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  • The Unexpected Security Risk Posed by Connected Cars

    Businesses who utilize connected cars as part of their everyday operations need to educate themselves about the risks to their information and their employees from cyber criminals targeting automobiles. Modern cars are becoming increasingly connected to the world around them; today, many models come equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, OBD-II, USB, 4G and a variety of […]

  • Alltek’s Own Taher Hamid Talks Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning With Digital Guardian

    A recent article on Digital Guardian assembled a panel of 33 cyber security experts to discuss a growing concern for businesses of all sizes; the need for reliable cyber security incident response planning. The rise in cybercrime incidents in recent years has highlighted the need for smart and careful planning to avoid lasting damage and […]

  • Wisdom Wednesday: The Importance of Training Your Employees to Spot Spoofed Emails

    The number of security issues and malware risks that your company must contend with continues to grow every year, but one of the most potentially devastating threats that your business faces is surprisingly low-tech in nature. Spoofed emails don’t rely on complex ransomware or sophisticated keystroke loggers. Instead, your company’s bank account and sensitive information […]

  • Safeguard Data: Protect Your Customers From Ransomware

    The increase in ransomware attacks has led many cybersecurity experts to enhance digital defenses to safeguard customer data. Global losses from ransomware attacks have cost organizations and consumers hundreds of millions of dollars. In fact, since 2013 the dangerous cyber threat has continued to rise in popularity amongst hackers. Currently, the average ransom demanded by […]

  • MS Skype for Business Matures – So, How’s It Doing?

    Introduced in mid-2015, Skype for Business is closing in on its 2nd anniversary. How well has it grown? In 2011, Microsoft (MS) bought Skype for more than $8 billion. It was a free service for video chatting designed for non-business users, and MS continues to offer the free version of Skype for home users. At […]

  • Compromised Cops: The Risk Of Poor Police Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity is essential to protect police departments from shutdowns, distractions, data theft, and a variety of other serious threats Police officers must prepare themselves for all threats, and in today’s environment, those are as likely to be viruses and hackers as bullets and armed robbers. Cyber security is crucial for police departments to do their […]

  • Spam And Adware Are Making A Major Comeback

    The massive surge in cybercrime incidents in 2016 has a few old favorites to thank for their statistics. Both spam and adware – two threats that have seemed all but gone since 2010 – are back with a vengeance, with nearly triple the number of incidents recorded in 2016 compared to numbers from the previous […]

  • Hackable Employees

    Hackable employees are the weak links in your company’s computer and software security. Learn how your organization can defend itself better against hackers. The safety and security of your company’s intellectual property and the confidential data that you routinely collect, store and use may not be as robust as you think. As the owner or […]

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  • AI Activation: How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Drivers And Dealerships

    Artificial intelligence is no longer the stuff of science fiction; it’s quite real, and is actively transforming our lives! Cars are AI’s next frontier, where it will give dealerships and drivers both opportunities and challenges, including: Customer Communications Thanks to the development of chatbots and other interactive technologies, dealerships’ computer systems can communicate with their […]

  • Alltek Services Partners with the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce to Talk Cybersecurity!

    Last month, Alltek Services partnered with the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce to provide an insightful lunch on Cybersecurity. Our guest speaker was Supervisory Special Agent Paul Vitchock, the head of the Tampa Cyber division. Mr. Vitchock discussed the constantly evolving environment of cybercrime. He shared many insights, some of which were quite alarming. Such as […]

  • Skype Integration With Office 365: What You Need to Know

    Discover the differences between Skype for consumers and Skype for business, including the numerous useful features of Skype business integration with Office 365. These days, many consumers and business owners alike utilize Skype as a platform for communicating across the globe. However, if you’re a business owner who hasn’t yet explore the possibility of switching […]

  • Alltek – Because Your Healthcare IT Services Need to Assure Compliance Readiness and Performance Optimization

    Are you confident you can pass an HIPAA audit? We understand your complex and demanding healthcare IT support needs, and have all the provisions at hand to help you meet them. Our healthcare IT services manage your network so you can focus on patient care. In short, we allow our medical facility clients to enjoy […]

Alltek Services, Inc.

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  • Emerging Ransomware Threats

    Ransomware is increasing its rate of attacks in both 2015 and 2016. The FBI has issued warnings to protect data and computers against cyber attacks. Discover what is new in emerging ransomware and why the onus is still on you. Ransomware’s emerging threats are not only dangerous, but they are also oddly baffling too. How […]

  • The Silent Attacker

    Four Cyber Security Threats You May Not Be Aware Of. Your cyber security isn’t just impacted by viruses, learn how to look out for these vulnerable points to keep you and your business safe.   Almost everyone is aware of the perils of computer viruses. An entire industry exists to combat the problem with anti-virus […]

  • Weekly Tech Tip: Create a mobile device action plan

    Mobile devices can create significant security and management challenges, especially if they hold confidential information or can access the corporate network. Require users to password protect their devices, encrypt their data, and install security apps to prevent criminals from stealing information while the phone is on public networks. Be sure to set reporting procedures for […]

  • Using Skype? There’s a difference!

