]

  • Digital Media Manager

    Melbourne Based Opportunity Multi-faceted & Dynamic Digital Team Programmatic Marketing Lifecycle Management With a strong presence in local and offshore markets, our client is an Australian-based entertainment organisation, who has experienced a period of sustained growth over the past 12 months. With a commitment to its people, the business is well positioned for future growth and market […]

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  • Marketing Fundamentals: Brand And The Problem Of Clutter

    By Hayley James, Managing Director   An article about the awareness of marketing fundamentals written by Professor Mark Ritson in Marketing caught my eye. Professor Ritson is an internationally renown marketing consultant and teaches marketing and brand management on MBA programs at London Business School, Melbourne Business School and others. Professor Ritson, ” While content […]

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