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  • Choosing and Buying a Guitar

    If you follow my annual ’Future of Music Online’ blog, you may have read that for 2016 I was looking to get more actively involved in music above simply just consuming it in vast quantities. The plan was to go down the beat-making route - utilising Ableton Live and Push. To achieve this though, I needed to fully swap over to OSX, as currently all my mobile devices are Apple, but my PC and laptop r...


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  • Affino CEO Markus receives Viking Clap at 2016 TTG Travel Awards

    Last night’s annual TTG Travel Awards were attended by our CEO Markus Karlsson and CCO Jonathan Collins. Affino was there to hand out the award for Luxury Hotel & Resort Operator of the Year - which went to LUX* Resorts & Hotels. In the picture above are superb host for the proceedings John Bishop, TTG Editor Pippa Jacks, LUX* Account Manager Sarah McGlynn, and of course our illustrious leader Mar...

  • Are UK Guitar Stores and Technicians not as Professional as their American counterparts?

    As reported in a previous post, I recently got back into guitar after several years’ absence. I will do a separate later post about the decision making process which led me to my new guitar. When I received it however and in my dealings since, I have become acutely aware that the UK does not seem to adhere to the same quality standards / standards of professionalism as the USA. There was some mys...

  • Affino and the Art of Phasing

    When implementing an Affino Digital Business Solution, you need to have clear goals in mind before you settle on the final configuration. No matter what you select, there will always be follow-on phases to the project, as everything can of course be improved upon and refined. The huge scope and scale of Affino is such that it would take a very significant time if you wanted to make use of every s...

  • Rampant Gentrification is Killing the Soul of London

    I recently got back into electric guitar after an absence of nearly 30 years. I bought my first guitar (Ibanez RG440), as a teenager, in one of the then dozen or so music / instrument stores on Denmark Street, Covent Garden. At that time there were numerous studios on the street and several active guitar technicians who could do setups, customisations and repairs. There are just two guitar tecs l...

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