    Need a cost effective way to conduct meetings and stay in touch with employees or colleagues in different locations? Consider using Skype, which has options for businesses of every size. Try it today. As a business owner, you may have partners or employees traveling, or located in different areas. Skype is a useful tool that […]

  • Evaluating Your Security Needs

    Do you have a viable security program in place for your business? As technology continues to dominate the way businesses operate, it is not only essential but can make the difference between success or failure. Here’s what you need to know. As technology continues to mandate how businesses operate and protect their assets, having a […]

  • 6 Signs It’s Time for Your Business to Upgrade From That Free Email Solution

    A hosted email solution brings enhanced customization, security, storage, data control, productivity, and more. Here are 6 signs it’s time to upgrade. New businesses looking to save money while in startup mode often use free email services. This is fine when an enterprise is just getting off the ground. However, there comes a time when […]

  • Weekly Tech Tip: Control physical access to computers and network components

    Prevent access or use of business computers by unauthorized individuals. Laptops can be particularly easy targets for theft or can be lost, so lock them up when unattended. Make sure a separate user account is created for each employee and require strong passwords. Administrative privileges should only be given to trusted IT staff and key […]

  • Learn about the latest in Cybersecurity at our Lunch and Learn

    With the alarming increase in ransomware, malware, and breaches in recent years, cyber security has become more important than ever for businesses and individuals. While firewalls, spam filters, and data backup will greatly reduce the chance of a cyber-attack, a business still has to foster a culture that is knowledgeable of vulnerabilities and potential threats. […]

  • Just what can Skype do for your business?

    Are you looking for a cheap, time saving and efficient way to hold a meeting? Look for no other software other than Skype. It is easy to use, cheap, time saving and can help you reach so many people at the same time among other benefits. In the past, any business meetings involved people meeting […]

  • Healthcare Cyberattack Report: The 10 Worst Data Breaches of 2016

    Data breaches are a constant threat in healthcare. Here are ten of the biggest breaches reported last year. Data breaches are a constant threat in healthcare. Even the possibility of a leak of personal health information requires action. The organization responsible has to report the breach to the Office of Civil Rights and notify the […]

  • The Young Ones: Leveraging Millennial Talent With Technology

    Proper management and incorporation of the latest digital services can keep your business running competitively Staying on top of the business game is becoming increasingly more challenging in a world where more and more millennials are entering the workforce. Millennials, those who became young adults around the year 2000 at the dawn of the digital […]

  • Weekly Tech Tip: Make backup copies of important business data and information

    Regularly backup the data on all computers. Critical data includes word processing documents, electronic spreadsheets, databases, financial files, human resources files, and accounts receivable/payable files. Backup data automatically if possible, or at least weekly, and store the copies either offsite or on the cloud.

  • The Benefits of Managed Services

    Managed services for IT are becoming more and more popular but is it something you can benefit from as a company. There are many companies today that have already made the switch from calling for IT help when needed to managed services for IT. There are many benefits associated with this move that you may […]

  • 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Email Complies With HIPAA

    Keeping your emails compliant with HIPAA regulations can be challenging, but it is essential if you want to avoid a hefty fine. If you work in the healthcare sector, all of your online communications are governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This ordinance was put in place to help safeguard patients’ […]

  • Tips to Get Organized During Get Organized Month

    January is the month to get organized. In fact, it is Get Organized Month. Your business should not be excluded from this and we want to help you organize your IT. After the holidays are over, it is time to focus again on work and get back into the swing of things. Most people find […]

  • Why Did The Peachtree Orthopedics Breach Occur?

    In September 2016 Peachtree Orthopedics announced that it had suffered a massive data breach. According to a December 2016 WSB-TV Investigative Report, the cyberattack on Peachtree Orthopedics put approximately 531,000 people at risk of identity theft. The number of stolen medical records makes this the largest medical data hack in Georgia during 2016. In fact, […]

  • Happy New Year Everyone!

    Wow, 2016 is done already!  Where did the time go?  We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone as safe and happy new year this weekend.  See you all in 2017.

  • All You Need to Know About the New Relationship Between Office 365 and Skype for Business

    There are many different business tools you can use within Microsoft Office 365 and the latest one that has been integrate is Skype for Business. The tool has been able to be utilized by businesses for many years as a stand alone tool but now it can be part of your current Office 365 infrastructure. […]

  • Wisdom Wednesday: Twelve Shortcuts Saving Maximum Time Using Microsoft Outlook

    The latest version of Microsoft Outlook is designed to be a personal information manager, not just email. Learn the shortcut tricks and a user can become a power communicator very quickly.   While many wish there might be another choice, it is unlikely that Microsoft Outlook as a user interface is going to go away […]

  • HIPAA Just Uncovered How Necessary BAAs Are

    HIPAA is about to become much more strict in phase two and it is proving just how important BAAs are. If you work within the healthcare field, you already know how important HIPAA can be. It is not just something you must abide by according to law, but it is also something that you should […]

