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Intelligence & Inspiration for Marketing, CI, & Strategy Teams

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Planning a Successful Sales Kickoff - 16 Tips from Marketing Leaders

It’s that time of year again -- when we gather the entire sales team together, energize them, educate them, and align them for success in the new year. This effort often falls to the team that we frequently turn to for connecting and communicating across teams: Marketing. It’s no small feat to tackle this annual event, so we turned to marketing leaders to get their tips for a successful kickoff and hear what they’re struggling with this time around.

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How to Eliminate Competitive Battlecard Bias to Help Sales Win More Deals


One helpful tool in an effective sales enablement playbook is battlecards, especially for when a prospect is choosing between your product and a competitor’s. All too often, companies make the mistake of filling these battlecards with points that have been collected by word of mouth. For instance, if a salesperson is on a call with a prospect and that prospect mentions something about a competitor, that may be added to the battlecard. But, how can you ensure that it’s an accurate insight, and how can other prospects confirm that you’re giving them unbiased information? Let’s take a look at how to eliminate bias and arm your sales team with the best battlecards.

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[New Data] 77% of Businesses Say Holistic Market Intelligence is Critical to Win Against Competition

Today we’re excited to share the results the largest survey on market and competitive intelligence practices. Crayon’s 2018 State of Market Intelligence Report dives into the best practices, challenges, and opportunities in the field of market research and intelligence.

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How to Decode Your Competitor's Strategy with Predictive Intelligence

A new year is upon us, and with it annual plans with new key initiatives for 2018. While you are crafting and executing your plan, so are your competitors… how will your plan succeed in light of their efforts? What if you knew where they were going to invest so you could get ahead of the game with your own strategy?

There are signals hidden everywhere that allow you to pick up on your competitors’ investments. Here are a few places to start to unearth their 2018 strategies.

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