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Allego triples sales win rates with agile & automated competitive
intelligence program powered by Crayon

Group 57
  • Sales / Marketing Enablement
  • Actionable Insights
  • Competitive Data

Waltham, MA



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Win rate against top competitor since using Crayon


Sales win rates doubled in six months

The opportunity

The Allego product marketing team struggled to provide ongoing intelligence on competitors as changes in the market occurred, leading to unvalidated, piecemeal competitor intel. As a result, sales win rates were low — and declining.

The results

The Allego team heavily used Slack and Allego for sales communication, and plugged Crayon into that existing workflow. In less than 6 months of using Crayon, the sales win rate in its competitive segment doubled, and the win rate against a top competitor tripled to 95%.

"Our baseline understanding of the competitive landscape was strong, however, ongoing updates and intelligence about competitor changes was really lacking. We relied on long-time employees and customers to share intelligence, but this often led to misunderstandings. We didn’t have great training around our competitors, and it showed."

Alex Mackenzie

Director of Sales at Allego

"In less than 6 months of using Crayon, the sales win rate in our most competitive segment has doubled, and the win rate against a top competitor has tripled to 95%."

Director of Sales at Allego

“In a competitive market, it’s crucial to be nimble and agile. You can lose credibility based on inaccurate competitor information and it’s impossible to collect complete and timely intelligence without Crayon. Crayon captures every move our competitors make and prioritizes what we should know, so that we can act on it and make our team successful.”

Director of Sales at Allego

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