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  • AmerAdnan Associates to Design Emaar’s New Office in Saudi Arabia

    Emaar Properties, a prominent international real estate development firm, has acquired the services of AmerAdnan Associates (AAA) to design its new office in Saudi Arabia. The Lahore-based design and construction firm is selected from a pool of companies after close scrutiny of its work. The design phase of the new Emaar office is already underway. [&hellip

  • Why Property Owners in Pakistan Should Hire Professional Construction Companies?

    Whether you are designing or constructing your home or office, you always want it to look the best but without the help of a professional construction company in Lahore, you might end up either draining all your money or fail to get the desired result from a private contractor. If you want to make sure [&hellip

  • AmerAdnan Associates Selected to Design New Outlet for Opium Thai and Chinese at Packages Mall

    Opium Thai has selected AmerAdnan Associates (AAA) to design its new outlet at Packages Mall. The new outlet will be the third opening for the Opium Thai in Lahore. The premier branch of the restaurant is located alongside Royaute Luxury & Suites (also designed by AmerAdnan Associates) near M.M Alam Road. Whereas the second was [&hellip

  • Contemporary Wardrobe Designs by AAA That Adds Zing to Bedroom

    Imagine having a steel wardrobe in your chic bedroom. Yeah! No one would like to keep that piece of scrap in contemporary settings any longer despite that it’s durable enough to last for years. Times have certainly changed and so do our lifestyle and preferences. Thanks to media and internet expansion that has made homeowners [&hellip

Amer Adnan Associates

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  • 5 Tips for Doing the Outdoor Lighting Right

    Outdoor lighting plays a pivotal role in highlighting your home’s architecture and landscape. An ordinary home with the right outdoor lighting creates a wow factor whereas a home with an amazing modern architecture and design looks dull and unattractive if its lighting is not properly done. The right outdoor lighting also provides safety by deterring [&hellip

  • DHA Phase 8 Lahore – A Golden Opportunity to Build Superior Quality Home at Extremely Affordable Price

    Just two days before the New Year, Defence Housing Authority announced the much-awaited property possession in DHA Lahore Phase 8. The rumors were already swirling in the market and many were expecting possession of plots in S block. But, it came as a nice surprise to many when DHA made it known the entire Phase [&hellip

  • Different Types of Wallpapers Explained

    The walls play a pivotal role in making or breaking the look of your personal space. Walls at homes are mostly enhanced either through paint job or installing wallpapers. However, in the recent years, wallpapers have gained massive popularity across the globe, owing to the amazing looks they give to your space. The wallpapers come [&hellip

  • 7 Interior Decor Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

    If you think 2016 was little erratic, 2017 will prove a boundary-pushing year for interior decor. At least, that’s what design team at AmerAdnan Associates is seeing with their interior decor trend forecast for the New Year. From jaw-dropping paint colors to unusual textures, stunning new trends are on their way out. 1: Resurgence of [&hellip

  • 3 Trends That Are Going To Fade Away In 2017

    If you think 2016 was slightly unpredictable for home design and interiors, then beware 2017 is looking to push the boundaries even further. At least, that’s what design team at AmerAdnan Associates is seeing with their trend prediction for the coming year. From jaw-dropping colors to unusual textures, homeowners will see some astounding new trends [&hellip

  • Captivating TV Wall Design Ideas by AmerAdnan

    In this age of modern technology, television has become an integral source of entertainment. Ask anyone and people would barely oppose the decision to have an LCD TV in their den or living room. Besides entertaining, at times, the bigger your LCD screen is, the more fun it is to invite your family or friends [&hellip

  • 5 Unique Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas by AmerAdnan Associates

    Besides closets, bathrooms are the smallest spaces in your house that are occupied by you several times a day. Unfortunately, you have loads of tasks to accomplish in this small space, which further arouses the need for a bigger space. To make your bathroom look big and maximize every square inch of the space, you [&hellip

  • 3 Tips to Decorate Your Small Bedroom and Make it Look Big

    The unusual hike in property prices across Pakistan has forced people to live in smaller homes. This has also resulted in a new trend of apartments in the country’s metropolitan cities that include Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. If we have a look at the modern and luxurious bedroom design ideas, they all call for a [&hellip

  • How to Check Brick Quality?

