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  • How Top Tech Trends will affect your livelihood

    Long Beach, CA - If you have not attended Adaptive Business Leaders annual presentation “Top Tech Trends” you should plan on it next January. This year was another stupendously insightful presentation on what we should expect from technology in the future and how it will impact our work and businesses. Here are a few choice highlights we need to prepare for:·         50% of manufacturing jobs will...

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  • Bad Backup, bad bankruptcy

    Orange County, CA - Always make sure your backups are in good working order. Here is a story of a company reports to be out of business because they lost 300 GB if their IP and company operations history - melts down after wrong directory deleted, backups fail. The story mentions outgrew the cloud and that is why this happened. No, they simply had bad backups and they d...

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  • New Year's Resolutions for IT 2017

    Now that you have settled into the New Year it is time to focus on you New Year resolutions for IT or you risk a bad year. It is February 1, 2017 and you now have all the year-end closing of the books, inventory, etc. behind you. Now that your head is cleared up it is time to get more focused on IT. This blog is a compilation of ideas from Team Alvaka Networks: 1.       Roger Nixon said, Keep...

  • What is CEO fraud?

    Irvine, CA - CEO fraud is a phishing scam in which cybercriminals spoof company email accountsand impersonate executives to try and fool an employee in accounting or HR into executing unauthorized wire transfers, or sending out confidential tax information. The FBI calls this type of scam "Business Email Compromise" and defines BEC as “a sophisticated scam targeting businesses working with fo...

  • Auto-fill Phishing Attack - This is scary. You better turn off your browser's auto-fill feature.

    There is interesting breaking news from web developer and hacker Viljami Kuosmanen as reported in The Guardian - Browser autofill used to steal personal details in new phishing attack. “The phising attack is brutally simple… when a user fills in information in some simple text boxes, such as name and email address, the autofill system, which is intended to avoid tedious repetition of standard...

  • DFARS pre-assessment questionnaire

    Los Angeles, CA - Tonight I am reviewing our new DFARS Pre-Assessment Questionnaire that has just been updated for 2017. It is a very compact 30 questions in a four page document. It of course is not a full DFARS assessment, but it is step one of your process you must do before anything else on your DFARS compliance journey. DFARS is the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. It i...

  • What are your unexpected risks from the Yahoo billion account breach?

    The big cyber-security news today is the billion account breach at Yahoo!  Some experts are recommending the immediate closing of your Yahoo! account. I am not fully on board with that recommendation. If you have highly sensitive information in your Yahoo! account then I agree. If the account is used for some club activities or e-mail in, etc. then at minimum you need to chang...

  • I'm a security monitor

    Irvine, CA - I have become somewhat enamored by the LifeLock commercial titled, “Fix it.” In that commercial, bank robbers come storming into a bank breaking a display and yelling, “Everybody on the floor.” As everyone hits the floor a man in a security uniform remains standing and one of the customers whispers, “Do something!” He replies, “Oh, I’m not a security guard. I’m a security monitor...

  • Here is the reason your antivirus isn't working anymore

    Irvine, CA - Even the biggest of the antivirus software vendors are beginning to give up the fight against malware. The traditional ways of fighting just don’t work anymore. It is too reactive and labor intensive… not to mention just inherently flawed at this point. If you have been to our lunch and learns the past couple of years you know that at Alvaka Networks we down-play significantly th...

  • Kevin McDonald's FACETStv interview with Dr. Anthony Chang of CHOC Hospital

    Orange, CA - I have been attending monthly MI3 meetings at CHOC Hospital in Orange County, CA. MI3 is the Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute. If you are in healthcare or interested in innovation these meetings on the third Monday of the month from 4 to 6 p.m. are worth attending. In this video Kevin McDonald interviews Dr. Anthony Chang, the Chief Intelligence and Innovation Offic...

  • New statistics on ransomware

    Chicago, IL - I sat in on a cybersecurity presentation by anti-virus/malware vendor Webroot. If you have not checked it out it is a good product that represents the next generation of protection in my opinion. The slide deck had a few interesting graphic factoids I thought I would share.

