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  • Search Engine Reputation 101

    What is search engine reputation management? It's simply managing the type of content showing up in search engines for a specific word, as it related to you or your company. The most obvious issues is when negative content ranks in Google for your company's or your name. Some examples are low ratings, scam articles, poor [...]

  • US Postal Rates Change January 22, 2017

    The only thing that is certain is change. And that is certainly true for the post office. The biggest change due to take affect January 22, 2017 is that Presort Standard will now be known as Marketing Mail. The wording on indicias will eventually need to be updated, and while the post office has not […]

  • Passing Go: Get Your Startup’s Content On the Board with Influencer Outreach

    Before the Internet existed, we relied on board games for entertainment. While visiting my grandparents, I found myself gravitating towards the board games cabinet – and as I choked and coughed on decade-old dust, I spread out the games and looked at all the available options. With so many games, how did we choose? As [...]

  • How to Help Yourself with Online Reputation Management

    With so many consumers researching products and services online, the importance of online reputation management for businesses is undeniable. “Reputation management is ‘the new black’ in corporate strategy, according to Bruce Rogers, Forbes magazine’s Chief Insights Officer. ‘In their fight to increase revenue, grow market share, increase the stock price, attract and retain the best [...]

  • Choosing an Online Reputation Management (ORM) Tool – Part 1: Why You Need BOTH Automated and Human Analysis

    With the vast majority of consumers researching purchases on the internet, it’s no surprise that so many companies are making online reputation management a chief marketing focus. Failure to consistently, thoroughly, and accurately monitor and analyze your brand could keep your company from reaching its potential – or, worse, cause serious damage to your brand. [...]

  • How One Customer Can Have a Big Impact on a Company’s Online Reputation

    Years of work, extensive resources, and loads of money go into the making of a strong brand. But in today’s super-connected economy, those brands can be taken down more easily than one might expect. Not by their top competitors, but by the average Joe behind a computer or smartphone. You may deliver impeccable service, but [...]

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