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Rauland AMETEK proactively enables sales to win deals and saves hundreds of hours in the process

Rauland, a subsidiary of leading global manufacturer AMETEK, produces workflow and life-safety solutions for hospitals and schools internationally. While historically, their competitive landscape had been somewhat stagnant due to obstacles around regulations and economies of scale, the expansion of their product suite and changing technology landscape introduced new competitive forces to battle.

Building a competitive intelligence program from the ground up

The market for workflow and life-safety solutions for hospitals and schools is fierce. With a few dominant players well-established for many years, every potential deal is competitive. And as Rauland launched new products, they were coming up against a broader set of equally challenging competitors.

At first, Steve Hernan, Market Analytics & Intelligence Manager, tried to build a competitive intelligence program based on his experience doing CI consulting for larger organizations in similar industries. He replicated the planning, data collection, analysis, and delivery of various deliverables, but his time was limited and the Rauland team needed more CI support.

Rauland sells their solutions through a network of independent distributors, and the demands from the field made it clear they needed more competitive intelligence. Not only were they missing critical information, the information the company had wasn’t getting it into the hands that needed it most: the distributors in competitive conversations every day. Steve would often get emails from sales managers asking to send all details about a particular competitor.



Market Analytics & Intelligence Manager at Rauland AMETEK
A competitive intelligence person's worst nightmare is failure of communication. It happens whenever somebody in the organization, usually a salesperson or manager, sends you an email and says, ‘Hey, send me everything you've got on this competitor.’ That means that you haven't communicated to them where they can go to get the critical information.

The Rauland team knew there had to be a better way to get this new information in the hands of their network of distributors.

Crafting battlecards to proactively enable sales

The team at Rauland turned to Crayon to level up their competitive intelligence program and keep their sales channel informed on the latest competitor information. “Previously, we had battlecards that were a bunch of static text on PowerPoint slides - they just weren’t effective,” Steve said. “Our distributors were constantly asking questions about competitors that we couldn’t keep up with. We needed a way to proactively share competitive information in a centralized way.”

With Crayon, Steve could centralize all of the competitive intelligence coming from the field and combine it with a now-automated feed of data captured by Crayon. Instead of spending time collecting data from disparate sources, Crayon automates the capture of any moves in their competitors’ digital footprints and creates a space for the distributors’ feedback and input. With this new system in place, Steve has experienced massive time savings in both collecting and disseminating key intelligence.



Market Analytics & Intelligence Manager at Rauland AMETEK
We can now proactively provide our distributors with the intelligence and guidance they need when coming up against competitors in hospital bid situations. Crayon saves me a lot of time in enabling our team with actionable competitive intelligence, providing our distributors with always up-to-date battlecards available when and where they need it. It’s no longer a fire drill to get our distributors the competitive intel they need.

Saving time & winning business

Rauland’s Crayon battlecards have been instrumental in enabling their distributor channel to beat out rivals in highly competitive deals. “In one particular deal, for example,” Steve noted, “we were far behind the other competitors bidding for the sale. But after training the distributor to leverage the battlecards, we’re now the front-runner in this $1.5M deal. That deal alone will pay for Crayon many times over.”

The impact of Crayon’s platform is something Steve feels every day due to the time savings provided. Steve shared, “On top of the more comprehensive and timely updates we get from Crayon, we’ve been able to free up over 300 hours annually of market analyst time that previously went into competitive research. Now, that time can be better spent on more strategic planning, analysis, and intel dissemination across the organization." Crayon’s combination of features, support, and vision made it clear that this was the right long-term partner for the Rauland team. Between the dynamic battlecards, automated competitive intelligence feed, and analyst support, “Crayon has capabilities I simply haven’t seen in the other services out there. And Crayon is constantly improving - acting on customer feedback and suggestions, and finding ways to push the field of market and competitive intelligence forward.”

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