  • Here is a list of available ransomware decryption tools

    If you have just gotten ransomware, check out this new webpage with a list of new ransomware Decryption Tools. Not all ransomware can be decrypted, but if you find you have: 1.       WildFire Decryptor 2.       Chimera Decryptor 3.       Teslacrypt Decryptor 4.       Shade Decryptor 5.       CoinVault Decryptor 6.       Rannoh Decryptor 7.       Rakhni Decryptor

  • Crazy, arcane and nearly impossible to understand Microsoft licensing rules

    Orange County, CA - I was talking to a client today. He is the IT director for a mid-size international manufacturer of manufacturing equipment. He is upgrading a bunch of his Windows Server operating systems. Some are physical, most are virtual. He was talking to a Microsoft licensing expert at one of the specialty Microsoft Large Account Resellers that do this sort of work. Even the licensing ex...

  • Alvaka is growing - T minus 1 day

    Irvine, CA – We are in the office and set-up for operations at 7 AM tomorrow morning. We start the day off with a staff meeting bright and early. I was in my office this morning and I got my PC set-up and running, printing, etc. At lunch I decided to kick my feet up on the desk and watch this unusual view I have all day long. T minus 1 day to moving-in.  Click Here for the Pictures The move...

  • Alvaka Networks is growing - T minus 2 days

    Irvine, CA – The movers finished delivering all our personal property from the old building. I got my basic office functions set-up tonight and my most important personal items put away. There are still some boxes to unpack and pictures to hang. Some others have done the same. Some offices are still dumping zones and in complete disarray. Most of that will get organized for tomorrow. There is...

  • Alvaka Networks is growing - T minus 3 days to moving-in

    Irvine, CA – The move-in process is going well. It sure is nice being the largest tenant in the building. We get the signage. The movers are moving the furniture it late into the night. They are busting their butts. The same for the Alvaka engineers. They have all the technology moved over and the cut-over was successful. Last night was Roger’s birthday and Teresa took time out for us all to ...

  • Alvaka Networks is growing and moving into new Irvine offices - T minus 4 days

    Irvine, CA – We are almost completely packed up. The old offices are decimated. Some don’t have a place to work right now. At 2 PM we shut down completely, except for the 24x7 NOC. That team has a whole special plan of their own. That cut-over will only take about five minutes. The movers are here getting ready to load the truck. There are furious last minute finishing touches going on at the...

  • Alvaka Networks is growing and moving into new Irvine offices - T minus 5 days

    Irvine, CA – We are now packing furiously. I must say I am a little sad to be moving from the old office. I really liked it here, but the new place will feel like home in no time. Everyone is excited to be in the new larger quarters. We had our little eateries down the street from the old office. The new place has even more new options for us. Plus we get a farmers market on Thursday to buy f...

  • Alvaka Networks is growing and moving into new Irvine offices - T minus 6 days

    Irvine, CA – Construction is going fast. The flooring is already going in. We are located just adjacent to the 405 Freeway between the MacArthur Blvd. and Bristol Street exits. You can see the building as you drive by, but regretfully we don’t have freeway signage. We are one mile west on Main Street from our colocation facility. Flying out of John Wayne Airport will be easy for us. We only n...

  • Alvaka Networks is growing and moving into larger new Irvine offices

    Irvine, CA - We are not going too far. We are only moving about two miles. We are now adjacent to the overflow/long-term parking for the John Wayne/SNA Airport. We are at the corner of Main Street and Redhill at 2 Executive Circle in Irvine. Everyone at Alvaka is really excited to be moving into our new larger headquarters. Here are a few pictures of the new space after demolition and before...

  • A three bullet summary of your current e-mail threats

    Proofpoint Threat Operations and Research recently published their quarterly threat report for July - September 2016, which includes key findings such as:  * Volume of malicious emails rose to their highest levels ever New campaigns bearing varied attachment types broke volume records set in Q2, peaking at hundreds of millions of messages per day. JavaScript attachments co...

  • Beware of this new domain name and SEO registration scam

    Orange County, CA - I want to thank Alvaka network engineer Alex Estevez for bringing the e-mail below to my attention. One of his clients got this bogus message from GoDaddy. The scams on the internet know no ends for creativity and treachery. This message looks so authentic and it can be so easy to go ahead and pay for a scam renewal and give up your domain login credentials too. Once you ...

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  • Cracking your passwords just got faster and easier than ever, here's how....

    Orange County, CA – I just read about a new product announcement, New version of L0phtCrack makes cracking Windows passwords easier than ever. At Alvaka we used to do a hacking demo during a lunch and learn. Rex Frank would usually do the demo by doing a SQL Injection attack and bumping out to the command prompt. From there he would download the SAM (Security Access Manager) file and then use...

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