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  • Foam Rolling: Deep Tissue Massage at Home

    Have you ever heard of foam rolling? It’s becoming increasingly popular, especially in fitness circles. If you’ve ever gone in for a massage, especially a sports massage, you know they

  • Muscle Cramps: Causes & Solutions

    There is nothing worse than a charley horse, especially in the middle of the night. How many nights have you spent trying to gingerly stretch your leg enough to alleviate

  • Low-Fat Diet Myths Debunked

    Did you know that a low-fat diet is unhealthy? Your body NEEDS healthy fats in order to function properly. 30-40 years ago there was a big increase in how much

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  • Salad with a Spoon: Easy Gazpacho Recipe

      Tired of making the same old meals? Time to get a little creative and try something fun! Gazpacho is a cold soup that originated in Spain. There are many

  • Coriander: The Superfood Your Body Needs

    Coriander, or cilantro, as it’s also known, is one of the most common ‘superfoods’ around. Most people have no idea how good it is for their body, though, they just

  • Keep the Oceans Alive

    Our oceans are in trouble. Garbage and pollution are threatening our increasingly fragile marine ecosystems, harming marine life and posing multiple threats to the health of land animals, including humans.

  • No-Bake Energy Bites

    As back-to-school season rolls around again, what better time for a healthy, easy to make snack, perfect for packing in lunchboxes! This one isn’t just for the kids, though. You

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  • The Dangers of Sunflower Oil

    Sunflower oil can be very good for you. But there are risks associated with it too. Read on: we’ll talk about the risks and teach you how to identify healthy

  • Sunny Pesto Recipe

      Looking for an interesting twist on an old favorite? This sunflower pesto recipe is sure to please. Plus, the fresh and delicious ingredients are good for you too! You

  • Top 5 Sunflower Oil Uses

    Sunflower oil is commonly used as a cooking oil, which makes sense since refined sunflower oil has a fairly high smoke point. Discover more about the importance of smoke points here.

  • 4 Tips for Weight Loss That Don’t Involve Counting Calories

    I don’t have to tell you that trying to lose weight is frustrating. Almost everyone struggles with it at some point or another. Part of the problem is that every

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