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  • Amain Tech Talk - Episode One: Common Battery Questions Answered

    Hi Guys & Girls, Shane here from Amain. We get a lot of calls daily from people just getting into the hobby & I thought it would be great to start a Tech Talk video feed that is going to cover the basics of the RC Hobby to help you all better select & understand your equipment. I will be starting with batteries today and chargers will be next. If you are looking for a specific video to be made... Performance Sports & Hobbies

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  • The I Love AMain Instagram Giveaway

    The I Love AMain Instagram Giveaway starts now and goes until February 28th. Head over to the AMain Instagram page to sign up! Information page: AMain Instagram page: For all of your RC needs visit A Main Hobbies. Follow us on Instagram: Like A Main Hobbies on Facebook... Performance Sports & Hobbies

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  • The Ultimate Racing Drone?

    The Team Blacksheep QQ190 is a unique Almost Ready to Fly Racing Drone changing the status quo for an out of the box pre-built racing drone! Save time and energy building, and check out the QQ190 below. Team BlackSheep QQ190 ARTF:

  • Traxxas Bigfoot No.1 The Original Monster Truck

    The Truck That Started it All - BIGFOOT is “The Original Monster Truck”. This is the truck that started the monster truck phenomenon and brought car-crushing fun and excitement to fairgrounds and arenas everywhere. Traxxas faithfully captures the spirit and classic look of BIGFOOT No. 1 in amazing detail with this fully licensed replica. Check out the Bigfoot No.1 here: https://www.amainhobbies...

  • CLOSED! The Yokomo YZ-2 Ultimate Giveaway with JConcepts & ProTek R/C

    This giveaway has ended! Thank you to all who entered. You can see the final video of us calling the winner here: ------------------------------ AMain Perfomance Hobbies is giving one lucky winner the popular Yokomo YZ2 of their choice and a slew of ProTek RC products. In addition to this, we’ve teamed up with JConcepts to celebrate Ryan Maifield’s rece...

  • Using your Axial SCX10 II and the Blade Inductrix FPV as a wire puller.

    Using your Axial SCX10 II Crawler and Blade Inductrix FPV Drone as a wire puller. I guess you can use your RC crawlers and drones to make a few bucks. :) Get Axial Wraith Here: Get Inductrix FPV Here: For all of your RC needs visit A Main Hobbies. Like A Main Hobbie...

  • Maclan MMAX Pro 160A ESC & MRR Team Edition Brushless Motors

    The Maclan Racing MMax Pro ESC was developed from the ground up with 18+ months of R&D efforts by the Maclan Racing team with one goal in mind - to be faster than anything else on the market. The MMax Pro is a next generation competition ESC for 1/10 RC car racing, with specific profiles for on road, off road, blinky and modified classes. The MRR Team Edition Motors utilize premium Japanese made ...

  • Ruddog RP540 Sensored Brushless Motors

    The RUDDOG RP540 sensored competition brushless motor series was developed using the latest technology in terms of manufacturing and production of competition grade motors. Weighing in at a lightweight ~170g, the motors are made using highest grade materials including Japan-made steel stator plates and high-temperature 99.9% pure copper wire. Large venting openings improve cooling and provide cons...

  • Is this your next charger?

    The Eachine Gemini 2100 AC/DC Battery Charger is a dual-channel LiPo / NiMH charger that uses a vertical space saving design while providing up to 7 amps and 80 watts of power per channel. Check out the Gemini 2100 Here:

  • Tech Tips - Align TRex 150 RTF Initial Steps

    This video is a quick tutorial on going through the first 3 steps in setting up your Align T-Rex 150 Ready to Fly helicopter before its first flights. T-Rex 150X RTF: F...

  • What's New - Sanwa MT-44 FH4T 2.4GHz Transmitter Radio System

    The MT-44 is the next development for Sanwa offering impressive features in a lightweight and compact transmitter. Most notably, the MT-44 is the first to use low voltage technology as it's power source, using only three "AAA" batteries for power, or an optional 1S LiPo battery. This advancement not only helps reduce overall transmitter weight, but it also helps free up size, space and comfort req...

  • Simple Upgrades for your Traxxas R/C Vehicle

    Did you have a new Traxxas vehicle you're looking to upgrade? Watch this video and see a few simple ideas to enhance the performance and durability of you Traxxas platform. Ideas to start with: -Upgrade tires to match your driving environment. -Upgrade to a LiPo battery pack instead of NiMH. -Upgrade brushed electronics to Brushless. -Upgrade plastics to more durable RPM options. Links to ...

  • What's New - Team Blacksheep RaceTracker & X-Racer Drone

    Check out these new products for the week - now available at AMain Performance Hobbies. Team Blacksheep RaceTracker: Team Blacksheep X-Racer:

  • Coming Soon! ProTek R/C LS-5 .21 Nitro Buggy Engine

    The ProTek R/C LS-5 is a 5-port, long stroke .21 nitro engine perfect for buggy and great for truck. It features everything you’d expect like a heat-resistant carburetor, turbo plug, large cooling head and explosive power; all at a price point that blows away the competition. When you need unbelievable torque and gallon after gallon reliability, head on over to and pick up the LS-...

  • Calling the winner of the Yokomo YZ-2 Ultimate Giveaway

    Congratulations to Manoj for winning the Yokomo YZ-2 Ultimate Giveaway! Watch the video to see how it plays out. A big thank you to all participants who entered the giveaway. Although not everyone can win, we're be providing all entries a little extra something, something. Stay tuned and keep an eye on your email inbox. Thank you. For all of your RC needs visit A Main Hobbies.

  • Arrowmax Black Golden Metric Hex Driver Set

    Available as single drivers, or a multi-piece set, these Arrowmax drivers feature an eye-catching hollow honeycomb handle design with a rich black and gold color finish. Hard coated 100mm long tips and a bottom cover provide a more comfortable, controllable and lighter feeling. Check out the 4-piece set here:

  • Yokomo YZ-2 Buggy Accessories & Option Parts

    With so many accessories and option parts available for the YZ-2, we take a look at a few essentials perfect for anyone interested in this awesome 2WD electric race buggy. Carpet Edition Parts: D...

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