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  • How Americans View Haiti

    I think I have mentioned that when things get a little stressful down here, blogging helps me to work through the stress a little bit, so here comes another one.  As you may know, we are leaving next week to spend 2 months fundraising and working on the organizational side of All Things New. Getting […]

  • Rain in Haiti

    Have you ever taken the time to really sit and think about how rain changes things? I remember, when I was little, the worst possible thing that could happen in the summer was rain. If it ever rained, everything was ruined. Chances were, on any given day, we were either going to the pool, going […]

  • 10 Ways Americans are Treated in Haiti

    I am writing this blog with a very general topic but it will actually be very specific because I cannot truly speak for all Americans who live here in Haiti, only for myself.  I do, however, believe that at least a few of these will probably resonate for every American who has spent an extended […]

All Things New

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  • The Facebook Phenomenon

    I want to start off this blog with a little honesty. While we (Jess and I) are in Haiti, Facebook has become a lifeline to America for us. We cannot keep up with every one of our friends and it is very difficult to talk with people, so a lot of times we get on […]

  • Raising Teenagers

    Today I’m going to talk about some of the unique challenges of raising 12 teenagers together. In writing this blog, I am not going to give any pointers, I do not consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination, and the real truth is that I have never attempted to raise teenagers in […]

All Things New

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  • School Books, Faith, and the Love of a Parent

    Many of you know the kids started school last Monday. If you kept up with any of our blogs this time last year, you know that getting the kids all ready for school is no small thing (click here to read about it). There is specific fabric to be bought for each uniform, a seamstress […]

  • The Real Life of a Missionary

    I have been reflecting on our life here since we have been back in Haiti, and I wanted to share some thoughts that I’ve had about being a missionary in Haiti. To some people, moving to Haiti was brave and there is an almost romanticized view of what being a missionary is. To others, moving […]

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