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Free Webinar:

Reducing Churn with Competitive Intelligence & Analysis

Wednesday, October 24 @ 12pm EDT


Increase Client Retention through Churn Analysis

Did you know that on average 1 out of every 4 customers that have left your organization had no intention of doing so? Do you know that over 90% of churned customers move to a competitor? Your customers may be with you now, but competitors are always knocking at their doors. So how can you best prepare your organization to prevent future churn?

Register for this SCIP-endorsed webinar to learn from Anova Consulting Group and Crayon about churn analysis, market intelligence, and effectively integrating the research back into your organization to keep competitors from taking your clients away.

Join us on Wednesday, October 24 at 12pm EDT to learn:

  • Why churn has a bigger impact than most organizations realize

  • What are best practices for conducting churn analysis

  • Where is your organization vulnerable to competitor outreach

  • Which competitors are taking your customers

  • How can a comprehensive churn analysis program ultimately increase retention

Register for the Webinar!

Meet Our Presenters:

Brendon Albrizio
VP Customer Success, Crayon 


Brendon leads a team of market analysts who use Crayon’s software to deliver competitive insights to customers. Prior to Crayon, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Adlife, a full-service advertising agency, and a co-founder at Sirculr, a mobile app and digital marketing startup. Brendon has held  multiple technical, operational, and services leadership roles and is passionate about building diverse, driven, and empathetic teams.

Zach Golden
Consultant, Anova Consulting Group


As a Consultant at Anova Consulting Group, Zach Golden leads his clients across Win / Loss, Churn Analysis, and Client Satisfaction programs. He manages voice of the customer research programs that reveal strategic, actionable findings for his clients and delivers executive presentations that pinpoint key insights and trends. Zach specializes in engagements within enterprise technology, institutional financial services, and healthcare verticals.