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How to Craft the Perfect Product Marketing Job Description [+ 5 Examples]

Crafting a perfect product marketing job description takes time. You want to ensure that you’re sourcing top talent, attracting the best applicants, and accurately presenting the role. No two product marketing descriptions are the same, because no two product marketers are the same. So what exactly should you include in your job descriptions? Product marketing leaders all have a different take on this, though many do overlap with the top qualities they look for when hiring. Since product marketers come from all different backgrounds, the perfect job description varies for each company. You can get started by considering the following areas.

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Planning a Successful Sales Kickoff - 16 Tips from Marketing Leaders

It’s that time of year again -- when we gather the entire sales team together, energize them, educate them, and align them for success in the new year. This effort often falls to the team that we frequently turn to for connecting and communicating across teams: Marketing. It’s no small feat to tackle this annual event, so we turned to marketing leaders to get their tips for a successful kickoff and hear what they’re struggling with this time around.

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12 Ways Competitive Intelligence Will Benefit Your Team in 2019

The New Year is officially here! While I’m sure you got ahead on your 2019 planning in Q4 of 2018, there is one strategy your team should be sure to incorporate into its plans - Competitive Intelligence (CI). Why should your business incorporate competitive intelligence into its plans? Well, competitive intelligence has benefits for each of your teams - including product marketing, marketing, product, and sales teams - that will give your business a competitive edge in 2019. Let’s break down the different ways competitive intelligence can benefit each of your teams.

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7 Traits Leaders Look for When Hiring Product Marketers

Hiring the perfect product marketer for your organization is not an easy feat. A product marketer is responsible for a wide range of tasks including go-to-market strategy, messaging, and competitive intelligence, requiring a wide range of skills and experience that can be hard to find in one person. It’s been said that a great product marketer is built, not born. So while someone may not have a lot of experience in product marketing, the skills that they bring to the table may be the perfect addition to your team. We asked product marketing leaders what they look for when they hire product marketers, and here are seven common traits they look for when hiring on their product marketing teams.

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