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Market Research Defined and How to Get Started

The following article was written by George Kuhn. George is the President of Drive Research, a market research company in New York. George has spent 15 years conducting market research and crafting data-driven strategies for brands like Google, Samsung, Yamaha, T-Mobile, and FedEx.

When it comes to market research, it pays to plan. Although many organizations wing it and base their marketing campaigns and company strategy on their gut, the best-performing companies rely on market research and the data gathered to make fact-based decisions.

We’re going to walk you through what market research is, common types of market research, the step-by-step process for research surveys, its importance, and how to get started. It is your ultimate guide to understand what market research is and how your organization can stand to benefit by using it.

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10 Tips For Nailing Your Product Launch

The following post was written by Jake Godgart, Product Marketing Manager at Rapid7. He’s helped lead go-to-market efforts, launched industry-leading products across multiple verticals, and partnered with sales teams - both large and small - to help the team win. When he’s not translating product functionality into customer value and helping to close deals, he spends time exploring new restaurants in Boston or trying to (unsuccessfully) recreate their dishes.

Each product launch is like training for a race. You set up your timelines, train hard, and when it comes to race day, it’s all systems go when the gun goes off. But the path to the starting line is never cookie-cutter or straight. There’s a ton of action items that happen as you prepare and execute that make the launch a success. Many aren’t as simple as writing a datasheet or creating a narrative for how your feature helps the customer. Many are continuous or behind the scenes that help make the launch smoother from start to finish. Below are ten tips I’ve used, beyond the tactical execution, that have helped me nail launches in the past.

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3 Lessons from Product Marketing Experts That Will Take Your Career to the Next Level

Career advice - some of it’s good, most of it’s bad, and yet we all seek it. We spoke with some of the best product marketers about their careers as part of our spotlight series, and here are some of the lessons we learned so far.

Lesson #1: Time is your most precious resource—treat it carefully

There are thousands of articles out there on prioritization and productivity—we’re obsessed with getting more done with less time and resources. However, these product marketers believe you should be very careful when selecting projects you want to take on, and similarly—be as careful in choosing which projects you don’t do.

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6 Homepages that Capture Their Target Audience with Unique Imagery

When you’re designing your homepage, you want to make sure you’re selling your brand upon first impression, but also not bombarding prospects with too much copy or overwhelming images. Ideally, you want to have messaging that resonates with your target audience, recognizable branding, and images or graphics that tie it all together. Some companies may choose photographs, stock photos, personalized graphics, videos, or product images. In fact, based on our analysis of the top 100 technology companies, 76% used stock photos, 72% feature images of people, 59% feature their products, and 8% feature illustration on their homepage. No matter what imagery a company uses, if it captivates your target site visitor, it’s doing its job. Let’s take a look at six companies who use imagery in unique ways on their homepage.

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