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  • Case Study: Glass Shop Front: Oakita Home Furniture Outlet

    Fairly recently, the directors of Oakita home furniture outlet in Leighton Buzzard contacted ADSF UK LTD with a view to replacing their existing shop front and doors. It is well known that several new Oakita stores are due to open throughout the United Kingdom following the success of their core stores located in various parts of the country. ADSF UK LTD were contacted to design and install the ne...

  • Case Study: Kiss Gyms Automatic Doors

    The directors of Kiss Gyms, wanted to renovate the entrance of one of their branches of gyms in London to give it a new look while at the same time enhancing the security and safety of the premises.

  • Case Study: Manual Doors: Drayton Park School

    Drayton Park Primary School in Highbury, London is a happy vibrant and creative school that encourages positive attitudes to learning and where staff, pupils and the wider community come together to provide the highest standards of education. This primary school educates pupils from the age of 7- 11 and for this reason security and safety is essential.

  • Why Install Automatic Door Openers

    The application of automatic door openers has grown to be more popular than ever nowadays. While you come across them frequently in buildings such as hospitals, hotels and shopping malls, these days, offices, private businesses and residential homes are choosing to install automatic door operators for many different reasons.

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors – Bonnys Self Storage

    As an independent family run business Bonnys Self Storage deal with each customer personally and are committed to providing the best service. Based in the prestigious area of Penge, neighbouring Crystal Palace London, Bonnys is a well-established and modern self-storage company.

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors: Primary School – Bristol

    Our Lady of the Rosary School was built in 1955 and provides a Catholic education for children from 4 to 11 years of age. It is situated in the north-west of the city of Bristol and primarily serves the local parish community and children from the neighbouring parish of St. Anthony's in Henbury and Sacred Heart in Westbury on Trym.

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors: Groby Road Medical Centre

    The practitioners of Groby Road Medical Centre in Leicester recently contacted ADSF UK LTD to assist them with replacing their shop front entrance. The existing entranceway/exit into the medical centre was in need of repair again and had certainly seen better days. To address the external appearance of the medical centre an automated access system was recommended which would not only create a styl...

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors: Weobley Dental Surgery – Hereford

    Weobley Dental Surgery is a long established, family-orientated practice aiming to ensure your visit is an enjoyable and stress-free experience. The surgery aims are to keep you smiling and to deliver the highest standards of dental care.

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors: New Hall Hospital

    New Hall Hospital is one of Wiltshire's leading private hospitals with an excellent reputation for delivering high quality healthcare treatments and services. Situated in 14 acres of quiet, landscaped parkland two miles south of Salisbury, the Georgian Manor House was opened as a hospital in 1980 and currently has 43 patient beds.

  • Automatic Doors For The Service Providers

    There are a great many benefits to be gained through the installation of automatic doors but many individuals think they are only advantageous for the retail sector. This is certainly not the case and many other businesses today have automatic doors installed including residential/nursing homes, health clubs, hospitals, doctors surgeries, town halls, restaurants and hotels to name but a few.

  • Lets Talk – Automatic Doors!

    Nowadays, new builds tend to incorporate automatic doors into their structures as architects now understand just how beneficial they are, not just for the companies and businesses that will inhabit the buildings but perhaps more importantly for the users. In the old days a door was a manually operated swing door that people had to either turn a knob or press down a handle, hopefully the door would...

  • New Doors Please!

    Have you ever wondered why so many businesses have automatic doors installed? If yes is the answer then you may not be aware of all the benefits for business owners that are associated with them. ADSF UK LTD is a leader in the automatic door industry and we will undoubtedly be able to create the ideal entrance solution for your individual business needs.

  • Case Study: Care Home - Hampton Peterborough

    Clayburn Court in Peterborough is a contemporary residential care home which opened in 2015. Set in modern and comfortable surroundings it is meticulously finished to a very high standard, Clayburn Court offers first class care and facilities with en-suite rooms in a light, spacious and elegant setting.


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  • The History Of Shop Fronts In Great Britain

    While we undoubtedly admire the beauty of Victorian and Georgian shop fronts, the great architectural success of these shop fronts was also perhaps their weakness. They were so modern and striking that their fashion was short-lived and by the time World War II had ended, the desire for this type of shop was waning. The 1950s saw a continuation of some of the themes born in the 1930s, but with less...

  • Epic!!! Frameless Glass Shop Fronts

    Over the last twenty or so years we have seen the transition from the old timber framed shop fronts to the lightweight aluminium framed styles. Of course many people like the old traditional timber shop fronts but they are expensive to repair and keep looking smart whereas aluminium framed shop fronts are smart, modern and easy to keep clean. These days however, it is the frameless glass shop fron...

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors: Store & Secure - Basingstoke

    Winners of the Self Storage Association (SSA) Independent Operators Best Facility award for 2014 in the United Kingdom and Europe, Store & Secure Self Storage is the first choice for self storage.

