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Crayon Competitive Intelligence Blog

How to Create a Winning Brand Positioning Strategy

Picture of Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor on Wed, Apr 28, 2021

If your brand existed in a vacuum, it’d be easy enough to convey your unique selling proposition to a prospect. You’d be unique because you’d be the only game in town. Your product’s defining features would be yours and yours alone.

If only. What makes brand positioning so fun, though, is that your brand doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You do have competitors. If you’re lucky, you only have a few of them. More likely, you have a bunch. And if you’ve done your homework, you’re acutely aware of one...

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Use These 8 Free Market Research Tools & Resources to Your Advantage

Picture of Conor Bond
Conor Bond on Wed, Apr 7, 2021

Conducting market research is never an easy task — it presents challenges to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With that being said, those with large budgets do enjoy certain advantages. When you...

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Tools and Resources to Boost Market Intelligence Team Value and Efficiency: Part 2

Guest Blogger on Wed, Dec 2, 2020

The following post was written by Bill Strugger.

Bill is Head of Market Intelligence (MI) at HERE Technologies. HERE provides insights on the location and movement of things – be it cars, goods or...

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Independent Research Firm Names Crayon A “Leader” in Market and Competitive Intelligence

Picture of Ellie Mirman
Ellie Mirman on Tue, Oct 22, 2019

I am thrilled to announce that Forrester Research has named Crayon a “Leader” in The Forrester New Wave™: Market and Competitive Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2019 report. We believe this designation is...

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6 Companies With Brand Messaging That Stands Out in the Market

Picture of Emily Dumas
Emily Dumas on Thu, Aug 15, 2019

What constitutes effective brand messaging? Why do some brands stand out more than others in their market?

Advertising legend David Ogilvy long ago offered this piece of advice regarding messaging:...

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Market Research Defined and How to Get Started

Guest Blogger on Fri, Aug 9, 2019

The following article was written by George Kuhn. George is the President of Drive Research, a market research company in New York. George has spent 15 years conducting market research and crafting...

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We Analyzed the Top Healthcare Company Websites from the Fortune 500 List - Here’s What We Discovered

Picture of Emily Dumas
Emily Dumas on Fri, Apr 26, 2019

Every company that makes it onto the Fortune 500 list is part of a highly competitive industry, competing for a spot as an industry leader. The last industry we analyzed was the top one hundred tech...

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8 Sources of Competitive Intelligence to Boost Your Market Research

Picture of Emily Dumas
Emily Dumas on Wed, Oct 17, 2018

In order to successfully sell your product, you need to have a complete understanding of your market. You need to understand the needs and pain points of your market to successfully position your...

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2018 Competitive Intelligence Report: Who's Responsible for Your Organization's Market Intelligence Function?

Picture of Ellie Mirman
Ellie Mirman on Mon, Feb 19, 2018

Who is responsible for competitive intelligence in an organization? Is it the VP Marketing? Product marketer? Business strategy lead? CEO? Is there a single owner or should it be owned by everyone?...

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Competitive Market Research: Study Shows How Companies Monitor Their Competitors

Colleen Ferguson on Thu, Feb 8, 2018

Monitoring is essential to any competitive intelligence strategy, as it allows a company to stay on top of what competitors are doing at all times. The 2018 State of Market Intelligence Report...

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[New Data] 77% of Businesses Say Holistic Market Intelligence is Critical to Win Against Competition

Picture of Ellie Mirman
Ellie Mirman on Tue, Jan 16, 2018

Today we’re excited to share the results the largest survey on market and competitive intelligence practices. Crayon’s 2018 State of Market Intelligence Report dives into the best practices,...

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Market Intelligence: The Advantage Millions of Businesses Miss

Picture of Jonah Lopin
Jonah Lopin on Thu, Jul 27, 2017

Millions of businesses understand what’s happening internally, but they’re blind to what’s happening outside the four walls of their company.

Most companies have awesome data on their own marketing...

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