AlphaPet Veterinary Clinics

AlphaPet Veterinary Clinics

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  • Pets are a child’s best friend rather than their siblings

    According to a recent study from the University of Cambridge, children get more satisfaction from relationships with their pets than they do from their brothers or sisters. They also appear to get on even better with their animal companions than with their siblings. Although pets are almost as common as siblings in the UK, there […]

AlphaPet Veterinary Clinics

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  • Practice Manager Vacancy!

    We have an exciting vacancy at AlphaPet! Sarah Eglen RVN, our practice manager of over 20 years is very sadly retiring in March, so we are looking for an exceptional person to replace her. If you have management experience and are looking for an exciting new challenge within an animal-centred environment, please head on over […]

  • Avian Flu: Advice for backyard poultry keepers

    With all the recent and ongoing outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), or Avian Flu for short, backyard poultry keepers are having to continue to take measures to prevent their birds being infected. It is likely that Avian Flu is present in birds in this area already, although there have been no confirmed outbreaks in […]

  • Why has AlphaPet become a Veterinary Hospital?

    In August 2016 AlphaPet became the only RCVS Accredited Small Animal Veterinary Hospital in the Bognor Regis and Chichester areas. To achieve this status, we have had to invest very significantly in both our staff and our facilities. But why should we do this? Surely if you’re a “Vets” then you’re a “Vets”? …. We’re […]

  • Is my cat stressed and what can I do to help?

      Cats can be affected by stress, which can lead to both behavioural and health problems. It's not always obvious that they are feeling stressed or why they might be feeling like this. Why is my cat stressed? Cats are all individuals and so this will vary from cat to cat, however the majority are […]

  • Christmas & New Year Opening

    Bognor Regis Hospital: 01243 842832 AlphaPet Chichester (Kingley) 01243 528899 AlphaPet Chichester (Birdham) 01243 513514 Our Christmas and New Year services are as follows: Christmas Eve: Bognor Regis West Meads Hospital: 8.30am to 4pm Christmas Day & Boxing Day: CLOSED: 24/7 Emergency Service at Bognor Regis West Meads Hospital Tuesday 27th December: Sunday hours surgeries […]

  • Xylitol – a hidden risk

    This is Buster,  a 10 year old  miniature Schnauzer who recently had a near miss after he managed   to  get hold of a small bar of chocolate from his mum's bag. Now we all know that chocolate can be toxic to dogs, but that wasn't the worst of it. This particular bar of chocolate […]

  • Staff News

    The last few months have seen quite a few changes at AlphaPet and we are please to welcome some additional staff. Vet, Alex Avery, sadly returned to New Zealand in October, and vet Nicky Bird has left us temporarily on maternity leave. But .... Three new vets We are very pleased to welcome 3 new […]

  • Unnecessary suffering

    Did you know: Anyone owning or taking on a new pet (whether that be a dog, a cat, a rabbit or even a bird or reptile), has a duty, under the law to ensure they take steps to make sure they know how to look after that pet and ensure that they don't cause unnecessary […]

  • AlphaPet Pet Health Club

    Ask us about the AlphaPet Pet Health Club It could save you £££££s!

  • Seasonal awareness

    Christmas is a time of increased risk for our pets. We usually see a higher incidence of foreign body ingestion in both dogs and cats. Turkey bones, bits of childrens toys, pieces of tinsel, and small balls are commonly swallowed and frequently end up having to be removed surgically. Additionally, toxic food items such as […]

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