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Advanced Systems Homes, Inc

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  • Box - Think Outside of it with ASH

    While driving in Western Kansas recently, I saw a home on a trailer. I’m not sure of its final destination.  The outside of the home was complete except for sections of the roof (they were covered in tarp). I thought it was cool that it was “all in one” and then it dawned on me….that’s just one long big box.Having your house delivered all in one piece can limit the type of floor plan and layout of...

  • Turn Key Modular New Home

    Most of us want a new home. But we shouldn’t have to be our own General Contractor. We want to pick out the floor plan and make as little or as much aesthetic choices as we want. The light fixtures, the appliances, the cabinet fronts, the flooring style, whatever we choose to decide and let somebody else do it.  And we want the price per square foot to be included in this so that the whole build c...

Advanced Systems Homes, Inc

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  • Fall Lawn Care- Yup...It's that time again

    Advanced Systems Homes realizes that one of your most valuable assets is your home. Taking care of the lawn and landscaping surrounding your home can help you maintain or even increase its value. A well cared for lawn signals that the home inside is also in good shape and well cared for. The following fall care tips can help you keep your lawn in tip top shape:Grass should be mowed until it stops ...

  • Aging in Your Own Place

    One of the most common phrases coming out of my mother’s mouth before she passed was “I am NOT going to live in a skilled nursing home!” And yet, her home that was built for raising a large family became more and more of a senior trap as the years passed. My brothers and sisters tried very hard to keep her in the home, but she was miles away from any of them and when she slipped and fell in the ki...

  • Modern Open Floor Plans Built the Traditional Modular ASH Way

    I remember my grandmother’s farm house that was built in 1865. It was a large home that had lots of small enclosed rooms so that if a room was not being used regularly it could be closed off, saving the wood heat for the other parts of the home that were in use. Most homes back then had similar floor plans. If my grandma saw the “open” floor plan homes that Advanced Systems Homes is building today...

  • Construction Loans

    Financing the build of a new house is different than purchasing an already built new home. The “construction phase” can be the trickiest step. You see, the bank or savings institution who is footing the whole sticker cost of the house (unless you happen to have 150,000 laying around) is taking a bigger risk and TRUSTING that the buyer and their builder will indeed construct something that is worth...

  • Can you believe THIS is a modular home?

    Look at that picture. It is not a rendering, it is a real house; it was taken using a drone flying over a subdivision. Isn’t that house beautiful? It’s a dream house! Nestled in the heart of South Eastern Kansas. Would you believe this is an ASH Modular home?Most people associate Modular with low quality, mobile home type manufacturing. The Advanced Systems Homes buildings are quite the opposite. ...

  • Advanced Systems Homes Salutes Our Workers

    We just celebrated Labor Day. For a lot of us, this Monday holiday offered the opportunity to take time off and enjoy the last days of summer with family and friends. But they don’t call it the “celebrate the end of summer day”, it’s called Labor Day for a reason.Labor Day is supposed to be a time where we celebrate the hard working people that make this country what it is today. Celebrate all tho...

Advanced Systems Homes, Inc

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