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Upserve improves win rate by 54% with Crayon competitive intelligence

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Mar 16, 2022 ·
  • Enterprise SaaS
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Sales Engagement

Providence, RI



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The opportunity

Upserve was doing competitive intelligence manually, which was costing their product marketing team valuable time.

The activation

As a product-focused company, Upserve is able to leverage Crayon intel to keep up with competitor product updates and make immediate changes to messaging and battlecards. As a result of Crayon, their win rate against their top five biggest competitors improved by 54%.

"Crayon saves me 20% of my time - a full day every single week - by surfacing competitive insights so that I don’t have to go digging for them. I can stay on top of my competitors and focus on helping the business grow."

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Upserve

"The power of Crayon is making it so that I can see the patterns faster and stay one step ahead of my competition."

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Upserve

"By staying on top of the competitors, we’ve been able to arm our sales team with actionable insights that they can act on immediately. As a result of Crayon, our win rate against our top five biggest competitors has improved by 54%."

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Upserve

Seeing is Believing.

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