Alltek Services, Inc.

Alltek Services, Inc.

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  • Internet of Things-Networked Medical Devices a Looming Compliance Liability

    It’s a fast-rising problem that could prove to be a further compliance nightmare for already besieged healthcare facilities: Internet of Things-networked medical devices which, if not data-encrypted, could easily be hacked and data-dumped by exploitative cybercriminals. According to a January 2016 Gartner Report, by 2020 there will be 26 billion devices connected to the Internet […]

  • Yahoo Data Theft Good Reason to Regularly Change Passwords

    In case you needed another reason for regularly changing your passwords, the recently-uncovered Yahoo hack of 500 million accounts is probably the reason of the decade so far. The hack and subsequent data theft involving half a billion Yahoo accounts is the largest of its kind – ever. Granted, it is Yahoo, where most people […]

  • 90% of PC Users Ignore Important Security Warnings

    It seems that 9 out of 10 PC users fail to heed important security warnings, opting instead to ignore needed updates and put their PCs at potential risk of some type of cyber threat, according to a recent study. Some have good excuses for doing so, like being busy at work, but that is precisely […]

  • Lunch and Learn: Tinsley Creative

    Donovan Tinsley, Principal at Tinsley Creative, begins the lunch with a question: “Who here does marketing at their business?” Every hand in the room was raised confidently into the air. “And who here believes that they do it well?” The hands that were confidently thrust into the air now rest at their owner’s side. Mark […]

  • Have You Heard of Unsupported Elbow Syndrome?

    Leading Edge has discovered a pattern of dysfunction that can be commonly found in patients working at a desk or driving a car. People with Unsupported Elbow Syndrome typically have many of the following issues: Overweight, Poor Posture, Stiff Neck, Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Shoulder Pain. As the therapists at Leading Edge have said, […]

Alltek Services, Inc.

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  • Best Ways to Avoid and Remove Scareware

    One of the methods black hat Internet marketers and hackers have of “tricking you into clicking” on their shady ads or pop-ups is scareware. It actually first cropped-up almost ten years ago, but more sophisticated scareware is making the rounds on the ‘Net, threatening computer networks that are outfitted with the best antivirus and malware […]

  • Alltek Services Peak Performance Conference Recap

    Technology is changing rapidly. As IT professionals, we are responsible for staying ahead of the curve so that our clients are always safe. Just keeping up means falling behind in this business. Tom Bowles, CEO of Alltek Services, participates in continual learning to protect his clients and keep his staff updated on the ever-changing technical […]

  • Network Monitoring & Network Efficiency

    Network monitoring and its role in network efficiency. One can tell how well a network monitoring system operates by simply investigating how mature the monitoring program is. This can be discovered when looking at the single pane of glass view, as an immature system’s method of performance tracking is nearly impossible to see. As immature […]

Alltek Services, Inc.

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  • Exchange Sync App Now Available in Android with Gmail Add-On

    The announcement about the Android Gmail app add-on that expands the Exchange Active Sync features came last spring, but is worth reiterating: You can download the Gmail app in Galaxy Nexus and Motorola phones running Android and implement Exchange Sync via Google Play, which gives you many more (work-oriented) Gmail features right at your mobile […]

  • The Healthcare Industry is Falling Behind on Data Protection

    The results of a recent Vanson Bourne Global Data Protection Index study may shock some in the healthcare industry: Only 10 percent of organizations doing business on the Web are “ahead of the curve” on data maturity and security readiness, according to the report’s criteria. Indeed, online safety and security is everyone’s concern these days, […]

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