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  • 7 Effective Email Marketing Case Studies

    Email marketing is one of the most challenging forms of marketing online. At the same time, it’s also one of the most effective. With so much upside in one marketing platform, why are so many individuals, brands, and organizations not seeing the results they are looking for with their email marketing, funnels, outreach, and conversions? In most cases, it’s simply because marketers are only using a...

  • 5 Reasons to Create an Email Campaign with AfterOffers Today

    Of all the different ways to spend money online for advertising and lead generation, email marketing and mailing list sign ups have to be one of the most effective. The reason for this is simple. Unlike other platforms where you pay for a simple click or banner impression, with an email campaign, you are actually getting an email address that can keep you in contact with your audience. As one of …...

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  • How to Write the Perfect Email to Get More Opens, Clicks and Responses

    As important as emails are to our daily lives, it does become quite a bit overwhelming. Take a look at your email inbox and think about how many unread emails you have… then take a look at your spam folder. I’m sure the numbers are astronomical! How and when did email ever get so stressful and time-consuming? As stressful or as messy your email inbox might be, there are still … Continue Reading Th...

  • A Simple Email Funnel is All You Need

    I think many people hear “sales funnel” and they immediately think of “weeks of work” to write twenty emails that help to sell their product. In reality, all you need is 3-4 emails and a re-targeting campaign on Facebook. In its most simple form, the funnel looks like thisFacebook Ad — Facebook Ad -> Post on your blog -> Sales page -> Follow up If someone doesn’t proceed to the … Continue Reading ...

  • Dave Schneider – Email Marketing Expert Interview

    Email isn’t just one of the most effective ways to grow and market a business, it’s also one of the best ways to focus on your outreach and networking as well. For example, how many new emails were in your inbox this morning? Probably a bunch… many from people you have never met or heard from before. This is the power of email at it’s finest. Throw some marketing and … Continue Reading The post Da...

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  • 5 Segmentation Tips for Building Effective Mailing Lists

    When you think of a mailing list, you probably think about all the junk that is filling up your mailbox. However, at one point or another, you actually did subscribe to receive those mailings because you were quite interested in what they had to offer. You were probably triggered by a great call-to-action and are still a subscriber on that list today. This in itself is a perfect example of … Conti...

  • Warren Whitlock – Email Marketing Expert Interview

    Of all the things the internet has created, the concept of email has to be the most impactful. Never before had there been a way to connect with anyone in the world in just a matter of seconds, while also being free at the same time. As technology continues to progress and mobile marketing stays on its upward trend, the future of email marketing is always a big question. While we … Continue Readin...

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