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Kyriba + Crayon

How Kyriba uses Crayon to connect teams, enable Sales and
get major scoops on the competition.

Group 57
Mar 21, 2022 ·
  • Financial Services + Technology
  • Actionable Insights
  • Competitive Data
  • Sales Engagement

San Diego, CA



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The opportunity

Being in the crowded fintech space comes with a slew of competitors for Kyriba. In addition to direct competition, the company faces a slew of competitors in particular areas, like treasury, payments, or working capital.

The activation

Kyriba has been able to use Crayon not just to arm its sales team with the data they need to thrive in a crowded market, but also to uncover major pieces of industry-altering news.

"I’d estimate over the last year we’ve used Crayon, there have been at least five big pieces of news – major scoops – that we would have just missed without it."

Head of Sales Enablement, Kyriba Europe

"Crayon supported the Product team in finding the correct competitive price points. The better you know the competition, the more likely you are to find the financial data you need."

Head of Sales Enablement, Kyriba Europe

"When we discovered the Slack feature, I realized it was something we had to use right away. The Slack search is super powerful, and I absolutely love the Crayon search. I easily find what I need, when I need it."

Head of Sales Enablement, Kyriba Europe

Seeing is Believing.

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