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Intel Free vs. Intel Pro

What's the difference between Intel Free and Intel Pro?


Crayon Intel Free

Crayon Intel Pro

Free Tool

Intel Free is completely free to use, and you can track any number of companies.

Paid Solution

Intel Pro is a complete market and competitive intelligence solution available for a subscription fee.

5 Insight Types

Intel Free allows you to preview 5 of the 100+ insight types available in Crayon Intel Pro, allowing you to get a taste of the data we collect and the moves your competitors make.

100+ Insight Types

Intel Pro taps into 7m+ sources to capture a wide range of intel that includes customer reviews, pricing changes, campaigns launched, team changes, and more.

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Chronological Feed

View the latest data in the order it is captured.

Organized & Prioritized Feed

Data in the Intel Pro platform is organized and prioritized so that you can narrow in on the most important insights. Customize views and filter data based on your preferences.

Feed Only

No analytics or summaries included.

Analytics, Reports, & Battlecards

Crayon Dashboard & Analytics highlight the most important insights, surface trends, and offer benchmarking against competitors. Reports and Battlecards allow you to deliver actionable intel and enable your teams to win.

Daily Digests

Receive daily email digests with intel on the companies you track.

Weekly Reports & Daily Alerts

Receive a weekly summary report curated by one of Crayon’s market analysts, who highlight trends and insights not to miss. Get daily alerts to maintain a pulse on your competitors' activities.


Login anytime and view your intel feed.

Self-Service + Analyst Support

Login anytime to view or analyze your data. Partner with a Crayon market analyst to prioritize different types of intel and monitor trends relevant to you.

1 User Account

Every Intel Free account is specific to the individual user.

Team Collaboration

Invite your team and discuss trends and insights inside the Crayon platform.


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