    Bricks are the most important part of a structure. If poor quality bricks are used in a building, it can lead to a grave disaster. In this world where pretense sells, it’s necessary for property owners and construction companies in Pakistan to check the quality of bricks prior using them in any construction activity. Here [&hellip

  • Marble Flooring Versus Tile Flooring

    Today, infinite stone like products are widely available in the market and it’s easy to get confused when trying to compare ceramic tiles and marble. To resolve the issue, here AmerAdnan Associates has compared the two materials by sharing their pros and cons. MARBLE FLOORING Advantages 1: Marble flooring is popular for its magnificent, decorative, [&hellip

  • Benefits of Incorporating Limestone in New Construction

    There is nothing more exciting for a property owner than building a new home on their lot. When you are building your new house in a posh locality, suddenly it becomes important that your abode must stand out in the right way. An ideal way to make that happen is by working with an experienced [&hellip

  • How to Ensure Smooth Home Design Process With Your Clients?

    No one knows the agony of a client interfering in the design process than an architect. Phrases like “Move it above the fold” and “Make it look bigger or smaller” have become running jokes among the architecture community. In fact, it’s not unusual for construction companies in Pakistan to lose money on projects owing to [&hellip

  • Did You Know You Can Control Your Home with a Smartphone?

    Most people these days are using their smartphones to make their lives easier, in one way or the other. Some are using them to kill time with some games or fun apps while the others are using them for socializing, booking movie/event tickets, check the latest news or buying/selling just about anything. The list of [&hellip

  • Tips on Choosing the Right Tile for Your Kitchen

    Gone are the days when you used to install just one type of tile in your kitchens. Today, homeowners have the luxury to use many different types of tiles and they all enhance the look of the cooking area. So make sure to choose kitchen tiles astutely. Glossy tiles may not prove a smart choice [&hellip

  • 6 Crucial Tips to Consider When Designing a House

    Taking care of every minute detail is a tough task, especially when you are building a new home. In fact, it can become overwhelming when you want to make everything “just right”. After all, a home is an expression of who you are and what you like. It is why people work closely with the [&hellip

  • The Unrivaled Beauty of Mediterranean Style Homes

    The Mediterranean architectural style is the second most popular home design in Pakistan when it comes to designing new dwellings. The architectural style that has a strong influence of Spanish and Italian architecture is widely appreciated by Pakistani homeowners. The homes built in this unique and timeless styles are usually found in modern localities like [&hellip

  • Professional Versus Amateur Construction Company

    Constructing home doesn’t work for all. It requires a certain level of pre-thought that is hard for some to handle and often leads to hilarious home designs. Like these: People build homes around trees and structures, but this contractor seems to have come up with a better idea; let’s bring in the pole. And this [&hellip

  • SpellBinding Courtyard Designs by AmerAdnan Associates

    Nothing beats the cool breeze blowing through shadowed trees and the sun shining behind them within the place one calls home – a place where you get to spend most of your time. Yet many fail to recognize how darkening central parts of their homes can make their spaces least enjoyable. To let the fresh [&hellip

  • Different Window Frame Materials Explained

    We all know every component of a window is encapsulated within a frame. Choosing frame is based on different factors. A well-crafted frame is quite much dependent on the raw materials used in its making. If you look at homes in Pakistan, you’ll get to see a wide variety of window materials. Some houses have [&hellip

  • Marble vs. Granite Countertops: Which One to Choose?

    The kitchen or bathroom countertops are out of many things that require careful consideration while we install them in our homes. In order to make sure that we choose just the right material for the countertops, it is important to know their differences. Different home construction companies use dissimilar materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops, [&hellip

  • How to Pick a Perfect Floor Plan for Your Dream Home? (Part 2)

    3: Choose Your Land First Many experts suggest to choose the land first and then select a house plan. But, it doesn’t matter when you pick out a land, as long as you know what features you want in your new house, both in the short and long-run. WHY? It will help you narrow down [&hellip

  • How to Pick a Perfect Floor Plan for Your Dream Home? (Part 1)

    For property owners, there is nothing more exciting than a building home on their lot. But it often turns Mission Possible into Mission Impossible when they learn the process entails numerous decisions on amenities and layouts. To make it a hassle-free process, here AmerAdnan Associates has shared five steps that to aid landowners astutely choose [&hellip

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

    Wood flooring has become one of the most coveted amenities in modern home design in Pakistan. The natural feel and warmth underfoot, makes it exquisite and timeless. Unfortunately, original hardwood floors are rarely found in newer homes due to the lower price point. As a result, those who want the natural look of wood often [&hellip

