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  • How do the Best Free WordPress Themes by AitThemes work

    We have prepared a free version of all our premium or directory themes for each one of our customers. Thanks to this you can try any theme prior subscribing to Full Membership. What can the free themes be used for? Trial version for testing purposes The theme trial version can be used for testing of […]

  • Latest updates bring significant speed increase for the directory themes

    Some owners and users of directory websites have noticed occasional problems with the speed of the theme, especially slow loading of items. This issue occurred on those websites that contained a very large amount of items (from 5,000 to 10,000 and more), while the listing portals with a smaller amount of items weren’t affected when […]

  • How to avoid unwanted spam via registration form? Use Captcha

    Using captcha on the registration page is quite common practice. This tool can prevent from spam and fictitious registrations performed by bots, as it requires user to type in certain characters in the relevant field. There are several types of captcha – one is a combination of letters and numbers, another one is image captcha […]

  • How to show or hide Breadcrumbs on your Directory website

    Breadcrumbs are used for better navigation on the website as they show its hierarchical structure (parent pages of the current page), therefore thanks to breadcrumbs, user always knows where he currently stands. Basic settings in Theme Options In Theme Options -> Breadcrumbs you can set the Separator that will separate individual pages (links) in the […]

  • Addition of Google Analytics Tracking ID

    It is very important for every owner of the business or Directory website to gain data about its visitors, their activity on the website or the (un)realized purchases. One of the most common softwares for user tracking is Google Analytics. First step required for service activation is to generate unique Tracking ID code via your […]

  • Time-saving tricks in Theme Options – setup of Favicon and Logo in few seconds

    In one of our previous articles we focused on providing information on the various parameters that can be configured within the basic settings of Directory themes. Now we are going to show you several tricks in Theme Options that will help you to set up complicated things in a simple way . Work with Directory […]

  • Payments setup in Theme Options

    Payments can be set up in Theme Options -> Payments. The primary payment method is Bank Transfer. This means that once user completes the registration for a particular package, administrator receives email notification. Admin then creates pro forma invoice for the user. Following the payment, administrator manually changes the user role from Subscriber to the […]

  • Basic settings for directory themes: How to work with Theme Options

    Theme Options are the key tool for directory website owner (administrator) providing the place for definition of basic and advanced parameters which are to be included on the website. Other functionalities like plugins, catalogue items, packages etc. all depend on the parameters set up in Theme Options. What can be set up in Theme Options […]

  • Logo & WordPress website – how to create & add it to your site

    There’s a logo on (almost) every website. It hugely contributes to website’s look, first impression your visitors get when they open the site and it certainly is a branding thing. Well designed logo helps you send the right message about your company to your potential customers and increases recognition of your brand. This is the […]

  • How to use Packages to earn you $$$ from directory listings

    How to get data on website? The main task of directory website is to merge the same type of information in one place. Yet the actual items in the online catalog can be different. This may be a company, gastro operations, doctors, dentists, nonprofit organisations, sports clubs and the like. The volume of such information is crucial for […]


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  • Introducing new unlimited membership packages

    There’s beauty in simplicity It can be tough to decide which theme to use for the new website. Wide range of themes, different functionalities and display options. To make it easier for you to make the right decision, we’ve rearranged our products into new packages. All products are now split into 2 main groups: Premium […]

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