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  • Nosto Highlights Magento’s Key Trends

    Before we examine Nosto’s recent 2016 report, let’s start from the beginning… What is Magento? Magento is one of the most well known ecommerce names in the digital industry. It provides its customers (both B2B and B2C) with a superior and scalable open source platform to launch their online business. In 2016 alone, Magento merchants … Continue reading "Nosto Highlights Magento’s Key Trends" The po...

  • Conversion Optimisation: An insider’s Guide

    Hands up anyone who thought making money through ecommerce was going to be easy? Unlike Bricks and Mortar, your website is open 24/7, the overheads are low, and your differentiator was going to be a great user experience. No-one would care if you weren’t the cheapest because they were going to be loyal brand advocates. … Continue reading "Conversion Optimisation: An insider’s Guide" The post Conve...

  • Dotmailer’s Effective Email Marketing Tips and Advice

    Dotmailer is a leading marketing automation platform with effective email practice at its core. Recently, they produced a Best Practice Guide on 5 Tactics for Better Email Practice based on their takeaways from the 2016 DMA Consumer Email Tracker Report.  To ensure a successful and effective email marketing campaign, we’ve covered some of their basic email marketing tips … Continue reading "Dotmai...

  • Game-Changing Features of Magento 2

    The late David Bowie stated eloquently, ‘Changes… turn and face the strange’. While his statement was not consciously written to chronicle Magento and its recent remodel, Magento 2, the concept still inimitably applies itself. Magento 2 is the latest release by the most popular open source eCommerce platform in the world. It assists B2B and … Continue reading "Game-Changing Features of Magento 2" ...

  • Conversion Rates: Increasing online business success

    The success of your online business is conversion rates. Conversion is your ability to get people to perform some sort of action from your online store, whether it be making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, creating a wish list or starting a free trial. However it’s the transaction that you’d want to really focus … Continue reading "Conversion Rates: Increasing online business success" The...

  • Acidgreen launches one of Australia’s first Magento 2 sites

    Acidgreen, a multi award winning digital agency, is proud to announce the launch of one of Australia’s first Magento 2 sites, featuring boutique store Classic Spirit. Located in Mosman, Classic Spirit aims to mix travel and style which is perfect for those wanting to remain fashionable on the move. They provide the ultimate curation in women’s … Continue reading "Acidgreen launches one of Australi...

  • Magento 2 compared to Magento 1: Why upgrade?

    Software updates have always been met with cynicism – and for a good reason. It often seems like you’re paying a premium price for miniscule differences that you wouldn’t even realise were there. Since the release of Magento 2, merchants have become conflicted on the idea of upgrading Magento 1 seems to tick all the … Continue reading "Magento 2 compared to Magento 1: Why upgrade?" The post Magent...

  • ECommerce Marketing Strategies: Why LinkedIn is valuable

    If you’re already on the world’s largest networking platform, it’s strongly advised that you sign up. It’s not just a space that allows you parade your digital resume your future employers to see. It can also be an immensely powerful tool for individuals and companies looking to make new connections and build their profile/brand, especially if … Continue reading "ECommerce Marketing Strategies: Wh...

  • Responsive Magento website designs: Why is it necessary?

    As a retailer, the success of your business relies on how well your audience accepts your products you put on display. If you take it one step further as a Magento e-Commerce retailer, it also relies on how well you can reach your audience on a digital level. It’s foolish behaviour to not be constantly keeping … Continue reading "Responsive Magento website designs: Why is it necessary?" The post R...

  • Acidgreen: Specialising in ecommerce Magento and style

    At Acidgreen, we don’t just specialise in ecommerce Magento and digital marketing – we also know how to celebrate in style. On Tuesday our team scrubbed up to join the nation to watch the 141th Melbourne Cup at the Crows Nest Hotel.   Photos by Crows Nest Hotel  We are a robust and diverse group of people … Continue reading "Acidgreen: Specialising in ecommerce Magento and style" The post Acidgree...

Acidgreen Pty. Ltd.

Category: Content
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