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Independent Research Firm Names Crayon A “Leader” in Market and Competitive Intelligence

ForresterLeaderBadge-1I am thrilled to announce that Forrester Research has named Crayon a “Leader” in The Forrester New Wave™: Market and Competitive Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2019 report. We believe this designation is a reflection of our commitment to helping customers drive meaningful impact in their organizations through competitive intelligence (CI).

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6 Companies With Brand Messaging That Stands Out in the Market

What constitutes effective brand messaging? Why do some brands stand out more than others in their market?

Advertising legend David Ogilvy long ago offered this piece of advice regarding messaging: “Clearly define your positioning: What and for Who?” Even Mad Men’s fictional Don Draper offered recommendations, including these two:

  • "Make it simple, but significant."
  • "Success comes from standing out. Not fitting in."

Branding, corporate reputation, and messaging experts offer several handfuls of words they believe define effective brand messaging. The three M’s - Measurable, Meaningful, and Memorable, usually appear on every list. 

On any given day, and depending upon who is offering the advice, you’ll also hear that brand messaging needs to be differentiated, distinct, consistent, or convey leadership. You’ll hear a consensus about using simple language. Or you may even hear that an effective message is one that is repeated by your stakeholders. Let’s take a look at six companies that do a great job of having effective brand messaging.

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Market Research Defined and How to Get Started

The following article was written by George Kuhn. George is the President of Drive Research, a market research company in New York. George has spent 15 years conducting market research and crafting data-driven strategies for brands like Google, Samsung, Yamaha, T-Mobile, and FedEx.

When it comes to market research, it pays to plan. Although many organizations wing it and base their marketing campaigns and company strategy on their gut, the best-performing companies rely on market research and the data gathered to make fact-based decisions.

We’re going to walk you through what market research is, common types of market research, the step-by-step process for research surveys, its importance, and how to get started. It is your ultimate guide to understand what market research is and how your organization can stand to benefit by using it.

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We Analyzed the Top Healthcare Company Websites from the Fortune 500 List - Here’s What We Discovered

Every company that makes it onto the Fortune 500 list is part of a highly competitive industry, competing for a spot as an industry leader. The last industry we analyzed was the top one hundred tech companies. This time, we’re going to be analyzing the top healthcare companies on the 2019 Fortune 500 list. For the healthcare industry, 71 companies made it onto the 2019 Fortune 500 list. Let’s dive in and take a look at how these healthcare leaders position their online presence within the market.

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