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  • Comcast Joins Charter in Committing to Full Duplex DOCSIS 3.1

    Full Duplex DOCSIS 3.1 Comcast has joined Charter in committing to DOCSIS 3.1 for the long term. Following Altice USA’s somewhat stunning announcement last week, it would be the first U.S. cable company to deliver multigig services with an all-fiber network. Speaking at UBS’ annual media and telecom conference this week, Comcast and Charter swore allegiance […] The post Comcast Joins Charter in Co...

  • How to reduce your ‘ahs’ and ‘ers’ in your speaking

    “Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man!” Jeff Bridges’ quip from The Big Lebowski may be one of the most quoted lines from the 1998 cult classic. But if your speech is filled with “you knows” and “likes,” you’re more likely to be dismissed than be quoted. So, if you’re eager to […] The post How to reduce your ‘ahs’ and ‘ers’ in your speaking appeared first on Access Technologi...

  • SD-WAN — Part Deux

    IT downtime is costing enterprises $700 billion dollars per year. Over half of North American businesses still don’t have a proper recovery solution in place. According to a study by IHS, companies average around $1 million to $60 million of downtime costs every year. 78% of that loss was employee down time, as well as […] The post SD-WAN — Part Deux appeared first on Access Technologies.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Mergers & Acquisitions The most recent announcement that Zayo is acquiring Electric Lightwave/Integra is one of four major telecom mergers of 2016. This one may have particular interest to SMB customers that have found themselves as a market segment that carriers are abandoning more and more for “larger fish.” Zayo is a big national fiber […] The post Mergers & Acquisitions appeared first on Acces...

  • 5 Essentials for Being a Leader

    5 Essentials for Being a Leader The position of leadership requires a lot of work and dedication, and having leaders in main areas of your business is important for building your company. It is also important you act as a leader for your team. Former President John Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others […] The post 5 Essentials for Being a Leader appeared first on Access Technolo...

  • Our New Ticketing System

    Our New Ticketing System When you open a ticket with us, you will see an email in your inbox confirming your request is in our system. You will get updates during the entire process, letting you know that we are actively working on your case. This is designed to give you peace of mind, reassuring […] The post Our New Ticketing System appeared first on Access Technologies.

  • Big Leaf and The Cloud

    We believe that access to the cloud requires a new generation of Internet connectivity. You shouldn’t have to worry about Internet connections, performance, or outages. Is Big Leaf the Solution? Big Leaf offers unique network architecture, and their SD-WAN technology optimizes application performance across a single Internet connection. While simultaneously leveraging the strength of multiple ISPs...

  • SD-WAN

    Confused by SD-WAN? That is no surprise. Like “Cloud,” which can mean many things (SaaS, PaaS, public, private and hybrid), SD-WAN can as well. Most commonly, SD-WANs fall into these three categories: 1. Internet and Cloud Optimization: Latency, jitter, and packet loss can be killers for cloud based traffic such as Office 365, VoIP, and […] The post SD-WAN appeared first on Access Technologies.

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