  • The New Trend of Multi-Storey Car Parking in Pakistan

    The ever increasing number of cars on the roads especially in major cities of Pakistan, has caused the traffic congestion to increase greatly. This has resulted in increased number of roadside accidents and has caused many other problems. According to the recent surveys conducted by infrastructure development departments of different provinces of Punjab, the primary [&hellip

  • Benefits of Using Natural Stones in Residences (Part 2)

    2: Sense of Strength Besides low maintenance and hardy nature, the durability of natural stone can also be improved. You can use a high quality impregnating sealer to accomplish the objective. Usually, this type of treatment is used to create a barrier within the stone that aids it to repel water and oil, which reduces [&hellip

  • Benefits of Using Natural Stones in Residences (Part 1)

    From entryway to staircases, backsplashes to kitchen countertops, natural stone can be incorporated in almost every modern home designs in Pakistan. Yet, a lot of people fail to make out what are the benefits of using natural stone in home construction. While the benefits of using natural stones in an abode seem endless, the following [&hellip

  • How to Design Patient-Centered Healthcare Facilities?

    When it comes to architecture design, efforts to transform healthcare centers in Pakistan have seen little support and momentum from both the public and private sectors. As a result, people rarely get to see hospitals that have patient-centered design

  • 4 Cabinet Design Concepts That Make Your Cooking Area Standout

    Cabinetry is a vital component of a kitchen as they are both functional and attunes the style of the cooking space. Today, interior designers in Lahore are using numerous colors, textures, and styles to design kitchens. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common cabinetry styles and how they look in a [&hellip

  • Donald Trump’s Shocking Victory And The Probable Rise of Pakistan’s Construction and Realty Industry

    Many are still in the state of shock while others can’t wrap their head around the fact that Americans have chosen Donald Trump as their next President. But the truth is, it has happened and the business tycoon is now all set to move into the White House. So how this is going to affect [&hellip

  • 5 Chic Wood Ceiling Design Ideas to Consider for Your Home

    Unlike floors, homeowners barely pay attention to the ceilings, leaving them exactly the way they were when the dwelling was built. However, the rising trend of adorning ceilings with wood is now breaking this norm as it boosts the architectural interest in the room and lures the eyes upward to explore the space. But the [&hellip

  • Guide to Finishing a Basement (Part 2)

    Once the skeleton of your basement is finished, your construction company in Pakistan will start to focus on the electricity and plumbing work.    4th Stage: Electricity and Plumbing Work Unless you have an extensive experience, you must hire a professional electrician and plumber to do the electrical and plumbing work in your basement for [&hellip

  • 3 Types of Interior Lighting Explained

    The right amount of lighting changes the whole perception of a room. Placement and execution are two of the most important aspects of interior design. But one should also be aware of the importance of the design’s conjunction with color selection, room size, natural light, and the furniture. More importantly, each feature can be blended [&hellip

  • What Makes Stainless Steel Railings An Ideal Choice For Residential Dwellings?

    Looking back in the past, we could find either wooden railings or iron railings in homes; iron railings have now gone outmoded, though. Wooden railings were and are yet one of the most preferred staircase railings these days. However, the advent of stainless steel railings lately has impacted the sales of wooden railings and they [&hellip

  • AmerAdnan Associates Announces GOLD Sponsorship of 3rd All Punjab Oracle Primavera Workshop

    AmerAdnan Associates has announced that it will be the GOLD sponsor of 3rd All Punjab Oracle Primavera Workshop organized by ICE UET Lahore and AOC. The event will be held on 3rd and 4th of November, 2016 at the Transportation Seminar Hall of the University of Engineering (UET) Lahore between 2:00pm to 6:00pm. AmerAdnan Associates’ [&hellip

  • Guide to Finishing a Basement (Part 1)

    Basement used to serve as a storage space in houses once, but today interior designers in Lahore have transformed it into an inviting area. Now homeowners are using basements as a workplace, kids play area, entertainment room and even bedrooms. Transforming basement into a warm and alluring area may seem like a daunting task but [&hellip

  • Various Stages of New Construction Explained

    Building a home is a fascinating process! When people choose to build a house on their plot, they get to experience things they have never imagined. They have to go through different stages of construction prior seeing their dream house become a reality. Though every builder has defined their own home construction process, but here [&hellip