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors: Netherfield Primary School

    Netherfield School has a strong family ethos which promotes learning and encourages the development of all pupils so that they want to go to school in order to learn, make progress, do well and have fun! Netherfield School pay attention to basic skills which will help children to be valuable members of an ever changing society.

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors Hardcourt Medical Centre

    Harcourt Medical Centre has been established in Salisbury since 1901. They are a partnership of seven GP's who pride themselves on providing personal care to their patients. They provide their patients with excellent access, doctor-led care in modern General Practice premises including an on-site pharmacy (run by Rowlands Pharmacy).

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors – Medical Centre

    Located on a three-hectare site, Greenwich Square is a phased brownfield regeneration scheme on the site of the former Greenwich District Hospital. It will deliver 645 new homes – 50% of which will be social housing – as well as a new civic centre featuring a leisure centre, retail spaces, library and healthcare facilities, all set around a new public square.

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors: Christchurch Borough Council

    Quite recently, Christchurch Borough Council approached ADSF UK LTD for assistance in finding an automatic doors solution for their Council Offices. The Council building accommodates thousands of users from the local community and houses many different departments employing over 100 staff.

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors - Twenty Pence Garden Centre

    A short time ago the proprietors of the garden centre contacted ADSF UK LTD for advice on automating their existing timber doors.

  • Is Your Business DDA Compliant?

    DDA stands for the Disability Discrimination Act and to become DDA compliant businesses need to understand the objectives of this act. The act provides individuals, including people with a disability the ability to enjoy access to all businesses and services. A reliable and cost effective way this could be achieved would be to install automatic doors at your property. Perhaps the least complex and...

  • Why Manually Operated Doors Are History!

    As a business owner, regardless of the nature or size of your individual business, the benefits for your business and of course your customers are countless. Automatic doors provide a modern approach for businesses and service providers ranging from airports, hotels, hospitals, medical centres, schools, offices and of course retail stores.

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors - Big Box Storage Centres

    Fairly recently, a branch of Big Box Storage Centres in Kent contacted ADSF UK LTD to request assistance in locating an automatic doors solution for their existing business. The self-storage centre serves a large number of clients throughout the year and their patronage is continually growing. These customers frequently use the services of the centre for the storage of large bulk items. To meet th...

  • Understanding DDA (Disability Discrimination Act)

    The Disability Discrimination Act was first launched in 1995 and is now known as the Equalities Act. It applies to the built environment and places duty of care upon service providers to make certain practical modifications to the physical functions and features of their properties and is designed to alleviate physical obstacles to access. It is applicable to everybody who provides services to the...

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors - Wells Road Surgery Bristol

    Wells Road doctor’s surgery is a small but popular surgery in Bristol. The surgery is a healthcare facility that is focused on the care of its patients and covers the primary healthcare needs of populations in the local community.

  • Case Study: Sports Retail Outlet – Burnham On Sea

    How ADSF UK LTD helped a popular sports retail outlet in Burnham on Sea to improve their entranceway with robust durable automatic doors that made shopping there a far better shopping experience.

  • Case Study: Automatic Sliding Door: Boringdon Hall

    The history of Boringdon Hall stretches back as far as the Doomsday Book, where one of the earliest mentions of a permanent construction was recorded. The name Boringdon comes from the Saxon `Burth – y – Don` meaning enchanted place on the hill. Since then, Boringdon Hall in Plymouth has of course, had a rather extravagant make over, giving this stately pile a serious air of perfection with 40 dev...

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors -Swansea Service Station

    Murco Petroleum Limited is one of the United Kingdom's leading petroleum refiner and distributor. Murco, the subsidiary of the Murphy Oil Corporation, was established in 1960, and today it operates over 460 service stations throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Case Study: Automatic Doors - Biddenham School

    Biddenham International School and Sports College is not, despite its name, in Biddenham at all. It lies just within the boundary of the Borough of Bedford though the entrance to the school site, on Biddenham Turn, is in Biddenham!

  • You Know It Makes Sense! -Automatic Doors

    Years ago it was the norm for delivery drivers to have to use the back doors of a business due to the inconvenience of delivering into the front of buildings with manually operated doors. These days this would be a rare occurrence as many businesses today have automatic doors installed at their business premises and with very good reason. The beauty of automatic doors is that they open up when an ...

  • Unlimited Access With An Automatic Door

    In these modern day times it is unusual not to see automatic doors in a variety of buildings throughout Great Britain. When we look around at our high streets and town centres today our shops, offices, schools, hospitals and even the local village shops look very different to our buildings of the past. Some individuals may miss the old fashioned look of beautiful wooden shop fronts and doors howev...

  • Be Safe Be Sure With An Automatic Door!

    Installing an automatic door at your business premises brings with it a wealth of benefits for you as a business owner and of course for your customers. Not only does an automatic door enable you to deliver great customer service but it in addition it completely alters the appearance of your business premises. Your property will look modern, classy and stylish which will undoubtedly attract potent...


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