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25 Examples of Home Page Email Capture Forms

The most popular page on every website is the home page. It serves as a launching pad for your brand and moves visitors into a conversion funnel. If you’re direct response focused, there’s no better page to optimize for lead generation than your home page.

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Seeking Input from Professional Marketers

Would you like to influence an artificial intelligence built to help marketers work faster?

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Dear Customers: We Raised $3.35M to Build You Something Amazing

I’m psyched to announce great news for Crayon customers today: we raised a round of funding from some of the best investors in the world, and we’re going to use the capital to build you an (even more :) amazing product.

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The Extended Blink 9/14/2016

Posted September 14th, 2016. This is a post by our friend Justin Rondeau, Director of Optimization at DigitalMarketer, part of an ongoing partnership between Crayon and DigitalMarketer analyzing the latest marketing redesigns, trends and best practices.

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