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Rapid7 + CRAYON

Rapid7 builds an open & impactful culture of CI across the organization, leading to measurable growth in nearly every department

Group 57
Mar 16, 2022 ·
  • Cloud / Cybersecurity
  • Actionable Insights
  • Competitive Data
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Culture of CI
  • Sales Engagement

Boston, MA



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Software & Tech

The opportunity

The cybersecurity market is constantly evolving. Rapid7 needed a partner with a platform to help scale and grow its ability to monitor and track key competitors' moves.

The activation

Crayon has become a core part of how Rapid7 collects and stores intel, and sales have followed: sales saw an average increase of 10% in win rates against competitors for which the team had a Crayon battlecard.

"The cybersecurity market is constantly evolving with competitors making frequent moves and new competitors always popping up. We needed a partner with a platform to help us scale and grow our ability to monitor and track key competitors' moves."

Product Marketing Leader at Rapid7

"Our previous vendor wasn’t real-time and their user interface wasn’t as intuitive as Crayon’s. Crayon keeps investing in their product, and its ability to automate the process of monitoring, tracking, and alerting on competitors’ moves allowed me to spend time on more impactful competitive intelligence projects."

Product Marketing Leader at Rapid7

"To create an open competitive intelligence model, we decided to meet our internal stakeholders where they spend their time and have competitive conversations. We have Crayon’s battlecards automatically displayed in Highspot and we use the Slack integration to push and capture intelligence out to the field."

Product Marketing Leader at Rapid7

Seeing is Believing.

Learn how Crayon can help you see and seize opportunities through a customized software demo. Just give us a few pieces of information and we’ll take care of the rest.