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The Art and Science of Using Competitive Intelligence to Win Sales

There are endless tips and tricks to help sales executives close more deals. One of those tips not talked about enough is using competitive intelligence to win sales. Leveraging competitive intelligence in your sales process can give you that final push in closing the deal. Let’s take a look at the art and science of using competitive intelligence to win sales.

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The Dangers of Neglecting Competitive Intelligence and Focusing Exclusively on Internal Initiatives

Considering your company’s place in your industry is a vital action. Opening your mind to your competition’s chief offerings and honestly setting your own product alongside theirs surfaces pivotal opportunities. This comparative knowledge guides not only how your sales and marketing teams present their work, but perhaps even your entire company’s identity. There are so many metrics to factor in these competitive comparisons that you may feel tempted to just throw the blinders on and focus on your own stuff. The stuff you can control.

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Crayon Inspire Got a Makeover to Make Your Website Redesign Inspiration Easier

Inspire, Crayon’s web design inspiration hub, has received a redesign of its own. Inspire is designed to help you discover the best inspiration for your next website redesign project. With millions of homepages, product pages, and pricing pages from everyone’s favorite brands, there is a never-ending library of inspiration that will bring your website redesign to life.

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3 Challenges of Competitive Intelligence Teams - and How to Overcome Them

The following topic is discussed more in depth in "Democratizing Competitive Intelligence to Drive Impact Across the Organization", published in the Summer Edition of Competitive Intelligence Magazine by SCIP.

As companies become more sophisticated about their competitive intelligence efforts, they often form a dedicated, centralized team to support the rest of the business’s competitive strategy. A centralized team comes with its benefits, but there are also a number of challenges they face when it comes to driving impact across the business. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a centralized CI team - and how to overcome the common challenges.

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