  • Wisdom Wednesday: Sifting Through Spam: Understanding The Dangers Of Junk Mail

    Every day, businesses and individuals send over 205 billion emails all over the world. Though many of these messages contain valuable information, a large portion of them are spam. Receiving or sending spam exposes your business to a variety of risks, including: Ruined Reputations Many firms are unaware that their email accounts have been compromised, […]

  • How the Right Healthcare IT Services Can Save You From a Compliance Audit Disaster

    In today’s IT-intensive healthcare environment, even the smallest issue in a mission-critical system can pull you away from your primary focus, which is fulfilling your promise to your patients and clients. Having the right healthcare IT services in place via the right IT company saves you from potential disaster on multiple fronts. Maintaining uptime is the […]

  • Why Phone Security is Important for Parents of Young Children

    Your phone or tablet might not be as secure as you think from your young children’s attempts to make unauthorized purchases. Stories of young children racking up huge bills by going on their parent’s phone or tablet and spending real money on in-game items and currency make headlines all the time. Because of this, many […]

  • Weekly Tech Tip: Protect all pages on your public-facing websites, not just the checkout and sign-up pages
  • How Skype Can Save Your Business: What Benefits Of This VoIP Can Change The Way The World Works

    These four elements of Skype For Business can make your work life better. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and unified communications and collaboration (UCC) has changed the way much of the world works, in making communication cheaper, more instantaneous and increasingly collaborative. Its impact is only growing, according to recent research, 60 percent of information […]

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  • Internet of Things-Networked Medical Devices a Looming Compliance Liability

    It’s a fast-rising problem that could prove to be a further compliance nightmare for already besieged healthcare facilities: Internet of Things-networked medical devices which, if not data-encrypted, could easily be hacked and data-dumped by exploitative cybercriminals. According to a January 2016 Gartner Report, by 2020 there will be 26 billion devices connected to the Internet […]

  • Yahoo Data Theft Good Reason to Regularly Change Passwords

    In case you needed another reason for regularly changing your passwords, the recently-uncovered Yahoo hack of 500 million accounts is probably the reason of the decade so far. The hack and subsequent data theft involving half a billion Yahoo accounts is the largest of its kind – ever. Granted, it is Yahoo, where most people […]

  • 90% of PC Users Ignore Important Security Warnings

    It seems that 9 out of 10 PC users fail to heed important security warnings, opting instead to ignore needed updates and put their PCs at potential risk of some type of cyber threat, according to a recent study. Some have good excuses for doing so, like being busy at work, but that is precisely […]

  • Lunch and Learn: Tinsley Creative

    Donovan Tinsley, Principal at Tinsley Creative, begins the lunch with a question: “Who here does marketing at their business?” Every hand in the room was raised confidently into the air. “And who here believes that they do it well?” The hands that were confidently thrust into the air now rest at their owner’s side. Mark […]

  • Have You Heard of Unsupported Elbow Syndrome?

    Leading Edge has discovered a pattern of dysfunction that can be commonly found in patients working at a desk or driving a car. People with Unsupported Elbow Syndrome typically have many of the following issues: Overweight, Poor Posture, Stiff Neck, Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Shoulder Pain. As the therapists at Leading Edge have said, […]

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  • Best Ways to Avoid and Remove Scareware

    One of the methods black hat Internet marketers and hackers have of “tricking you into clicking” on their shady ads or pop-ups is scareware. It actually first cropped-up almost ten years ago, but more sophisticated scareware is making the rounds on the ‘Net, threatening computer networks that are outfitted with the best antivirus and malware […]

  • Alltek Services Peak Performance Conference Recap

    Technology is changing rapidly. As IT professionals, we are responsible for staying ahead of the curve so that our clients are always safe. Just keeping up means falling behind in this business. Tom Bowles, CEO of Alltek Services, participates in continual learning to protect his clients and keep his staff updated on the ever-changing technical […]

  • Network Monitoring & Network Efficiency

    Network monitoring and its role in network efficiency. One can tell how well a network monitoring system operates by simply investigating how mature the monitoring program is. This can be discovered when looking at the single pane of glass view, as an immature system’s method of performance tracking is nearly impossible to see. As immature […]

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  • Exchange Sync App Now Available in Android with Gmail Add-On

    The announcement about the Android Gmail app add-on that expands the Exchange Active Sync features came last spring, but is worth reiterating: You can download the Gmail app in Galaxy Nexus and Motorola phones running Android and implement Exchange Sync via Google Play, which gives you many more (work-oriented) Gmail features right at your mobile […]

  • The Healthcare Industry is Falling Behind on Data Protection

    The results of a recent Vanson Bourne Global Data Protection Index study may shock some in the healthcare industry: Only 10 percent of organizations doing business on the Web are “ahead of the curve” on data maturity and security readiness, according to the report’s criteria. Indeed, online safety and security is everyone’s concern these days, […]

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