  • 3 Cost Efficient Ideas to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter in Pakistan

    Winter is just around the corner and many of us are thinking about cost efficient ways of keeping the house warm. Most of the modern houses constructed in Pakistan involves insulation of walls and a lot more to keep homes warm during winters and cold in summers. But those living in older homes are the [&hellip

  • 6 Different Accent Wall Designs That Will Leave You In Awe

    Just because your space has become boring, it doesn’t mean you cannot do things to add some excitement. Creating a bold accent wall is perhaps the best way to reinvigorate a dreary room. Accent walls have a way to transform homeowners’ sense of space, especially when used appropriately. They can instantly lure visitors’ attention towards [&hellip

  • Architectural Wonder: The Badshahi Mosque

    The historical city of Lahore has seen many dynasties and ages but the color of this great city never fades away. Even in this century, the beauty of the holy relic speaks for itself. Lahore preserves rich and magnificent architectural heritage of Mughal era that attracts and enchants the tourists from across the globe. Amidst [&hellip

  • Choosing Wall Colors with Light-Wood Floor

    Out of all the considerations of designing a new space, the choice between the type and finish of a wood can be a huge one. Let’s be honest, the walls and floor are two of the largest parts of the whole room. The colors of both these components should complement each other perfectly. The key [&hellip

  • 3 Principals That Define Home Interior Design

    A home with a professionally decorated interior affects positively on its occupants and this is not all; it also ensures great practicability. Before you get started with the paint job, it’s important to spend a bit of time thinking about the living habits of your family members. One of the best ideas is to look [&hellip

  • How the Real Estate Sector of Pakistan Will Perform in 2016 and Beyond?

    Pakistan’s economy is performing well since Mian Nawaz Sharif took Prime Minister’s office in 2013. A series of positive developments during the course of 2014 and 2015 aided the economy gained the momentum. These include administrative reforms that have significantly reduced political tensions through the distribution of power and creating a more transparent environment for [&hellip

  • This is What You Call an “A Grade” Construction

    When constructing a new house, you certainly want to be sure of its construction quality. Although new materials and latest approach to architecture have remarkably improved the construction process, but it’s still not unusual to find homeowners complaining about workmanship and construction quality. The consistent absence of an adequate real estate watchdog has given builders [&hellip

  • Guide to Home Automation by AmerAdnan Associates

    From computers to medicine, technology advancement has improved nearly every aspect of our life, including home automation. This specific type of technology has gained immense popularity in the west over the past few years and now it is all set to improve homeowners’ lives in Pakistan. What is Home Automation? The idea of home automation [&hellip

  • Crucial Design Elements to Create 21st Century Educational Spaces

    There is an old saying that “Future World is in Children’s Hands”. While it’s true that today’s children will be the leaders of tomorrow, it is our moral obligation to ensure they learn how to do so, beginning from the classroom level. It’s up to school owners to make certain that their educational spaces must [&hellip

  • How to Design Patient-Centered Hospitals?

    When it comes to architecture design, efforts to transform healthcare centers in Pakistan have seen little support and momentum from both the public and private sectors. As a result, people rarely get to see hospitals that have patient-centered design. To address hospital facility issues, it is essential that fundamental changes in culture, healthcare processes and [&hellip

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  • Guide to Home Flooring Options by AmerAdnan Associates

    Choosing home flooring is one of the most crucial decisions of home design. Yet, it doesn’t excite many because it’s not an easy task as it seems. Especially, considering the variety of flooring options available today. What makes the task even more daunting is unlike re-painting, home flooring is costly and cannot be changed frequently. [&hellip

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  • The Luxury Bathroom: A Dream of Every Homeowner

    After a tiring sightseeing tour, when your tourist body met by those extra soft, sumptuous cotton bedding and fluffy pillows in your luxurious hotel, it doesn’t take you long to fall asleep. In the morning, you awake and walk into the spa bathroom. Huh! Those full body jets in the glass screen shower awakens your [&hellip

  • Grand Jamia Masjid Bahria Town Lahore: A Testament of Islamic Architecture

    The Islamic architecture is one of the richest and most philosophical type of the structural design that is inspired from some great civilizations such as Turkish, Arabic, Persian and Central Asian. It incorporates their styles and reflect strong Islamic character. Bahria Town Lahore’s Grand Jamia Masjid is one fine testament of this architecture. The beautiful [&hellip

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