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The Exclusive Club Every Employee Wants to Join

Dan Slagen on Mon, Apr 13, 2015

There’s a page on your website that every employee wants to be a part of; it’s true. It’s not the homepage or the testimonial page or even the culture page, it’s the team page. Your team page is like an exclusive club that only your employees get to join. When companies grow to 50 employees, 250, 500, often time people will think they now work for a “big company.”They think now they’re just getting lost in the noise and that the company’s sense of community has been diminished. But think about it for a second, there are roughly 7,000,000,000 people in the world today. If your company has 2,000 employees, that’s 0.00003% of the population - pretty exclusive in the grand scheme of things. 

While a great team page gives recognition to employees, it also goes one step further. The page is a public affirmation that a company values, admires, stands behind and truly believes in every employee hired. 

In a recent article published by Financial Advisor, Josh Brown, a study conducted showed that 64% of millennials care more about working for a job they love as opposed to money,and would rather make $40,000 a year vs. $100,000 annually just to do so.

What that means is that people want to be a part of company they care about, and more importantly a company that cares about them. 

Having worked on team page builds and redesigns, I wasalways amazed initially about how many emails my team or I would receive frompeople who were left off the team page. Whether the email was about themspecifically for not being included or about other people in the company they felt were deserving of being included, the emails were always emotional, passionate and high in volume. But then I would sit back and really think about it, and it would always make sense. If we truly strive to create companies that employees love to work for and believe in, then why don’t we take the time to give back the recognition they deserve? 

It’s a two way street that’s been a one way for too long.  

So let’s take a look at some of the best team pages currently live on Crayon for some inspiration! One thing to keep in mind is that we’re talking about team pages (meaning everyone) here, not leadership/executive pages, which while connected are not the same thing and serve different purposes.

1.) Brandwatch

240. That’s how many employees are listed on Brandwatch’s team page. So the next time your boss says you have too many employees to be listed, just reference these guys.


What’s great about this page (shown below) is that not only is everyone listed publicly with pictures, but there’s more! When you hover over a specific employee, their full name appears with some great personal information about likes, favorite quotes, tweets, hobbies…etc. Overall, a great way to humanize the company and show support.


In addition, Brandwatch offers filters, as shown below:


 This way, users can search by specific teams based on department and geographical location. Very cool!

 2.) Life360

Life360 keeps millions of families and close friends connected by offering location and communication mobile capabilities…and a sweet team page.


The team has a similar design to Brandwatch, consisting of great visuals and fun descriptions as seen below:


Additionally, the page includes filter options by department including Executive, Engineering and Product.


Great representation overall by the team at Life360!

 3.) Vancouver Canucks 

This is a great story because while the Canucks have a team site/profile just like every other team on NHL.com, their unique design shows just how much they care about personnel.


When fans first arrive to NHL.com, they can select which team they’d like to interact with per the dropdown below:


From there, they’re brought to the team page, which is where each team decides what to offer for information and content.


Pictured above, you can see the “team section dropdown” for both the New York Rangers and the Vancouver Canucks. From what we found, most teams take the approach that the Rangers have, providing basic content that you’d expect. What Vancouver does though is provide a link entitled “Team Home” (circled above in Orange) which is where things get interesting.

The Canucks have broken their “team” section into seven distinct groups, including: Roster, In the system, Coaches & Staff, Front Office, Prospects Central, History and Alumni.


Not only are those categories all-inclusive but they’re also truly unique. 

How many company/team pages have you seen that provide information on Alumni? 

Very cool idea.

From here you can dig in and I’ll use the Coaches and Staff section as an example. Of course the Canucks provide all information on their Executive Team…


…as you’d expect, but they then provide the exact same level of quality and attention to the rest of their staff. For instance below, you can see the full training staff listed:


Fans can then click into specific profiles to get a bio and history of all staff members.



How great is it that the Assistant Equipment Manager, Brian Hamilton has his own profile? It makes a strong case for the Canucks in regards to how they value EVERYONE within their organization, not just the players and/or executives.

Get working on your team page!

Your company is a club, and hopefully by most accounts a rather exclusive one that member’s value being a part of. Not only should employees be proud of where they work but companies should be proud of their staff, and willing to put them into the spotlight they deserve. We work in a time where money isn’t the most important part of the job anymore. 

Money has been trumped by the mission, by the people and by the significance of a company’s culture.

So don’t let your employees continue to work invisibly, give them a little recognition. You can start now on Crayon by viewing over 186,000 team pages to get inspired!

Remember to use Crayon for all your marketing and design inspiration by searching through over 13 million pages and saving the ones you like best! While the best designs are truly unique just like every company, it’s always nice to collaborate, see data-driven trends and visualize new concepts to help spark ideas!

To hear more from Crayon, sign up for a free account to access exclusive data on all things marketing design from around the globe!

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